The shingles is shit


Okay, so yeah. Here i am sat at home, incubated and hidden from the world, having to not go too near people with babies, or with child, due to my body giving me the middle finger and granted me with a nasty case of shingles! *surprise* Champagne and a bit of a virus for everyone. (I’m laughing, but it F****** kills!! 🙂 )

I was having such a wonderful time with my ‘handsome,’ my baby Ruby, gorgeous Kelly, Phil and Tilly. Life was just becoming that little be stress free…and there you have it, my left side is now littered with tiny infectious blisters and sores and all due to stress. Is a massive work load that you can’t really handle worth it…NO. All that matters to me is love, life, happiness, true friends and family. They don’t give me little bumps of ouchy-ooh! I mean, i can’t even wear knickers, due to the frilly band of them attacking my sores. It weirdly feels all old fashioned…and i’m not sure why??

Keiran, my gorgeous adoring fiance, has been perfect. He’s carefully loved and nurtured his little slanty eyed kitten with all of his heart hoping for me to get better. I’m getting kisses, cuddles, shower rub downs and talks of our fairytale future. I’ve never met a man who loves me so much. I don’t know why he does? But he does. And at the same time, i look and him and know, well knew right away that he was the being i was going to ‘do forever’ without explanation. I love that he looks at me and sees his dream girl. Plus, a man that can kitty cat look after you, in your hour of need, without needing a prompt is delicious. (Even though he trumped all the way through it. *Giggle*)

We’re currently madly in love and yeah been through a lot. However, going through a lot has helped us love each other more than anyone could ever imagine….even with shingles! We have a wedding coming up in a couple months and well we couldn’t be more excited. I’ve got a book tour to do, he’s working away as of tomorrow and baby Ruby is being tended to my grandma, so she doesn’t catch my ouchies. (Worst pain ever and i don’t mean the ouchies! Nothing hurts more than not being able see for little girl, in fear of her catching shingles. 🙁 )

I’m trying not to get stressed. But you’d think now that people know i have shingles, they’d make a mild attempt to maybe not be so stressy. NOPE. I’ve had demanding evil work text messaging galore, work phone call stress here, Wunna-Wunna call, stress there.

I’m learning a lot about people, life and what matters right now and well getting well, feeling well and loving those who i care about comes first. Money making can wait a week.


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