The *Yawn* Bubble


Sleepy, sleepy, tired little knackers, we all were today!

Now, I don’t know if it was the fact that some of us were up at the crack of dawn (my eyes opened at five am,) or the fact that some of us went to bed early, went to bed late, suffered from not eating enough, suffered from eating too much, maybe some where hungover, over worked, under paid, in a slum, stressed, calm or simply having an ‘end of the week’ slow down…we were all TIRED.

It was almost as if we were smiling, because it’s not like we all weren’t happy, we were. (Well…Lol…some of us weren’t happy.)  However, like I was saying, it’s hard to describe, but it was almost as if, someone had passed a giant *YAWN* around our ENTIRE bubble. A gentle giant *YAWN* that floated through the air and calmly bounced onto and off each being consecutively. It lasted all day and we all got a case of the ‘knackered,’ until it hit home time.

I’m ALREADY at home, in my pjyamas, tucked up in bed, blogging and listening to Ruby play ‘hairdressers.’ I could literally go to bed now and it’s not even SEVEN O CLOCK!!!! LOL! It’s the only thing I adore about being old,,,napping, sleeping, bed time.

It’s almost my weekend. I have two more days on the trot. I’m looking forward to the weekend as it’s Mother’s Day and unfortunately for me, because I have separate ‘Daddies to Babies,’ I don’t get treated to pampering or massages, or flowers or anything…and it’s such a ball ache Lol because if i would want ANYTHING RIGHT NOW, it would be flowers, a glass of champagne and pampering. I want my hair done. MY back massaged. Something that’s all about ME!!! Hahaha.

I haven’t drank all week and it’s annoying me because I just haven’t fancied it at all. I KNOW! I’m losing it. I’m also getting fat. I’ve been eating so much crap..things like CAKE! I NEVER EVER EAT CAKE! But i’ve had CAKE every day with bundles of other shite, and my sides are a splitting, my belly is a roll and my thighs are joining Beyonce’s (but with less swag.) I need to go on a diet. My boobs are still good though. Only good thing about putting on weight. 🙂

Great day at work, even though we were tired. It was good to just have Jenna around me again. It’s weird when she’s not around. I’ve felt like i haven’t had her dotting around my vicinity in yonks! Katie was having a tough day, a really tough day and i don’t really blame her for being aggravated. She’s an emotional soul and things get to her….straight away. Lol. ‘Lee’ my favourite Policeman, popped in for a late afternoon visit again, which I love, because we’re getting to have decent chats about life and it’s sort of comforting to have him plonked on a table a foot away just nattering. I like it. Policemen always make you feel safe.

I’m feeling like i just need a pamper, a ‘relax’…something to calm me down, like a trip to the forest, or a massage! God, a massage. I want flowers. I want to be spoilt. I deserve it, I do!!!!

I need to stop eating like a pig. Peanut butter, chocolate cake is a killer. I never eat cake. Why am I eating cake???

I’m tired, I’m tired, i’m too tired to blog and how can I miss out on an opportunity to have my hair did at Ruby’s pretend hair salon! 🙂 Aww!! (Junior’s still at Keiran’s. I can’t wait to get him back tomorrow!! 🙂 )

I need my jade, anti ageing face roller. That’s meant to be calming.

But for now, I’ll throw you my *YAWN* bubble! ***************

Hope it serves you well x



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