The Magic of the Forest…


It’s almost the end of our last day in our forest cabin and it’s literally the most delightfully AWFUL feeling ever. I hate ‘last days’ of a glorious time. But with a shimmie and a tiger claw, i’m gonna dust myself off and get on with it. I usually deal with ‘last day sadness’ with wine. Being a preggo-hontas means that can’t happen. So i’m running on good old guts and heart. Yippee? Now, we’ve been on such a positive streak, that i’m trying my absolute hardest to shake off ‘da blues’ and be happy for the time we’ve had here, instead of being sad that we’re leaving. However, i’m rubbish at that. We all are, therefore i think later on, i’ll have a little cry and wave the cabin away, after one long last look at it, as we drive away.

The last day is always awful for us and simply because it lingers on us like a bad smell. We’ve taken a walk in the forest. (Baby Ruby adored it. Anytime she can be outdoors is a thrill to her. Keiran walked ahead and in order to breathe and take in everything that was around him. I can sort of see in his eyes that he finds the last day hideous. However, he’s up for London early tomorrow morning, so back to work he must venture. He’ll go from peace to madness in the space of a couple hours, Yet as long as we take what we learn and what we feel from this place, than we’ll all be fine.)

I know you might think that i’m making a bit of a Princess big deal about this whole ‘last day in the forest’ thing. Yet it’s the only place we can come to feel free and well be ‘us,’ as a family, quenched in utter peace and dipped in happiness. Leaving that behind is hard. If we could buy this cabin, we WOULD. I mean Keiran even asked the people at reception how is all worked, in order to see if it was a possiblity.

Instead of being glum, i guess i should see it as the fact that we’re lucky. We’re so lucky to have everything we want in life and to be able to live the way we do. We can always come back to the forest and share our love with one another. I mean, this afternoon for a few good final hours, after we had returned from our short snowy walk and enjoyed a warm drink, Baby Ruby, ‘da bump,’ Keiran and I stripped off into our swimsuits and relaxed in our private outdoor hot tub. The air was cool, the ground was snowy, we were surrounded by the tall forest trees and GET THIS….it began to snow. We were relaxing in warm bubbles, as a gentle cold snow fall sprinkled upon us! It’s amazing and an unbelievably feeling of freedom.

Baby Ruby swam around with her armbands and rubber ducky. I rested with my baby son chilling in my belly and Keiran laid back, looked up to the skies and wished. I caught him talking to himself as he laid there relaxing. I’m really lucky to have such a wonderful husband and well it’s so strange how fast your life can move and how you can find yourself one minute walking pasta boy you don’t even know in a gym (which is where we met,) to a year and a half later, him being the ‘father’ to my child, us being married, having a baby on the way and a career in television…as we lay in a bubbly hot tub, in the middle of our luxury forest cabin, as the snow falls upon us! Crazy!

Anyway, i’ve got to get packed up…so this was really just a quickie. He’s back to work tomorrow, Ruby’s back to nursery and i’m back to entertaining and all that jolly old good stuff.

I’m doing an interview and a cheeky ‘on the phone’ weather report for a Birmingham radio station on Saturday to promote my book. (Tell you about that tomorrow.) And i have a lot of writing to do. More books, more promo, more heart.

I truly love my life….


GOD, I LOVE MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. I have the most delicious Baby Girl, I’m married to the man of my ultimate dreams and i have a baby boy on the way!

I feel lucky. I feel grateful.

Now, it’s career time…Lets do this! Purr…wink!

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