The little piccy-niccy


Morning my delicious *winks* of love-fest. I’m feeling mighty positive today, yet sprinkled over with a glittery feist. There’s a lot for me to organise, with wedding, work and wiggles fox-trotting their way into focus, however i’m trying to adopt the ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ method of ‘oooh-laa.’ It’s not entirely working that way, meaning i might have to grab at my old favourite method, which is to ‘vino it up’ and well hope for the best.

The book signings are being scheduled. I’ve just this second danced to ‘Rasta Mouse’ with my gorgeous little girl, in bows before nursery and along with a private case, all the wedding arrangements and a Tuesday screen test, i’m quite the busy little bee. I’ve actually realized that i’m crap at organising anything. I hate the responsibility of it all. Yet apparently, what you’re shit at, you need to attempt to achieve. I have my fingers, toes and nipple tassles crossed and not letting any ‘drama’ litter it’s way into, well what we call ‘The Bubble.’

Last night was lovely. Keiran and i mentally had a lot going on, so we hung up our outside worries and quite smartly concentrated on what we feel is important..which i our lovely little ‘fairytale’ and yummy Baby Ruby. Rubes is currently Keiran crazy. Not a single moment can pass her by without her being attached to his chest. (I’ve taught her well! 🙂 ) They spent a gorgeous moment in the garden, cuddling with a pace and nothing was more beautiful. They both felt loved, comforted and whole..and i watched from a patio corner..with really bad hair with an ‘awww’ in my system.

It was a warm, cosy evening, so we decided to have a garden pinic for tea, with love, laughter and peace…and on our zebra print blanket. It’s those moments that matter in life, that people either forget to appreciate, don’t have or take for granted. We don’t!  I was burger biting (hellooo wedding diet), whilst cheery head-bopping to Twinkle-Twinkle for Ruby and Keiran was laid relaxing, looking to the skies, asking me about happiness and the art of it. (‘Chrissie, this is what life is about. i love being happy.) Last night was perfect and there was no-one there but us, nature and the surroundingsof a world.

We’ve been picking out wedding outfits. The dresses, the suits..the everything else. We’re both going to be surprising each other, so he won’t know what i’m wearing until i walk up the isle and I won’t know what he’s wearing until i’m standing there right infront of him, warm of heart. #exciting. Keiran actually picked his within moments. I like that. I hate it when it takes a being age sto decide. I enjoy people who know what they want immediately. They know who they are, what they want and why they want it. It’s a sexy trait. I’m like that…and even though some may label it as ‘impulsive’..i look good in a bit of ‘implusiveness,’ with a spritz of ‘ooh laa.’

The wedding meal have been chosen and our guests will be treated to a 5*, four courses… with champagne love and favours. There will also be more food at the evening reception AND  gifting suite for each guest to pick a present from us, as a ‘Thank you.’ I think we have around 6 weeks now, until the big day and well it is FLYING. We’ve got a lot to fit in work wise and wedding wise…like our gift registry. (Keiran enjoys the idea of wandering around Debenhams scanning every item that he may want, without us having to pay for it all. Lol) Plus, by Wednesday he’s away again, in his van for work. The things that we have to organise, in the little spurts of free time that we have are insane. But we’ll do it. We’ll get there. At the end of the day, our weddings about love…not ribbons.

Anyway, i better get on with it all. Plus, i can’t really blog when i don’t have my ‘face’ on.

I love you lots and i hope you enjoy your day! x

(Oh and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely little brother Jeremy! I love you mucho mucho!! )

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