The Edge of Glory..

..and i’m holding on for dear life!


Last night, after a yummy home cooked baked salmon fillet dinner, as Ruby took a sofa nap and Keiran watched happy movies that made him think of the world from a far more grand perspective. We’re all about connections, energies and it being swirled around with a strong mind and an electric buzz of positive *ooh* that can pull anything your heart desires towards you. He watched movies that included Eddie Murphy (always makes me smile) that made him feel that way. He got so excited that at one point he was stood up performing a funny, wavy arm dance with a sway. I enjoy watching swaying and simply because it gives me the feeling of being tipsy, when i’m sober. 🙂 (Enjoyable game. You should try it.)

Anyway, after the movie and a bit of packing up, we decided that if we were going to be sensible we pretty much had to leave our luxury forest cabin immediately (that evening,) instead of staying over and waiting until the early hours of the morning. It was thick laiden with snow. We were in the forest. The morning weather probably wouldn’t abide. And well, we’d kinda not only have to wake up at the crack of dawn, all unrested and grumpy. But we would also be under pressure to get home, instead of enjoying the drive, as there was a train to be caught to London, from Monkhill Station, Pontefract, at 8am. So, yeah, at around 8.30pm, we began packing all our final bits and bobs, clearing out the cupboards, getting Baby Ruby ready and well as soon as Keiran said that ‘we should really leave sort of now,’ i immediately couldn’t help myself and began to Princess cry. I real cried. The type of cry that you can’t prevent from happening, no matter how hard you try. The tears rolled down my cheeks and as i glared at the tv screen, i knew it wad sadly home time. (I’m so soft these days. I don’t know if it’s growing up, being a mum, being in love, pregnancy, or just plain old happiness…maybe all of the above. But, i’m a mum better version of myself. I enjoy being filled with emotion and pure love for the things i enjoy and care about.)

As, i was crying and oddly staring at window blinds in order to stop myself from tearing up, Keiran was in nothing but shorts and had picked up the half asleep, yet now woken up Baby Ruby, who was in nothing but a nappy, rocking her crazy bed hair….and they danced around the cabin. Arm in arm, heart in heart, they swirled around the cabin floor, under the warm mood lighting, to leave an energy of love to the next arrivals, who will be entering our exact cabin at 4pm today.

It was as if, life couldn’t be any more perfect. My life feels so great right now and well even though i know it will be even better, as there’s so much i’m going to be able to achieve and conquer. Right now, i just know that you need your foundation before you literally soar to your absolute potential. We all want greatness, careers, money, success…and now we can run forward and grab it, as we have the core foundation of love that matter and that will always be there. When i watched them dance and see my husband so happy and Ruby in fits of baby giggles, it reminded me of how lucky i was to have them both. I thank every day for Ruby (as ‘diva’ as she is, for strutting into my life) and well for as fast as it happened, i now know it was meant to happen, but i have the greatest man as my husband. He’s the sort of guy, who at his best is phenonmial, like the man any little girl has ever dreamed of. He works hard, loves hard and will romantically place you (as his wife) on the highest pedestal and fill your heart with love at the same time as wanting to give you the world, our of pure love. We’re best friends, we’re a  and in the last month i’ve seen an amazing side to my ‘handsome.’ he’s growing and developing into a GREAT MAN.

On the drive home, even though i began to cry again, as we left and Ruby madly head bopped to Calvin Harris tracks, i began ‘flash-backing’ our entire relationship. The first time our paths, our lives crossed, the times we loved, our dates, our fights and boy did we fight…and i now i know that in life everything is sort of almost written for you. You do make your own choices, yet our lives seem to good to be true, like it has been writing in the stars for us and we’re just living it, as the elements are being placed and guided, in order for us to meet, love and succeed.

We got home and we were happy on the hold. Ruby was moaning that she was ‘cold, hurt and needed a cuddle.’ #dramatic. She demanded a blanket and her fairy pillow, with a side of Ready Salted crisps. Hmm..? I adore her. Keiran was at peace and well i got on with life and got to practical, pointless bits of housework. Kelly taught me that. When emotional, immediately performing practical bits of housework is the answer.

It worked, I felt chipper, Then we all went to bed.

Keiran had to leave early to train catch.I  rested with Rubes, woke up feeling delighted, gave her a smoochie and immediately thought about my career hopes and dreams, as i sat up in bed with my daughter. I have lots to crack on with and i’m excited to be doing it all.

I did kinda get somewhat distracted and began plotting my Valentines treat for my hubby. I looked at hotel nights, day trips away, dinners at The Ritz and spas. Ruby got excited like she was going to be a part of the whole shindig.(‘Ruby’s coming! I want dinner there!!’) She was pointing at The Ritz on my phone and demanding to go. I’ve raised her well. I softy told her that Valentines day was all about ‘Daddy and I’ and she had to stay with Grandma. Holy Moly, i have never seen her tantrum as much. I mean, she has a birthday coming up at the end of Feb. I’m sure she can wait her turn for a bit of luxury.

I’m having a great afternoon. I’m chilled and getting on with work. I have a few phone calls coming in about exciting projects. I have news on the show that i’ve been filming. I’m gonna be writing a little more and i’m enjoying every minute of it. Obviously, due to me being pregnant ‘entertaining’ the masses is quite hard, as roles are ‘out there’ for preggos. But i’m happy and using my time wisely…and you’ll all see how later.

Keiran seems to be having an ace day in LONDON. He’s in a meeting and recieved a call from our agent today for work on Monday. He has lots going on right now and well it’s just the way he likes it.

I can’t wait to ‘ricky rockstar’ and make all my dreams come true. I’m excited about everything because so much is going on all the time, be it the new baby, Baby Ruby, my love life, work, writing, tv…so much.

I’m currently on the edge of greatness and i’ve been dangling there for ages, Now i’ts time to muscle up, pull myself up and be celebrated the way i’ve always wanted and by doing something i thoroughly love to  do.


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