The Hunter… The Chase & a Random Faux Fur

MORNING, you lovely pieces of ‘Hello it’s Tuesday!’ I’m in a really good mood today because i’m finally well rested, feeling appropriately adored, enjoyed a morning love note on the oven (i enjoy that it was placed upon an oven, sort of romantic and hilariously chauvanistic all at the same time) and well so far, all is going well. I’m not letting the delicious British weather get to me today and simply because i’ve found the whole ‘if you can’t beat it, join it’ phrase, that must have been buried somewhere deep down in my glitzy, sarcastic, hot heart, in my pocket. When you find a good phrase to cling on to…you MUST. It’s the only way to positively move forward in sequins, otherwise you’re just a misery and miserable people are only funny when they’re falling on ice, or skidding on banana peels to clown music.

Lots going on work wise, but before i get into all that, i will tell you that i’ve had to spend my rather glamourous morning CHASING my one year old ‘loin fruit’ (who i can’t help but adore more than life itself) around the living room, under a chandelier, with a bowed headband. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not FORCING a bowed headband on my child. I force picture taking on her, but not headband wearing. She loves a bit of a bow. HOWEVER, unfortunately for me, Ruby…(who also stood on a chair, pretended it was a podium and forced ME to applaud for her, whilst she wiggled her bum and did victory arms…:) you can tell she is the product of a Wunna,) just loves being CHASED.

Now this brings on all sorts of life questions to my kitten like mind of ‘trying to figure out life.’ Why do us Ladies, ADORE to be chased? Be us simply ONE years of age, or 31 years of age…we like a bit of ‘run after me’ to prove your love, don’t we? Maybe it’s because of the whole ‘Men are hunters’ theory and we are they’re prey. (Oooh even typing that sends a tingle down my old aged  spine.*Giggles.*) But we do, don’t we. Girls love to be chased. Yet weirdly only by people or as we get older MEN, that we like, because as soon as we don’t like them and they attempt to chase us madly (they do because they enjoy the HUNT) we turn around and publicly tell everyone that they’re a ‘stalker.’ Lol. AND we quite rudely do it in a boasty fashion of ‘oh look, we’re so desired, but we don’t at all like him’ fashion…before we hair toss and strut into the distance giggling with our chastity belt in tact, before jumping into desperate flirtation with the hunk that we do love, who probably doesn’t love us back, because he wants to bonk the town model.

However, when we do refer to the gents as ‘stalkers’ (and i never do, as i’ve lived both sides, where i have been chased and chased foolishly…remember that time i passed out in tequila in a Hollywood car park,) it then makes our male suitors feel all insecure in their hunting abilities, framing them with a sense of fear about future chasing.

I always said i would have to marry the strongest man alive…and i did, as what i adore about ‘Handsome Keiran’ is the fact that nothing can get that boy down. If he wants something, no matter how hard you shoot him down, he’ll get it. You could bonk him with a foam mallet and he’ll get back up and re-begin his chase, I thoroughly love being wooed by him. We’re living our perfect fairytale of love and well i never actually did much of the running away, as on our first date i told him that i wanted him to be my boyfriend and commit fully. I know a good thing when i see it and i knew right away. He liked that and went with it. Confidence in women is hot and a girl telling a boy what to do is even more delicious. Not the ‘bossy’ part, but the ‘knowing what she wants’ part and the settling for nothing less. I mean, he used to go out and bonk chicks all the time and because it was so easy for him. Not with me…there was certainly an ‘you need to impress me first’ few weeks. It turned him on and made him see me as a wife and not a Westgate shag. (And i’m certainly not that….YUCKY!) Now, i get him sitting around my house in nothing but his pants, eating chicken and telling me that i’m beautiful! Turning your arm candy into ‘husband’ is amazing. Play by your own rules, but always keep it true to what you actually want and not what you think THEY WANT.

But yes, it’s all about the men being the hunter and the women giving them the chase and to me, that’s sexy, because there’s far too many girls, giving it to them far too easily, which makes them lazy. We’re meant to be shaping the men of the future ladies. They will treat you how to make them treat you, because they’re not dumb, they are correctly tuned to hunt women and appropriately adjust their wires to get what they want. So enjoy it! Be wined, dined and don’t feel bad for it. All women are meant to be treated with a touch of ‘Princess’ and in return it makes us happy. When we’re happy…we’re the best girlfriends and wives ever.

I rambled on a bit them….but yeah, Ruby finally stopped running and i managed to get the headband on her, for her nursery run. (I can’t actually believe how well Ruby is doing right now. She’s very chatty and very confidence and social all in one. Plus, i have all these baby modelling agencies in London, dying to represent her and get her on their books and working for these crazy campaigns, like ‘Toys R Us’ SMA, H & M…’ it’s insane. It kinda puzzles me because half of me is like, wait..she’s one??? Then the other half of me, is do i let her do it for fun and make herself a bit of money for her future. It’s a difficult one. Especially, because she has Doctor grandparents who would love a little brainiac of a grandaughter. Even though it’s all up to her and the point is that when she’s older she chooses what she loves and decides her own path in life. When she’s one and being given all these opportunites that maybe some others may give anything for, it’s kinda silly to sort of shun them. When i was one, ain’t nobody wanted to sign my sorry arse. 🙂 But for right now…nursery is all she’s concentrating on and it is currently kitty cat perfect.

Right, so tomorrow i’m travelling to London, early in the morning for filming, I’m getting ready for that and excited about it and then i’m back home that evening to play mummy and wifey, only to travel back Thursday at 7am to train it back to Kings Cross to me my new agent. (I love that their agency ‘you’re on hold’ music is ‘I’m to sexy’ by Right said Fred. 🙂 I’m in good hands.)

Life is weirdly going just the way i’ve always wanted it to, for every member of our family really. Keirans’ doing really well. I’m booking things that i would never have had the chance to go out on before. Ruby is being scouted. So it seems that no matter what we try and do, entertainment is following US and telling us to play along with it. Keiran and I have only known each other for 12 months and the thing we’ve achieved in that time is insane and i don’t just mean work, (as that is tremendous regardless,) but we’ve managed to even fit a wedding into that, raise a baby and money for charity. We’ve never been closer and because we now have a mission and you need to be a team to make a mission work. It’s fate. He laid on the sofa last night, half naked and said, ‘I wonder why we were brought together?’ Lord knows what our future has in store for us, but we just know it’s wonderful. I feel lucky and really blessed.

I can’t remember what I was going to say now? But i’m super happy, the work is piling in, I’m finally on my way to actually being a success (i’ve noticed that when i actually work hard, the results are pretty fantastic. I must remember that for future reference. 🙂 ) I haven’t had as much wine, which i’m quite disappointed with, due to my early nights and London travelling. But on the whole i’m love being me and i’m celebrating every inch of life right now. I’m no longer treading water in the pool of sequins and now stroking forward with my boobs tucked in and my eyes still a winking.

Have an amazing Tuesday! Odd day of the week really.

Just like old times and simply because it’s Autumn. (You can tell i’m a proper Brit now, as i’m not longer calling it ‘fall.’)  My Wunna faux fur, high heel and cocktail picks for the day are as below.

Mix it, match it and make it work…with diamantes, a martini and a cheeky wink of happy.


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