There’s Just Something Exciting In The Wunna Land Air…

I’m solar powered. The sun’s out. Which means i’m pretty happy. I’ve had a fresh mimosa poured, which reminds me of LA. (Is a Mimosa a carb? 😉 )

I’m doing breakie with my Dad. I’m in booty shorts. I have new driving heels. My ‘brow game’ isn’t as tragic as it was yesterday. (I have someone who does my face now, on mornings before filming. She likes a sluggy brow. I like a ‘less statement’ brow. So we’ve compromised. Haha.)

The world is still moving. I still feel like the luckiest girl alive. Ruby & Junior are at their most confident. They’re at their happiest. Everyone in the Universe seems to be DMing me. Literally everyone. People I know. Complete strangers. People I love. People I don’t. Exes. Chick friends. EVERYONE. Even my second ex husband sent me a massive message yesterday because he needs to find divorce papers or something, because he needs to get his new wife HER papers, or something and wants me to sort it all out for him. Get lost. I’m not your immigration attorney, nor your wifey anymore. I’m a glamour puss. I’m sure you can figure it out by yourself. Ex husbands are annoying, because they try to always treat you like a wife..even though decades of not being their wife, have passed.


Every other human seems to be having a go at the ‘Gender change’ snapchat filter. (TBone, just posted his. He’s actually hot as a chick & must dig himself because he posted it. Haha. I look like Jason Momoa on mine. Not to blow my own trumpet or anything. No. I look like Jason, if he was into gang violence. Haha.) But away from that…. I can’t wait until the end of May. Life is just WUNNA Ful.

I can’t actually believe how much my life has changed over the last ‘blink.’ Well, I can…because I changed it. But with a little effort. A little faith. A little love. A stir to the right. A shake to the left. A shimmie. A bit of focus. A tequila and the simple art of keeping everything crossed…all your dreams CAN come true.

Trust me! I’m in booty shorts. You should always trust someone in booty shorts. They radiate this confidence, that says….I can tackle life, with my thighs OUT and a possible camel toe.

Everything exciting. I’m exactly where i’m meant to be. I’m positive. I’m still believing that everything that’s meant to be, will find it’s way to you.

I’m feeling strong, because recently, i’ve made some really great decisions. Decisions that keep me on the happy train. I’m a pretty decent decision maker. I don’t ‘fence sit.’ However, nowadays, i’m not making rubbish choices. my priorities are deliciously divine.

Yeah, there’s changes. (I’m cool with changes.) Yeah there’s drama. (Drama ain’t got shit on me.) On the whole, I can’t really complain. I’m lucky. I have everything I need. Anything else is a bonus.

My good friend Ronnie (who is pretty much like a brother) and a celebrity chef out in the states. He’s on everything and smashing it. We’re old now, but i’ve known him since he was 19, when we used to work in the same place, play ‘photo shoots’ and when he was pretending that he wasn’t gay. Haha. He’s such a great soul.

We have so many wonderful memories, that I can’t even tell you about. He flies into London on the 27th..and I just can’t wait to see him. (My baby brudda, from a nudda.) Check him out @ronniecwoo. (Insta.) He’s one of my closest friends. I completely remember being a young 20 something, divorced, but now dating…and FORCING Ronnie to take slutty, naked Valentine polaroid pics of me, in his appartment, for Eric (who I was dating), as a gift.

Ronnie: ‘EWWWW!!! Get my tie away from your VAGINA!!’


Now he’s a superstar chef. Had his own show and everything…and i’m still a glamourous ‘money making’ idiot.

Yippppeee! (I once sold his booty to one of Janet Jackson backing dancers.)

Ronnie: ‘I love Chrissie, because she’s sexy, but she’s actually pretty….and she’s easy going, but sassy…and fun. She’s different. Yet, cool. She’s everything a guy could want.’

(You’ve got to love your Gaysians. A straight guy would’ve stumbled through that paragraph of glory, whilst hiding behind ‘old school machoisms.)

The end of May is a ‘cray cray’ time for me. So much is happening. Almost every human that I adore, is returning to the UK, during that time. I have work, meetings, influencey stuff, auditions, filming…Junior has a birthday. I have court. (Rolls Eyes.)

Yet, I cannot WAIT see everyone, because everyone I see, will make me so happy.

There’s just a buzz around Wunna Land right now. It’s bringing a smile to everyones face. Things are changing and unlike the granny at Marks & Spencer’s who cannot work the self service machine, I am flowing with the times.

Right, this blog has had to be pointless, short, but sweet, because the sun’s out. I need to slap this laptop shut and go enjoy it!!

Be brave. Have fun. Only do the things that make you happy. Live!!


…because in the words of Andrew Lloyd Webber…

‘Nothing is so good it lastst forever.’

Make your mark & enjoy very single moment of your existence. The right people will always love you. The best people will always stand by you…no matter how much time has passed, or how many bad judgments you’re guilty of!

Love you.

Thank you for following my life.

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