There’s No Juice in My Gin

Today’s been busy. Y’know, one of those days where you really just want to ‘slag it off’ and grab a cocktail, a glitter shower, a gaggle of shirtless dancing boys and *wink* around a shimmie of fun time, under the misconception that you have nothing better to do, than LIVE your life the way it should be. Now, i’m particular, dedicated and quite a hard working Glamour Puss. HOWEVER, I’m a Kitty Cat who likes to enjoy what i want, whenever i wish to enjoy it…regardless as to what it may be labelled as, by ‘society.‘ I don’t like things to be long and boring. I find *sizzle* in short sharp *spits* of sexy much and today all i wanted to do was party…have fun…and through the day….to the romantic lyrics scrolled by Ludacris, that go a little bit like ‘MOVE BITCH, GET OUT THE WAY…GET OUT THE WAY.. BITCH..GET OUT THE WAY.’ (It’s funny because i’m 100% all ‘wide eyed dolly,’ yet i get really into the madness. I mean I do a whole ‘i might beat my wife on

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