Thirty Something & Kebabs


Well! Hellooo the weekend. I’m bubbling over with a’ joie de vivre’ and refusing to let any petty drama, that ‘The Gods’ often like to deliver to my glitzy door, get to me. I’m like Batfink today. I’m rocking my wings of steel and totally with heels. If the negative comes here me, I’ll just cough on it so it gets the flu. Yippeee! That’s the best thing about having baby flu systems, you can spread it by coughing on the people you don’t like.

So, yesterday I had big ‘one on one’ evening with Baby Junior, as Baby Ruby went to her ‘Daddy Pete’s’ for a play and a stop over. Pete literally only lives a street and a bit away from me, so it’s practically ideal for last minute stop-over decisions. She had fallen asleep there anyway. It was raining outside. So why bother waking her up, just to drag her out into the rain an tuck her in 2 streets away. I’ve had that done to me as an adult millions of times throughout my 20’s. I hated it. But saying that, I was hungover most of the times, so maybe that had something to do with it? The best thin about being a 30 something oldie is the simple fact that I NEVER HAVE TO DO the WALK OF SHAME EVER AGAIN. It just doesn’t happen because i’m far more ‘together’ these days, meaning you don’t find me sleeping at someone else’s house, still in last night’s face and some squeezy tight party dress.’s an awful feeling innit. Especially if you have to walk through ‘normal life’ the next morning to get home. GROSS! I’ve had to do it in a Playboy bunny outfit before, when I had to sleep at a train station because I had missed the last train home. I always tell that story like it’s some heroic part of my life, when really my behaviour was disgraceful. 🙂 Plus, I always moan that I had to walk through armies of laptop carrying business men, who were all boarding the same train as me, except I was in bunny ears. But why didn’t I just TAKE MY BUNNY EARS OFF? Being young, is being stupid to me. Yet only because I made so many stupid decisions, whilst being young. Some of today’s youth really do have their acts together. However, I got applauded for my foolishness and got on the telly for it. So at the time, you can’t blame me for thinking I was GREATNESS. What a twat, I was. I have a young spirit, so there’s still glint in my eye, a wiggle in my wink..Yet you won’t find me asleep on a train station bench, in bunny ears these days. If I ever was in such a predicament, I’d just check into a nearby hotel and ‘large’ it up in the comfort of luxury. 🙂 That’s the difference of being 20 something to 30 something.

But yes, Baby Junior, who is an adoring Mummy’s boy, which I LOVE to pieces, has just gone for a day trip out with Keiran. Junior and I had the best night ever together, filled with more giggles, more smiles and more love. He’s really used to women and being cuddled by them, form being at nursery and at home. He doesn’t actually, now I think about it come into contact with many men. When Keiran arrived this morning, Junior was chipper, yet he sort of stared at him with a ‘what are you?’ Men freak him out. Hopefully Keiran and I will get back on track soon, which we have recently agreed to. Then he’ll be able to spend more time with Baby J and well I won’t have a son that is confused by gents, which will probably work out a lot better in the future. 🙂

Ruby however, is the opposite. She adores men, boys and everything that fits that genre. She is close to me and even more so these days. Yet as soon as ‘Daddy Pete’ or ‘Daddy Keiran’ strut in, here heart flies out of her chest and she gallops around with excitement to the merry sound of love.

I’m currently waiting for her to get home, as she has her ‘one on one’ day today, where it’s ‘all about Ruby.’ What we usually do…is shop. A past time that SHE loves.  And we do the shopping thing, simply because as a child that’s how I bonded with my Mama. I still do it to this day. It’s not about the purchasing, as we’ll just slide anything into our baskets, bags or buggies, once we’ve paid for it ofcourse. 🙂 (That sounded all criminal.) It’s more the bonding and what we’re talking about that makes the shopping trip ace. The background noise to our bonding session is the shopping. But that makes sense to us, as we’re Wunna’s. I’m really open with my parents, we’re a really close net family. And I really want that for my little family branch. We already have the bond, it’s just the ‘getting it together’ that will make it perfect. I mean, I’m the kinda mum that will let my children tell me anything and i’ll never judge them, only adore them, help them  and get them out of trouble if they need me to. I’m hardly one to ever judge, as my past certainly smears a glittery, buttery spread of disaster. Yet the disaster has made me a wise grown up and i’m a proper grown up now, so I’ve impressed myself fully. 🙂

I treated myself to a giantly, disgusting KEBAB last night, whilst iwas hiding form the rain, watching Geordie Shore, Charlotte win Celebrity Big Brother, be shocked that TOWIE Mario wasn’t one of the last two left in there (he’s a dreamboat now, I like a family oriented man, who can make bread) and then get dipped into the shocker that is ‘Celebrity Super Spa.’

Now, I love reality shows that include Celebrities. Jody (as in ‘Latham’) is a friend of mine and hopefully he’ll win it, but i’m not sure how well that show has started. Helen Flanagan, is already doing my head on it. She did my head in when she was on ‘I’m a Celebrity’ but I she makes good telly..and that’s all it’s about at the end of the day. I can’t decide if she is that moany and unstable in real life or if she’s just doing it for attention, airtime, more fame and all in the name of entertainment. If the latter is the reason to her antics, then even though she’s annoying, I absolutely don’t mind that. 🙂 (Oh? I actually feel bad now, because as i’m ranting i’ve just had it pointed out to me that sh actually has ADHD and is being treated for Bi-Polar disorder. OOps! Sorry Helen.)

Anyway, i’m off to have a quick coffee, before the arrival of my little baby girl. I’m looking forward to today and can’t wait to have her wiggle in with a ‘diva.’ I feel like I’m gonna have a really good day today and that good things are gonna be a happening.

In life, all you have to do is embrace it, not take the little bits of pettiness too seriously, enjoy who you enjoy, be grateful, respectful, love hard and care for the ones that rely on you. You should probably smile to, as that way more people obey you, because they think you’re actually kind. 🙂

Love you! See you!

Happy Saturday.

Good things are coming my way! Why? Simply because I can FEEL it. There’s a buzz about my being right now! I love it! Great feeling!


Ps/I’m dressed in white today, like a virgin..and I could actually BE a born again virgin now, because I haven’t had sex in so long.  It was cold this morning. Looked like it was gonna rain. But of course now the suns come out, so i’ll have flies bitting around me like i’m a freshly dolloped cow pat. #sexy #donthate

Pps/ I’m getting MORE inbox messages, to my full FB account, all from men asking me if I’m actually married and if an actual ‘real life person?’ It totally confuses me. All i’ve said it ‘Yes.’ I’m not sure how they expect me to prove it. Unless of course they’re trying to trick me into meeting up with them. #ASIF #NEVERGOINGTOHAPPEN I’m not ending up under someones patio paving. It’ll be far to claustrophobic under there. Plus, my up-do would never fit. When I was a Hollywood resident, I was a lot sharper when it came to the the Tom Foolery of the opposite sex. Now, that I’ve been in Yorkshire for so long, i’ve become a great deal more mellow and trusting..and older. I need to get back to being on the the trigger.

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