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Okay, I am tumbling out of what feels like the busiest work week ever, so you have my giant apologies for not managing to fit in a blog! It’s felt like ages. I’ve missed you. I fell asleep on the sofa last night, so i couldn’t get my fingers tapping. However, instead I’ve woken up at some Godforsaken time, before work, before babies are up, to fit a bit of blog IN! Phewf!

I’m not actually that shattered anymore to say that i’ve filled my week with day job, social drinks, lash line work and children. I’ve enjoyed it and when you get to the stage in life, when you’re having such a good time that you forget to pause, you know that you almost have it all. (I’m ambitious…naturally….so there’s always more that I want. LOTS more!) I did however, pause this morning and i couldn’t be more grateful for life.

Okay, so yes, day job…i’ve accidentally been achieving without really realising how hard i must have worked? Obviously that’s the best kind of hard work. I sort of AGAIN, had that moment yesterday around 4pm, where I just looked around and with a smile did a ‘champion’ face! I don’t know how i do it, but i do and that’s all that matters! (It’s my charm, I tells ya!)

Monday, my lashes arrived at Cosmopolitan. I’m still waiting to hear from them, yet this week for me seems to have flown by! It’s the Screen Nation awards this Sunday, so i’m so happy to once again be partnering up with them and having my lashes distributed to all the celebs the award winners and nominees. That’s still crazy to me! But holy shit. I did it. It’s my first baby step…and well i couldn’t have done it in a more glitzy fashion.

Tuesday, I worked. I ended up discussing life with a workmate over red wine spritzers and whatever they had? It’s weird because it’s great getting to know a being outside of their ‘shell’ so to speak. I enjoy people. I’m nosey. I’m easy to get on with and apparently easy on the eye…so i’m a good person to chill with, work with or have banter with…as you’ll walk out the convo laughing or crying. I enjoyed it.

Ofcourse, everything ran later and I then after texting apologies rush home, get dressed, ready and heeled, before hopping in a taxi to Glassroom to meet ‘Mike.’ Mike’s ace. He was, what can i say, ‘North Leeds’ had Bradley Cooper hair and had come out of meetings straight from work. Elegant, poshy, easy to get on with fun. We talked about my eyelash line, his work, my work and life. Again over wine of whatever he was drinking. Now, I enjoy people that i can just chat to easily. Sort of without any form of awkwardness and I’ve sort of had a career where in which people who don’t actually know me, tend to be a bit awkwardy around me. 🙂 That’s what I enjoy about my day job…no one is like that, they’re all hilariously, down to earth, jolly, folk. ‘Mike’ was a bit more poshy than that and after chatting about life work and money, he walked me to the taxi rank ( I went over on my heel, ) and I talked about how amazing i thought his mini leather gloves were!!!

Now, the mini leather gloves are one of my FAVOURITE accessory! I adore them with all of my heart! So when he whopped out a bit of glove action, immediately i clocked them and rambled on about how much more of a decent human he had just become. 🙂

Anyway, I had to get a taxi to my next Meet Up which was with a work make, new buddy and at the Green Dragon in Ponty, (but only for one as we ended up having to go back to Xscape because it was DEAD!) Tuesday is meant to be Student night in Ponty. Where the fuck are you all? It was dead. But WE HAD FUN. LOTS OF FUN. In fact we ended up at Winter Seam, drinking and chatting and drinking…and chatting Lol….they did ‘whatever they were drinking’ and I bought Winter Seam champagne, never the best, yet still as bouji at it could be, as we sat drinking it as we eased into Wednesday morning. (It actually wasn’t that late. It was kinda just until midnight. Our topic of conversation was ‘luuurve,’ life and fun! (I still kept falling over my own heel and tripping up though.)

8.30 am the next morning, rocked into work…felt LIKE SHIT. I apparently didn’t look shitty though, thanks to my drag queen makeup. 🙂 See!There’s method behind my madness. Sauntered in, feeling hungover, wanted everyone to thrown me a pity party, no one did. HAHAHA. I felt really really bad, to the point where I had to have a sit down and once i smelt food, I ran and projectile vommed in a plastic BIN!

