The tough get into….


What gorgeous weather my beautiful little bee’s of honey pot! The heatwave finally reaches us, as we snatch up a hoola skirt and drink pretend fruity cocktails out of coconut shells. OR…if ya me…you work through it. 🙂 It may sound like i’m moaning, but i don’t mind too much. I had the entire day off yesterday and it was lovely. Yet i had to errand run my pretty arse off and it took much longer than I thought. Now, that i’m older with dreams, goals and a plan…not a cunning plan, just a glitzy one…i much prefer to money make during the sunny days, as it saves me from spending dosh unnecessarily. Don’t get me wrong, i’ll always live by the ‘when the tough gets going…the going get into bikini’s’ Beverly Hills rules. Yet this part of my life is about accumulating. My eyelash line is going to immense. But i think it’ s actually a bit too sweaty weather for lashes right now, so i may have to rethink my launch time? Don’t you think? I mean, who apart from me wears lashes to the beach?

Anyway, whilst i’m accumulating pences, it seems i’m accumulating accident. Now, i’m naturally chipper, chatty and gracious. Especially now that i’m happy and back to being ME. And i’ve noticed that if you add that to exotic looks from the orient and a bit of glammy equals…boys.

I’m far too old for boys these days and would have adored it during my youth..and simply for the attention. Yet i’ve got a lot of things to do, organzise and accomplish. So, they sort of take second place, until i’m settled in my own head. Yet, as always, i’m very flattered and well i even got given a candle as a gift, just for being me? Lovely thought. Very grateful. Especially because it was in ‘Baby Powder’ flavour. (I always say ‘flavour’ ..i meant scent.) Extremely appropriate.

What i’m learning right now is that time is a great healer, things happen for a reason, i’m generally a happy person when i’m not pregnant lol and that i’m more positive than I thought!

The baby situation…as I told you it got thrown out of mediation and i’m glad it did…not because it’s all about winning, but because the right thing happened.

Yesterday was great because we finally tugged the strings out our boxing gloves with our teeth, flung them on the floor, and with a sign of ‘positive’ above us…middle fingered court procedures and got on with what mattered. It sort of felt, on both sides that a burden had been lifted. I mean, like I said…’we fight for free…now we’re being so dramatic, that we’re even willing to pay to fight.’ I’m not willing to put £5000 up for grabs, just to fight. It’s not what life is about.

Felt good. We breathed. We moved forward. Took a while, but the thing is timing. It’s all about timing. Much happier. Much lighter.

Right, so as you all enjoy the sun, i’m off to work. I’m blogging this from my car.

I love you all and i thank you ever so much for staying tuned.

Loving my new digs! They’re great. Loving Summer. Get out, get about!

Love is bizarre, there are the boys that you don’t like, that adore you. The boys that you do like, that adore you also. The boys that are too shy to tell you that they like you and the boys that you like that realy aren’t as bothered about you as you would like.

Sit back, enjoy life…and remember what it’s all about. 🙂




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