This is Why Wazza sucks…


Okay i’ve just been reminded by Wazza (my best friend of all time aka Manager of ChrissieWunna.Com,) whilst we we’re making my birthday arrangements for tomorrow, via a fine invention called the ‘telephone.’ I was watching rubbish afternoon tv & he was in a printing shop….printing things, i guess? (He fell over today in the snow, which humours me greatly. Poor Waz was apparently all cut & bruised & hurt & snowed over, but all he did midfall was try to save his Iphone.) Boys will be boys! Funny really, they’ll save their phone, like their life depended on it, yet will never use it to call you, when you want them too.

Annnnnnyway, note that i’ve been all happy, all day, with it being the celebration of the day i was bornage tomorrow…and well Wazza thinks it’s funny to remind me of the fact that it will be my actual LA

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