The Forbidden Boys…


Right! You all know how much I ADORE the ‘Forbidden Nights’ boys, after venturing off to London to review their show, last weekend!

Well, it was important for me to make sure you all went to watch them perform live, as you truly would be denying yourself of one of the best shows in town if you didn’t go and watch the boys do their thing. And it was important to me that you got to know a little bit more about each of them…briefly, as of course it adds to the fantasy that puts the ‘F’ in ‘Forbidden.’

Meet the boys…

This is Sam. Young, hot, fit host of the show. Extremely talented. Great all rounder. The guy that refers to his role as ‘filing in the gaps.’ 🙂 I loved Sam! Especially because I didn’t realise how great he was until later on in the show!

This is Lewis…. The musician of the group. He was also previously on Xfactor! You get to hear him sing…shirtless in the show and it is certainly worth the watch!!!

This is Ozzie… He’s an Australian gent, living in London. He visisted my box and I spoke to him more than the others. He is extremely passionate about being a Forbidden Nights performer. He is also a Focus Fitness consultant, a fitness model and PT. A very determind gent, with his eye on the prize, i’d say.

Meet Billy…Now Billy, Lewis and Ollie own Forbidden Nights. It is their own business and it is their dream that they are moving forward. Which makes the show even more special, as it makes it a labour of love. ( I love people who work hard for what they want in life! People who have a dream.) Being a former dancer, I noticed that Billy is a GREAT dancer! He started the group and well, any gent that you refer to as ‘Billy Blue Eyes’ is a dream! 🙂

Below is Joe! I chatted to Joe for a little while in my VIP box, In fact, I chatted to Billy toooo….and well he is referred to as ‘the new boy.’ And let me tell you..he fits RIGHT IN! 🙂 He is a dancer, actor and singer…and when i went to watch the show, it was actually his birthday! He did a little ‘out of the blue’ Birthday victory dance and it was actually truly amazing.

This is Lewis….. He hosts the show alongside Sam.. and is a complete blast, all the way through it. Definitely one of the tallest men i’ve met. But i’m only a midget. He’s a model and well just lovely. Witty, sexy, talented. Managed to say ‘hi’ to him after the show, whilst Em’s and I were drinking. 😉 I thought he was GREAT!

Meet Ollie! Handsome, sweet, sexy…and did this amazing solo pole dance to ‘Blurred Lines’ mid show. He is also a Channing Tatum lookalike!! YES! I did just say that!!! His performance on that night was very sensual, which I guess makes him sensitive and passionate by nature.

I truly can’t even begin to tell you how talented these boys are and they truly are breaking the mould of a generic, plastic, same old, greasy  strip show. This show is UNBELIEVABLE as they focus of the fantasy of what truly IS sexy and not just on cheesy ‘look at me, i’m naked.’

I loved them and i’m going to watch them AGAIN!!! AND SIMPLY BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, LOVE THEM and because I’m a being who needs to SHARE THE LOVE 🙂 (even when sober)…I AM GOING TO BE GIVING AWAY FIVE TICKETS A MONTH FOR YOU TO GO WATCH THE BOYS  LIVE, IN ACTION, AT ANY LONDON SHOW! Who know’s, i might be there with you. 🙂

It is the most exciting girls night out ever! I promise! The atmosphere and the buzz is exhilarating. You won’t even believe how much you love the show, so get yourself at one of the shows NOW!


I’m now off to guzzle down bottle shaped glassed of wine, as the boys I believe are prepping for their Saturday night at The Clapham Grand.

Please do watch out for my ‘Forbidden’ blogs to win tickets to go watch them live and please do follow the boys on Twitter @forbiddennights

If you wish to book the boys, be you a private party, event, business or club…

Please contact:

I’m going to be booking them shortly!

Do yourself and the boys a favour! Go see them on tour! 🙂

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