The show must go on

Do my eyes decieve me??? I’m thumbing through The Sun, with my morning cuppa tea, and apparently Sarah Palin has a 2009 calendar coming out. On the front of is, Sarah Palin trying to be sexy, in a large trucker looking shirt and with a massive shot gun, slung over her left shoulder!! Erm…??? Thank God you didn’t make Vice president, you can go back to being a  former Beauty Queen now, my Darling. Maybe you’ll get a l’Oreal commercial or be the new ‘desperate housewife???’ Way to use a presidential election!! (haha) Jesus!! Palin rocks!!

Ugh!! I’m missing being followed around by cameras, and being an entertaining chimp. I miss the entourage, the way everythings done for you, and the ‘being an arse for random comedic value’. When it stops, it’s enough to drive you insane, as you go from attention and diamonds to twiddling your manicured thumbs, in your mother’s living room. Now i know why Britney had her ‘i’m bald wacko’ stage. I was always a bit ‘whacked’ so maybe it will turn me sane??? I doubt it. I’ve started saying ‘innit’ and ‘cha know whadda mean,’ a lot. It’s worrying me!! It makes my friends sigh with disappointement!!

5 thoughts on “The show must go on”

  1. i bet u have an entourage where everu go chrissie i am a bit tunes also babe it is that wich makes us interesting have a great week treacle take care chrissie tada scratch


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