There’s no wine in Wunna land!!!!

I know!!!! The struggle is real! I’m devastated. It’s like I have no life now. I’m vegan. I’m doing pilates. I’m face masking to mediation music. (It was creepy and boring. Have you noticed how when you face mask yourself, instead of letting a beauty therapist do it, it’s not as delightful. It’s dull…like a chore.) I now have no cocktails in my system…and yeah… it’s pretty miserable. (Haha)

Ruby’s put me on a ‘ONE WEEK’ drinking ban, for a challenge. I’ve spiced up their (The Wunna Babies) Summer, by granting them a family Youtube vlog. Now, they have to do challenges ALL time, in order to recieve goodies. (I figured, granting them the opportunity was a good thing because yeah, they wanted it & enjoy doing it. Yet! I could also crash course them in life lessons. ie/ You won’t always win everything, get everything & you have to work hard for the things that you want! 😉 )

It’s back fired and now they’re expecting ME to do challenges. Haha! Gosh! I certainly dislike being banned from ‘good times.’ I do like to BE challenged. I’m up for a laugh provided it’s not too unruly. But dodgy challenges, where I have to refrain from drinking for an entire week, in order to…

Me: ‘What do I even win!?!’

Ruby: ‘A massage, a spa day…a…’

Me: ‘You don’t have any money to reward me after a challenge…and I don’t need a spa day.’

Ruby: ‘Well…I guess you win nothing. Haha. I’ll draw you a picture.’

Me: ‘I’m not NOT having an after work wine, for a picture!!! Please don’t make me. Haha.’

(There always needs to be a worthy prize, when it comes to me!)

Ruby: ‘Well…if you do it, i’ll TREAT you to letting you have ONE wine a week.’


She has a great sense of humour!??!! It’s appalling! I don’t even know where she gets it from? Anyway, you’d think that i’d ofcourse either REFUSE to agree, or just do the usual ‘smile/nod’ followed by lies, deceit and doing whatever I want.

Y’know….the ‘standard’ Wunna Land procedure, when people try to take fun away from me.


Did my own loin fruit, attempt to overthrow the Queen of Wunna Land? Junior would never do this to me!!! (He’s back from his second six day with his Dad tomorrow at 3pm. We can’t wait to see him!!)

Anyway, I thought i’d just agree to Ruby’s Tom Foolery, then do whatever I wanted….I mean, she’d never know, would she!!

But then I flash backed to a time she cried on the stairs at home, because she once realized that I had lied to her about chicken nuggets.

Guilt, doubt and fear trickled into my soul… I started to second guess everything. Lol. I couldn’t do it!

I even posted a poll on my Insta Story (haha) because I felt distorted. (Even the poll was lame. It ended up with a fifty/fifty ‘yes/no.’

AWESOME!! Good times! Only my true friends voted ‘YES!!’

Anyway, it’s day THREE of NO DRINKING. I’ve accidentally chose to honour her ‘i win nothing’ challenge. I don’t even know why? Haha. I can drink at any time and she would never ever know? But my flipping ‘goody two shoes’ kitten soul, just won’t seem to let me.

This means that under a whole lot of uncared for clip in hair extensions…I’m actually a really good person.

Who knew? 😉 (I’m not gonna keep this up. Not because I can’t or because I don’t win a worthy prize…Yet because her motive isn’t good enough. Her ‘why’ isn’t strong enough! Lol

I’m struggling… The only benefit is the ‘it’s good for me’ thing. Plus, i’m being honourable and all that jazz sits nicely.

I’m on DAY THREE and it’s not my favourite, but I’m okay. Haha.. I’ve even been buying SPARKLING WATER, in order to pretend that it’s PROSECCO. (I feel like she’s trying to send me deliberately loopy to take over the throne.)

Being banned from things is initially awful, isn’t it? It makes you want it more, for no reason! I’m having to constantly chew gum and find things for my hands to do…other than lift up a glass flute, filled with a delicious, bubbly, alcoholic delight. If I had one in front of me three days ago, before I was banned, I wouldn’t have been too bothered.

It mildly adjusts your sanity! Haha!


I just can’t deal with the weird ‘vanilla’ madness of my world right now. Everything’s so clean and squeaky and pure.

