The Moments that matter


WHAT A WEEK! I’ve literally been so busy and quite so stressed that I did what any champion would do, in a moment of absolute desparation… which is dust myself off, close the doors on even the thought of a pity party, place on my stilettos and with a smile on my face and my ‘working brain’ head in tact, get back on that horse and with a ‘chaaaarge’ face and a warrior strength GALLOP forward at the speed of light, a heart filled with wholeness and wait for it….SUCCEED!

Today was a GREAT DAY. I did it. Now, I can’t tell you what as of yet. But I did it. I DID IT. And I say it with relief because like I said this month has been a difficult one and where as most people, or some people would give in, give u or toss it off with a gallon of vodka. I didn’t. I got with life, made it my friend, used my brain and with the cleanest of acts…and the heart of lion…fought and WON! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Like I said in a previous blog, i’m a good person to call when the shit hits the fan, when you have a mASSIVE problem and pretty much because i’m like a soldier. I can handle it and always with a victory. Today, I feel great! Good things happen to good people.

But yes, a week of drama, anger, tears, stress, but weirdly happiness. Of course it all began with love life drama. I was verbally abused and simply by a being who well i guess either jealous, hurt or has issues. I always feel lucky because I have everything, beautiful children to come home to, a great day job, my own business about to launch, a loving and supportive family…brains…looks ;)…lol..the list is endless. ๐Ÿ™‚ When people try and destroy that with their own misery, it makes me mad. But first it’s makes me cry. Lol. I had a big cry at the start of the week, but my own baby daughter, saw me by accident, walked up to me, sat on my knee and wiped the tears from my eyes, whilst saying, ‘I love you sooo much. Don’t be sad. Watch me hop. It’ll make you happy.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

In that moment…i realized how great I have it. The ‘almost’ pity party got frisbeed out the window, i grabbed my armour and I marched forward. The weak give in, the strong find solutions. I have an amazing little girl. She did everything she could think of to make sure I was okay that night. (Wrong way around, but we have a great bond. Oh and don’t worry, i’m not usually that weird weepy mum. ๐Ÿ™‚ She even said she’d sleep in MY bed in order to make me feel loved. AWWWWW! She has great genes. A diva, but with such a loving, gentle soul.)

Okay, the morning i woke up and everything changed, I was happy, dynamic and not letting anything get me down. I was secretly stressed, going through a lot that no-one knows about but my family…but i smiled all the way through it. I don’t ย take drama to work. I stayed in focus. It worked.

Then for the rest of the week I noticed life. All kinds of life and like never before. I saw a young girl. She was probably 20 something and well she found herself stood in front of me with a coffee in her hand. She must’ve needed someone o talk to or just felt that she could say it to me….she didn’t know me. Anyway, in her life at that moment, she looked at me and said, ‘I’ve just found out that my boyfriend cheated on me.’ She said it gently but frankly…as though she was fine, yet disgusted…like we girls do. Yet when she found the words leaving her lips, her eyes filled up with ‘couldn’t help it’ tears and it was then when I saw her soul and realized how hurt she was. If her boyfriend actually noticed and cared to realize how much she cared for him, then he wouldn’t have been so selfish. Men are often blinded and filled with anger, ego and idiocy. They do stupid things that they live to regret. If he had seen her face in that moment, he would’ve felt like shit.

Then, on another day i was walking past a tanning salon and thing little granny came up to me (grannies love me, but only random ones)..she hobbled up to me, all fragile, beautiful and delicate and asked if I could walk her across the road, as it looked really busy.AWWW! HOW SWEET! I mean, things must be pretty bad when you’re only hope for safety is ME. Yet to her, in that moment of her life, I was her savoir. Her actual choice to help her. And as soon as I said, ‘Yes of course,’ she hoked her tiny little arm in mine and we carefully crossed the road together. I’d never felt happier. I even glowed. This week, I noticed life.

I saw the good things, with the bad things and really saw the things that we all take for granted on a daily. It made me realize how lucky i was. I’m surrounded by wonderful people, who all love, help and respect me. I have such great support. And my children. I have the most amazing kids. Even today Junior belly laughed so hard he trumped, with a giggle, a cuddle as he snuggled into my boob and a ‘oh mama.’ I have amazing children.

But yes, there was so much I needed to tell you, but obviously i can’t fit it in. Plus, i have another big week of work AND I’M MOVING HOUSE. Pete’s been lovely. The other day he was so worried when he dropped Ruby off, because he wanted to help me look after BOTH babies until my mum came. Bless him. How sweet.

Infact, if i wrote this blog at the beginning of the week, it would’ve been filled with hate and anger…Yet after doing my week and realizing how many great people i have around me in comparison to the shitty people…i’ve forgotten and forgiven about all that and let my inner, natural positive Wunna flourish. I’m naturally a positive person. I’m naturally quite strong and lucky. I have no idea where I get it from…but I do. I feel like the girl who has everything right now, whereas on Monday, I felt like the girl who had nothing…and only because someone who felt rubbish wnated me to feel rubbish to make themselves feel more powerful. I’m not like that by nature…because I don’t have to be.

Today…well yesterday I met a really great person…one of those people that you just don’t think existed, yet due to good karma, happen to pop onto your path, just when you needed them to.

Due to this person, all the stress of the week, the month, the everything…faded away.

Good things happen to good people and good people arrive on the paths of those who deserve them.

Nighty night!

Busy week ahead.

Ps/ Wrote all this in the dark, on Ruby’s bed, because she needed me to sit by her until she feel asleep. ๐Ÿ™‚ #themomentsthatmatter






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