They thought i was KFC

So i’m half naked, high heeled, have the biggest eyelashes known to man carefully placed upon my eyes! Va Vooooom baby! Yeah! Yeah! !! I’ve been sprayed, groomed, exercised, tanned and armed with ‘Danger’ in my eyes, i have just been smeared with KFC chicken oil, ( heard,) and nibbled by peoples domestic pets! HORRIBLE! It’s not very many times in your life that animals eat you, because they believe you are KFC. So even though, i’m absolutely LIVID ….i’m going to try and file it under ‘Good times’ and be done!

It’s not even noon, and whilst i’ve been getting my hair and face done, for no particular reason other than ‘i’m going Christmas shopping,’ My dear friends, i’ll them ‘BASTARDS,’ with their crappy ‘Bargain bucket,’ picked out lumps of greasy f****** chicken, and rubbed it all over my body. Then proceeded to obtain as many domestic pets as possible, (mid-rollers, eye-makeup, and boob adjust) and FEED ME to THEM, under the false pretence (don’t care if i spelt it right)  that i was ‘KFC.’ I am bleeding!! The ‘LOSER’ thing about it, is the fact that i didn’t even bloody notice, because i was doing that thing called ‘only caring about myself.’  Tragic!! Ha-ha!!

I’m now having to pause from my little blog writing session, to go kick some Merry Christmas ASS!! I’m gonna go for the ‘kill them with kindness’ approach. they won’t know what hit them!!

3 thoughts on “They thought i was KFC”

  1. why are u letting em try to take libertys chrissie do u want me ot sort em out for u treacle . u ok u aint been bit or scratched have u babe. u never cease to amaize me how getting your alf done turns in to pets trying to eat u lol


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