If I’m being honest, i’ve found being Vegan really easy. I never ate much anyway. Missing out on meat & dairy etc, hasn’t been difficult. My incentive is to get skinnier. (This is after I got podgy, during my six weeks of eating absolutely everything in sight…NON- stop, due to…well…. issues.)

I just really want a decent body by Christmas, because i turn 39 in December. (I know. It’s old.) But I’m excited!

I’m me at the end of that day and I know we’re not meant to celebrate vanity (because I assure you, my incentive has nothing to do with good health)…But I’m not wanting to be NEARLY 40 and not HOT. Haha. I really want everyone to be like…

‘Holy Mackerel!! She’s a BOMB!!’

(Why would anyone say ‘Mackerel?’)

Anyway, I want the masses to express excitement, like i’m on some other kind of crazy level of deliciousness for my age! I don’t even know why? There was just a moment where I didn’t have much on my face…which I liked…but I was in these dodgy sweat pants. I looked at myself and thought…’What the hell am I doing???’ I looked like I was out in my pyjamas!!!!

I shouldn’t have eaten so much for that dodgy SIX WEEKS. But if you knew what I was going through you’d get it.

But i’ll tell you…I’m back in pilates Tuesday. I can’t wait. It’s been a dream. I haven’t made it to Dance Class yet. I’ve had too much on. Life’s a juggle. It’s hard. Especially with Junior going back and forth. But i’ll get there.

I know that sounds excusey. Yet I can head to dance class ANY time. I just want to make sure that the babies have THE BEST time through the Summer Holidays. I don’t take my time with them for granted… ever. How they feel at 8 & 6 will determine who they ARE at 9 & 7. (When they’re 20 something…I won’t ever be able to have this time back….and time just seems to be flying.)

I’m a family gal. My Mama taught me well. We’re really lucky.

Anyway… Here’s a round up….I can’t be bothered to write everything out now..,

We have ‘Welcome to Wunna land’ a coming out soon. I haven’t been able to blog, due to concentrating on the children and the Summer holidays.

I’ve definitely turned into a hippy and finding pure living difficult. Everyone needs a cheeky streak. That’s what keeps everything exciting. I feel like mine is being surpressed…Hahah. Yet it MUST be for a good reason. There’s a reason this is having to happen.

I’m missing acting class. Without it in my life, I’m feeling all unhappy and lost. That’s how you know you love something!!!!

Everyone keeps asking me about my love life and what i’m gonna say to you, is that it’s fine. That’s all I’m gonna say.

I trust life ever so truely. It’s never ever done me wrong. So whatever happens…is meant toooo be, right?

That’s what i’m gonna say! Yeah! We’ll go with that.

But yes…Junior’s back tomorrow. (I simply cant wait!!) I’m really really happy. It’s been really hard on everyone, including himself.

I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. ( That’s FOR SURE.) I’ve lost a bit of weight, due to being Vegan. (Who knew chickpeas were your friend.) The rest I guess has been via stress…which is never good. It’s not as jolly is it?

TOMORROW I’m headed to Mr. Wright’s to go pick up the FIRST of our BRAND NEW PETS.

Yes!!! You heard!!!!

Tomorrow, we’re tottering to ‘Wrighty’s Family Home’ to introduce ourselves to ‘Boris’ the tortoise and straight up move him into Wunna Land immediately. (Tenderly of course. We’re glamour pusses.)

I can’t wait!!! I’m like a kid. I’m giddy!!! I don’t really do pets…(on any level…;) .) But for some reason, I just feel so ‘pet shop- dandy?’

I think it’s because the babies, with all their hearts LOVE pets and they’ve been SO WONDERFUL with our cat ‘Rocco.’ They literally do ALL the feeding & the cat litter cleaning. We ALL do the cuddles. But Ruby & Junior are quite great when it comes to genuine responsibility.

I’m also just wanting to show a tortoise some love!

So yes, Saturday…we get ‘Boris.’

Sunday, we’re ALSO BUYING another Tortoise. But a baby sized one, who I wanted to name ‘Prada,’ but the babies want to name ‘Baby Boo.’

I’m filming the moments for YouTube… So you’ll be able to watch…

However for now…treat yourself to this…

The kids won ‘ANYTHING’ they wanted at Meadowhall.

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