HOWEVER and don’t get this twisted. I STILL SHOWED UP AND I STILL FRICKING WORKED.  I’m the opposite to a slacker and when i’m mean to work, i’ll do it. I’m pretty determined. Plus, lets face it,  it was my own fault that i felt so dodgy. Remind me to EAT BEFORE DRINKING. I ALWAYS FORGET. That’s what makes me vomit.

Come noon, I was fine! So fine that I went on to blast work so well that I became a ‘Target Smashing Queen.’ LOL! REALLY! Again, I have no idea how i did it, but I even whopped out an amazing figure yesterday, without really realizing that I had done it. I love to achieve and when i do, i’m always in shock. I always say it’s by accident. Yet everyone around me tells me it’s not?

Anyway, (sorry my babies are stirring.)

Soooooooooo, the ace thing about all of that is that I had  an dhave completely come to terms with the fact that on Valentines day, I won’t be getting my favourite flowers, spoilt for surprised. But i’m now actually fine with that…and it all has to do with the fact that I’ll be having an AMAZING time with friends, celebrating in the name and swirl of love, at Kooky Night club, VIP, Wakey. I can’t wait. I only have today to get through and then it’s the WEEKEND WE ALL DESERVE!!

I haven’t recieved any cards, any flowers, any surprises and i love surprises. I don’t like guys who try and ask me if they should surprise me? Lol. Surely that’s the opposite to romance. And i’m not so keen on guys who try to score a date, by fishing around to see if it’s okay to surprise me, because they make me feel as though they could only be romantic if they got the ‘green light’ to be and THAT ISN’T ROMANCE. If you are romantic, your natural instinct would be to ‘woo’ in the name of love. HAHA. You’d just have a crush and go for it regardless. That’s what makes Valentine’s lovely. That’s actually also how Keiran was. He didn’t care or know if i would say ‘yes’ or love his surprises…he just went out there, with how he felt and did them. I liked that about him. So weirdly, I guess a standard (yet only in that area…and maybe sex and doing the bins) has been set. 🙂 )

HOWEVER, I will tell you that when i had my ‘meet up’ at The Glassroom, ‘Mike’..every so polite ‘Mike’ was GREAT and because he had actually purchased me a ‘Valentines Day National Lottery Ticket.’ How sweet!! So, that totally counts for something! Great little token of affection. Creative. Surprised! I liked it. Even though when he reached into his pocket I did say, ‘I hope you’re about to whop out some flowers.’ Lol. Then he moaned about how he thought the ticket would be a bit more ‘Valentines.’ That’s how shit went down…but i clocked the moment and thought it was sweet and very well mannered. I had a great time. It was fabulous.

I still want flowers though…


Oh shut up, i’m a DIVA and a girls, girl in one. (My shit stinks like roses. 🙂 ) Why are boys so shy to be all bold, brave and romantic with girls they’re not dating, or not dating yet…when they pretty much have a crush on them. If you’re a guy…do it. You might as well. If she’s not an idiot, she’ll be ever so grateful and who knows you might even get treated back! (*Wallet down, legs on the table.*)

Ps, My Inbox is full of ‘Take Me Out’ Nick fans asking me if i know him, (and i do.) If i can get him to talk to them and well date them? Lol. Didn’t he just find love???  It actually makes a change from willy pics, so well i’m glad that he’s enjoying his moment. Hasn’t he done well! Very impressed. I missed the show, after trying to make sure that I watched it. But it’s all great and knowing ITV quite all fits in perfectly with promotion and Valentines! If they got engaged or married now, they’d make so right dosh! Lol

See! Pontecarlo is going ‘massive.’ I was on the ‘Hilton’ thing, Reuben was on ‘Weakest Link.’ Jack was on ‘X Factor..’ Nick on ‘Take Me out.’ Endless. HAHAHA.


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