The Wonder that is Wunna land


Today, I stood strong. Kitty strong!

Fair enough, I was woken up this morning by Baby Junior, walloping me in the face and then giggling. But after that loving little incident, a glorious, family filled ‘before nursery’ play with both of my baby ‘winkles’ and of course all that after a tiny weep from my beautiful little Princess Ruby, because Halloween was finally over…I pulled myself together, placed on my dignity and fought for what I believed is right. I’m a tolerant person and I always say it to you, yet now after careful observation…the line has BEEN CROSSED. I’m no-one’s emotional punching bag. I’ve now grown ten feet tall and well i’ll let them take a step back for a second. Once i’ve zipped up with my strength and shimmied it over with glitter power, brains and and all things far and just…you’ve got no hope..and it kinda makes you wish you had made better use of your previous opportunities to actually grab a window to be decent in. No strong female in their right mind would ever let someone be that disrespectful towards them. No-one I have told the story to, has one bit found it okay. I’m disappointed and i’m hardly ever disappointed in people because my heart is light and gooey by nature.

So the advice that I can give to you today is that there is much love when it comes to understanding others and much love when you have apologized for the things that you have maybe done wrong, yet looked to  adjust. There is also love granted to those who can be patient when others are lost. However, once the line has been crossed and the ‘dare to cross’ folk haven’t seemed to be able to perform a genuine ‘s’ for ‘sorry,’ or grant you with a brighter future, due to the art of  pity party throwing or the desperate negative need to dwell onto the bad parts of their past, instead of mending internally in order to carve a more positive future..a future that would make EVERYONE simply have to draw the line and I drew the line because i have faith in myself and more women need to have faith in themselves! Don’t let ‘Billy Bullshit’ get the better of you and make you lose your faith in your own ability to be GREAT. And to the MUMS…if you feel someone is far too negative to even be around YOU, then they are certainly not positive enough to be around your children.

Today felt good.

Over the past 2 months, I have been treated so disgustingly. It’s really hurt. But i’ve brave faced it. I’ve even been lovely, really lovely on days and let hurt get at me, for the sake of harmony. It’s been the most disrespectful manner that I have ever witnessed in Wunna land. I was waiting and watching and blissfully hoping. (That is what women do.) Then when I realized that the pin point of the situation was filled with no goodness. (I mean a good person always has compassion. Even when it seems that  they don’t..they always bring out their best for you, in the end.) Today, I saw truer and more darker colours. Colours that i have tolerated and let shove me around emotionally for the last 2 months. Colours that don’t even have compassion for other people who have helped them and colours who put everything unimportant before the things that matter and place themselves before those unimportant things. Everything sort of came to light, when I had the car incident, needed help and saw who came to help. When I say ‘saw who came to help,’ I mean ‘noticed who didn’t.’ It was sad, but again, i was grateful.

My life is wonderful right now. The children are beaming with happiness. I’m running my household by myself. Work is good. Halloween was great. Both ‘winkles’ are filled with Mummy love, that is swirled in ‘forever’ and i’m solidifying harmony and stability with them. There’s a lot of selfish yo-yoing going on around them that I’m protecting them from. I drew the line today and It’s not only what I need, but it’s also what they need. Part time anything isn’t going to cut it anymore, neither is disgusting behaviour, now that everything is perfect.  I was powered with kitty strength today, not just because i’m refusing to be anyone’ s weeping wall flower. (As a mother you need to set an example for your children and have the correct behaviour around them. They see,hear and feel everything.)  But I was also powered because i’m the kinda chick who will  fight for the for the stability and happiness of not just the people i love, but CERTAINLY my delicious babies. You watch! Wunna is BACK.

The only good thing about people who aren’t good people, or people who have knowingly done bad things, is that you don’t actually have to do anything in retaliation because firstly they already KNOW what they’ve done, even when they try to blame others…and well, unfortunately their own mistake making and inner guilt will eat them away naturally. It’s a sad thing to watch someone go through, i know. But when they fling you around emotionally because of it..and you’ve taken it for a while, adjusted appropriately, seen that they actually don’t want to be positive and don’t have goodness or reliability running though their system…you can’t do anything but look at how wonderful your own life is and move forward.

My home life hasn’t been as good as it is right now, in a very long time and i’m protecting that glitter filled buzz with happiness, stability and warm laughter. I can judge everything on Ruby because she is highly in tune with all that’s going on.  I’m standing up for myself, my world, my children and doing it in heels bitches. I’m not going to let anything negative seep into Wunna land at all, until it has converted, owned up to responsibility and stopped being an embarrassment. When you’re a parent you set the example. You can’t accuse people of being disrespectful, if in the end you have been JUST AS terrible…in fact…100 times worse.

That’s ya lesson of the day!

Now you can have Friday night mimosas! I have an audition in the morning. I’ve managed to get through all my work. I had a really great reading today. I still have no car and i’m going to be making bonfire toffee and toffee apples with Ruby! All three of us are so excited for bonfire night. Ruby adores fireworks, I adore the smell that lingers through the November 5th airs and Junior LOVES bright sparky lights! it#s our first true family bonfire night and instead of taking them somewhere to watch the works of fire glisten up the sky…i’m going to be throwing my OWN bonfire night and baby sized shindig. Love it, right! Therefore the kiddies can be in the comfort of their own home as they watch the night skies light up with Mummy…and toffee. 🙂 Junior is going to adore it.

Other than that @DannyO (yes Danny Osborne from #TOWIE has a new sparkly, shirtless calendar coming out!! *Fans myself slowly* I hardly find anyone super attractive, but he’s quite yummy to me. Plus his personality is gentle. He seems sensible and together. So, be sure to grab your monthly bit of Danny O… in calendar form. It can keep you company on cold, snowy nights! Hopefully it will snow when i’m at the forest log cabin this Christmas! I better have my calendar ready! Lmao. You know it’s going to be good because all guys do on calenders is strike casual poses in speedos on beaches and in pools.

Wish me luck for tomorrow. Forgot to tell you that I also enrolled in drama school today! 🙂 Oh and the lip gloss line is going to be fabulous! The money is IN. #finally

Looking forward to seeing the babies tonight!!! It’s take out with Mummy and the Gramps!

Love, love, LOVE it!!!

Sending you all my blessings!

ps. Some people just have to learn things the hard way, but i’m still holding out for a hero.

pps. If you enjoy fighting with the person who has made you smile the most, then you’re an idiot. #justsaying


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