The Chrissie Wunna Youtube Channel & Ben’s absolute ‘Diet Journey’

Okay! Dolls! I have a double whammy vlog promo! I have a brand new Vlog up! It’s (as above) ‘Random Questions With Chrissie Wunna,’ where in which i’ve decided to give you answers to the things, i’m asked about most. It’s frivilous and fun. It’s not at all serious (i’m not a serious person,) but it’s honest and worth every moment of the watch. PLUS, you actually get to know more about me. Some of you may not care. But to the ones that do…knock yourselves out! I appreciate you watching it. (All my Vlogs are now on 10,000 views each and over. I KNOW I can’t even believe!)

So here’s my new Vlog, where i’m answering Your questions! Enjoy!


As you all know, Ben also has his ‘Diet Journey’ Vlog, where he is showing you how to lose weight, HIS WAY and fast. He’s letting you travel on his weight loss journey with him, as during this time of year everyone wants to diet or get back to the way they used to!

He’s done really well and i’ve been really proud of him, as he’s managed to lose (and due to his strictness) FIFTEEN POUNDS, which is over a STONE IN weight and IN A WEEK!! I KNOW!!!

He’s a lot shyer than I am and it takes him a lot to film his vlog, put himself under ‘diet’ pressure and even plug it once he’s done… But please do take a look at his Youtube’s here, have a *click*

And the video that i’m going to leave you with is one of my favorites…and it’s going to be his ‘Cheat Day’ vlog…it shows off a lot more of his personality and definitely is one of his more ‘confident’ moments. Lol.

Hope you enjoy the Vlogs! Hope you subcribe, adore and ofcourse follow them xx




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