Thinking sucks balls

Just had a bath and now tucked in bed. I love having baths in hotel rooms, as you feel so terribly isolated, almost alone and imprisoned in this watery troth of unfamiliarity. Everything around me is deadly silent. I lay looking up at the ceiling and then this terrible thing begins to happen. I start ‘thinking.’ Believe it or not, my brain works fast, and it’s almost never quiet…therefore this ‘thinking’ thing that i try to avoid and at all costs, can prove to be very dangerous, once ‘The Wunna’ decides to apply it.

I’ve been re-evaluating my life and wondering why on earth i’m here, what i’m doing, and why i ended up at such a chapter?? I always say everything happens to me by accident, yet if i’m being honest, i don’t believe anything happens by accident. And i’m not talking all this ‘fate-la-dee-daa’ business, i mean it in the sense of everything you do, or that has happened to you, you’ve kinda wanted to happen to you in some sick way!

Over the last 2 weeks, i’ve really pulled together through mistake making. I’m a huge fan of ‘mistake-makers’ as i believe they learn things a great deal faster than others and at a much more tragically raw level. I’ve done everything wrong in my life, and that’s why it turned out so right. But i’m the kind of girl, who believe it or not has her priorities straight. No-one would ever believe it, as i’m so ‘tragic-glamour puss, pout, pout, wink,’ yet i’m aware that that’s just a game, a character, a part of me, a show. I know, what truely matters to me, what really doesn’t, who sincerely loves me, and who kinda cares not too. I see who lies to me,( i let them)  and notice who dares to truth me. (I don’t tell them, but adore them.) I’m grateful for the simpliest and smallest things in life, that people would never even notice on a daily basis. I know what i want in life, who I am in this life and i know the secret to living a bloody happy one (which is what most people in this world would give their everything for.)

Everyone always says, i’m so confident. I’m so sure of myself. And yeah i am….yet it’s not because i’m a just one big giant ego maniac ( and i am that, don’t get it twisted. hahaha) It’s just that i’m HAPPY and not simply ‘giggly, giggly, happy.’ I mean truely happy. There’s nothing more that i want, need or crave at this stage in my life. I have everything that matters to me. I’m content. Like i could seriously DIE tomorrow, and feel deeplyand truely fullfilled. (That doesn’t mean you can come and kill me in my sleep though you bastards!! I mean i still haven’t had sex with Cristiano Ronaldo yet….that saucy little minx. I want him all over my wang.)

I’m an entertainer. And the great thing about people like us is that we want to make others happy. I mean, underneath it all…that’s why we do it. Well that’s why I do it. I don’t care about the ‘paparrazi fame game,’ the fortune, the awards, the worshipping…(actually fuck that, i really do care about the worshipping part! I don’t know why it’s important to me…yet it is and i’m not even joking!! HAHA! Tragic!) Yet i do realise that in order to inspire others, in order to reach others, in order to make giant masses of people happy….you have to be put on an ‘i’ve taken over the world’ kind of platform. The higher and bigger you get, the more people you reach. So i guess that’s what i’ve been doing? I’m a little girl, who’s lived a big big life. I’ve been through soooo much, and it’s so hard to explain…well unless you’re an Angeleno….then you probably get it…you poor sods. But i’ve always made people happy, sad, laugh, cry, feel with every cell of their being…live! I’ve always put my arse on the line for a random comedic moment. It’s what i do, and i do it well. There’s not one person who’s met me, who hasn’t got a Chrissie Wunna tale to tell. So i guess i just want all you to do that too. Y’know, live by the ‘leave a little reputation behind you’ rule. It makes the world a more interesting place. Go to it bitches, so this Honey can rest. (haha) I’m actually starting to look like a troll.

Anyway, i’m need to get some shut eye and some fucking pyjamas. I’m naked in this hotel bed, making hidieously disgusting snail trails over sheets that belong to others. Can wait to get back home tomorrow.  Night night kids

Chrissie Wunna x (Odd blog. What the fuck am i going on about??? I need to put this bacardi breezer DOWN!!!)

ps/ DK…i miss you

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  1. quality blog chrissie i am pleased u are happy and u and christiano will get it on soon u just got ot go out in manchester then job done i hope uhave a blinding saturday chrissie


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