The Penguin shuffle

I have been non -stop, all bloody day, filing through files in my head, and crazy glueing them back together, in order to create some kind of ‘meaning.’ I’m now bored and watching penguins on telly, that are quite greatly dressed as baby Santa Clauses. Hilarious! They’re waddling around like they HATE their lives, now that they been captured and forced into somewhat slutty Christmas outfits! One of thems cussing, another one’s lost her virginity and the other four need a cigarette. SO funny!! And all these random cheery folk, keep chasing around them (probably drunk, or following my new work-out) and screaming ‘Aww…look. They’re soooo cute!’ The penguins are PISSED OFF and trying to commit suicide, yet tripping over knitted booties. It almost beats the ‘Wunna McDrunky shuffle!’

I don’t know where they are, but there’s loads of orientals on sleighs, ranging from the age of 2 to 62. They didn’t bother to invite ME!! lol.. I guess they’re probably in asia, or….my house.

I’m so busy, i’ve got to go…my eyes are stinging badly, and my bums acheing. (Oh-er!) Shut up, you wish!

My STORE’s NOW OPEN, (look left) so go buy Chrissie Wunna goodies. It’s a bit rubbish, but it will show your eternal devotion to everyone’s favourite little ‘Honey.’ (And i do mean ME you tarts!)

Big kisses x

2 thoughts on “The Penguin shuffle”

  1. you funny dfucker u do watch random crap on the telly when there is nothing on put on riise of the foot soldier or the buisness job done. i will have a butchers at your sroe babe


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