The Chrissie Wunna Magic

I woke up to a couple, with no shirts on, and a wardrobe screen separating them, (..this is sounding swinger dodgey, but believe me, it wasn’t that much fun.) I’ll call them ‘Bonnie’ and ‘Clyde.’ I guess, they were just yelling at each other. ‘Bonnie’ now hates men, and ‘Clyde’ hates jealous women. I went back to sleep, to try and wake up again. I did, they were gone. Life is grand.

So my little lithuanian boy, who has the body of ‘He Man,’ yet the dating skills of a 21 year old, is upset at me, and has joined the Chrissie Wunna ‘Blvd of Broken Dreams’. Long story short, he accidently met me, i danced for him, he fell in lust, he wanted to re-meet me, (and note, he’s a REALLY nice guy, a really HOT guy, and not jaded or anything yet) however due to the Wills of the Gods, London, Paris, and timing… i said, ‘it can’t happen.’ He’s a Capricorn, and i hate upsetting Capricorns, as they are usually truely decent boys…when they’re not FUCKING around!! But what’s a hot little asian girl, with the best bedroom eyes in the world to do, eh?? On the other hand, my ‘Latin Lover,’ is terribly impressed with me. We bickered, we bantered, whilst i was ginned up. I can’t remember what we bickered about, but i do remember being ginned up, (hahah) and yelling at him for drinking?? Even though…he’s quit??? Who cares?? Love you longtime! Bang those bongos!

If you are zoning out of my blog (RT), you’re a TWAT!! Anyway, i have a lot of complaints from boys who only happen to accidently see me once, and i’m never to be found again, leaving them wishing they had thoroughly cherished, that single moment of Chrissie Wunna-ness, (one day i’ll get over myself…hahaha.) All i’m gonna say to you is that, unfortunately that’s the beauty, of Chrissie Wunna. It’s one magical moment of ‘ooh laa..’ whether it’s a drink, a look, or a night…that sweeps you off your clumsy little feet, and knocks you out cold (but that’s usually the drugs i put in your beer,) it’s wonderful, it’s dangerous, it’s ‘Ooh Laa,’ and if i didn’t leave you all mystified (and believe me, it’s not deliberate, it’s just my Talent…thank my upbringing,) then there would be no real point to my existence…right??

And for those of you who have not yet met me…hopefully you will one day. It’s not the blog, the pictures, the boobies (well a bit the boobies), the glamour modelling, or the tan, that’s so wonderous about me….it’s just that one bizarre encounter, where you have found me infront of you… gets you every time….

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