The Wonderful World of Wunna


Okay sooo much has happened. I’m finally back in London. I’ve basically had the busiest weekend of my entire life. I’ve worked ‘it’ like a ‘Rent boy’ who needs to make his last £2.50 before he gets ‘slapped up’side da head ‘by his Big Daddy Pimpo, who eats Weetabix and little boys willies for breakfast. No-one told me this life of ‘OMG Dreams coming true’ was gonna be this much hard work. Before all this ‘dilly dally’ i was a socialite…so my body’s like WTF? Why are u working and not being drunk??  Anyhow, I AM going to tell you about it all…but kinda not now, because i’ve only just finished work, travelled to 5 cities today alone and well work began on Friday at 6am…I only just got done…AND it’s now fucking

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