The Money shot


I have no clue what the hell is happening? But I will tell you that Keiran and I are currently the luckiest people ever…OR….we’re just magic. I can’t quite make the executive decision, as to which one of the above we actually are? Yet on the whole, we’re loving it! *Cheer here.* (If you’re a hater…double kisses to ya! 😉 )

So, I never buy scratch cards. I’ve never taken to them and never thought that you could win a single penny on them, however yesterday I decided to buy a couple. I’m actually  trying to win the lottery 🙂 and I thought, well if you’re going to attempt to do something, you have to dedicate yourself to it fully and understand the game. Therefore, I did and bought a scratch card. Now, I said I’ve never bought them, yet I have had the opportunity to scratch a few, when they have been purchased by others. (It’s a really good trick, because that way you can argue your way to a percentage of the jackpot, should you be so lucky.)

Anyway, long story short…and not a great deal of money, but on the very first scratch card I had ever bought, we won £15! I adore the art of winning…especially when it’s money, so as you can imagine…I was over joyed with excitement and well there was certainly a wiggle to my preggo-waddle.

We didn’t win on the lottery. (But will.) However, Keiran purchased another scratch card this morning for ‘shits and giggles’ and won our little pot a further £5. Again, we enjoy winning things…so it was a little back pat and a shriek of ‘well done.’

We now had £20 in our winning pot and well I figured that whilst I was buying us salmon for dinner tonight, *sip fake wine here* I’d buy another couple of scratch cards with yesterday’s winnings and TODAY, (after he had scratched one of them with a 10p piece on the kitchen counter,) we had WON £100!! HOW FUN!

Now, I know that it’s not that much money and i’m rabbiting on about it like it’s a wonder. However, i’ve never won on a scratch card before and in under 24 hours, we’ve won £122. (Keiran won a further £2 on the other card the scratched.) So, now I think we’re the luckiest people ever. I mean, come on… £100 is a pretty little baby chunk of glory to win, during your afternoon supermarket wander. So well done us…now let’s win BIG!

Plus, alongside all that, I’m really enjoying writing naughty novel. I fancy myself as the next ‘Jackie Collins’ and even if I don’t make the final of the Racy Reads competiton, i’m still writing the book and having an agent shop it. (It’s where coming off a reality show comes in handy.) When you love doing something and I LOVE to write. I do it every day. I don’t do anything EVERY day and i’m not really very disciplined to sit and focus on too much for a lengthy period of time…sober. However, writing I adore and can therefore do it for hours. I’ve currently completed the first 5 chapters and editing three for a mister with a plan. It’s all very exciting and putting that *wink* of glory back into my life. I love the fantasy of a naughty novel, it really gets myjuices flowing and I’m hoping it will yours!

Plus, with that I have the TV show and a business to bloom. Keiran has really stomped his mark into Wunna land, by buying a brand new property, all to himself, to rent out to others. He adores the idea of being a business man, a man who owns everything and has always loved a bit of property purchasing, managing and flipping for profit. I enjoy this idea to, as it keeps him excited about life and keeps him out of trouble. When men aren’t bored and have a dream, they are at their best. My grandfather taught me that. If they aren’t striving for what they want in life…and I have a hubby who is certainly a go getter…then they either lose the plot, find a hobby (which usually becomes women) and take a front row seat on the roller coaster, that’s going one way…down. He couldn’t sleep all night, due to his excitement and I’m really proud of him. Everything in life can go two ways and he’s really proving that his life is going to be GREAT! (We women like that and we like that because those men are REAL MEN. Plus, i’m having a son and I want my son to grow up idolizing his father, because his father has achieved so much in of course it will hopefully inspire him to do well also.) This is only the very beginning, but it’s a beginning that we BOTH are finding completely magical.

I’m less ‘want to own everything’ that Keiran is. I’m more glamour pussy and adore the idea of being an entrepreneur, however via a more creative outlet. I adore entertainment. I love being on your telly box. I love a bit of ‘celebrity’ and like I said i fancy myself as a novelist. Reality tv, and writing…would be my ideal ways to make money and any other bundles of business I had brewing, who be a delightful way to shimmie up a bit more dollar. Yet, i’m passionate about entertainment. It’s my one true joy, be it via writing or making a fool of myself for your personal happy kicks on the telly. So, that’s what I want and what I’ll get. I’m also opening a beauty salon…well mainly because I can and find it would be a good back up plan. Saying that, my Father always told me that you shouldn’t have a fall back plan, as you’ll always fall back upon it.

Life is good for us right now and we’ve done our little ‘Vision Boards’ and everything. It’s exciting! We’re confident. We’re a great couple. We’re making it happen and we’re doing so whilst being filled with love, hope and gratitude.

Kelly’s just been around (i’ve missed her) to help Keiran with his financial plans. She’s an accountant…so we’re lucky. However, poor Kels is not so lucky, as I’m a former glamour model, meaning that if she ever needed advice on ‘getting her boobs out, ‘ in the future, I could be there to help, but for anything else, i’d simply be a burden. 🙂 Yippeee! Wait no! I’m selling myself short! I’m dead good at entertaining the masses. I could be entertaining and mistake make for her! But yeah…not much else. Hurrah! (I do like cheering.)

Okay, the drama of the day, was the fact that whilst giggling in bed with me this morning, my darling Ruby decided to hurt her arm. (I’ve got a hurty arm!’) We didn’t think much of it, kissed it better and all that jazz, then sent her to nursery to see if it got better.

It didn’t and within half an hour nursery gave us a call, asking us to maybe pick her up and take her to A&E. We get to nursery and our poor little bambino is all forlorn and doing sad puppy faces, whilst holding her poorly arm. Aw! I hated seeing that! So, we immediately took her to the Emergency room to get her checked out.

The verdict was that there was simply nothing wrong with her at all…(thank god.) So she probably just had a dead arm and everyone got into a tizzy about it. The good thing is a nurse liked her so much, she gave her a teddy…and we felt so sorry for her that we kept her with us, instead of taking her back to school, meaning she could be spoilt and fed Burger King to make her ‘nothing wrong with it’ arm all better.

That was the drama of the day and luckily it was humorous.

Then we won £100! Yipppeee!

Our life rocks!

ps/ Keiran’s especially horny when he’s doing well in life. He’s cricling around me on evenings with greedy love eyes, telling me how sexy i look with my bump, whilst squeezing parts of me, that are now quite *juicy* (as I like to say) and groaning with passion at them. It’s worrying…but I like it.

pps/ I got pissed off in a A&E waiting room today and threw a tantrum because i couldn’t figure out how to pull a plastic cup out of machine and fill it up with water without spilling it. I started shouting and throwing cups at the bin in anger. *Waddle-d-wink*

LIFE IS GOOD! Make the most of it! It’s finally great to see such a bright future! I love my little family.  I’m happy! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Life rocks!




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