The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


Weeelll hello my cherrified dolls of deliciousness! Okay, i’ve finally had time to play ‘catch up’ after a day of constant, ‘Chrissie can you….?’ I label these days with such a phrase, because they are the days where in which my eyes slowly peel open, to welcome in a whole new 24 hours and from that moment, my time is scheduled out to worthy and unworthy suitors, companies and friends. Everyone today has needed a piece of me, a moment of my attention. It’s been a Wunna tug of war! I always get mildly terrifed on these days, as the phonecalls, meetings, friends and work load decides to crumbles on in on me. I’m a Glamour Puss. I can’t work stressed, so with a *fuck it* and a *smile* I playfully peeped around corners, quickly grabbed my black clutch, threw on a fur, and in the best heels known to mankind. I started to do a runner out the door and up a dirt track. I tottered as fast as my little perfectly toned, kitty legs could totter. (Which i’ll have you know is a slow, graceful, and rather seductive *swagger.*) Then i ruined my life, by DROPPING my hand bag, and letting it’s entire contents empty out into a big brown, dirt tracky puddle. You have never heard a girl swear more!!

At the end of my dirt track was Loverboy (aka ‘Pete’) in his B

2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”

  1. Hello Christina,

    Okay, 3 bulletpoints:

    * I ran into Kimora Lee, her 2 daughters, her new baby, their assorted hand servants and reality TV crew a few weeks ago. NOW I know who they are and why you like Kimora so much.

    * Carveries are the best places for us foreigners to eat outside of London. Everywhere else seems to be a roll of the dice where YOU WILL LOSE!

    * Stop putting Loverboy through the wringer (unless he absolutely deserves it). I’ve seen you in pouty, attack bitch mode and it’s TOO LETHAL.


  2. Oh hellooo DK!!! How are ya!

    Firstly..yes…how amazing much is Kimora. he stomps around all Wunna-esque and hits things as she passes. Idol much!

    Secondly….You’re right, i have got a lot fatter since being in England…and we all know how much you hate a chubbster 🙂

    And dinally: I’m not being mean to him DK… if he messes up, i have to put him in line, otherwise how will he learn how to be my perfect boyfriend! 🙂 (OMG i was sooo lethal, it was awful.)


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