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Well! My little bits of buttery crumpet dribble. I had the most AMAZING yesterday breakfast, that any little chica with a strut, a dream, a couple of slanted eyes and a faux fur could even imagine.

I was so honoured and lucky enough to be invited to the rather intimate ‘Bloggers’ Breakfast’ for The Clothes Show Live 2013, (I was kinda proactive and got myself there with a wink.) The morning consisted of other ‘best bloggers’ (as I like to call us,) top designer Henry Holland, Queen of Fashion Blogging & editing Sasha Wilkins of Liberty London Girl and Britain & Irelands NEXT TOP MODEL winner Jade Thompson. Alongside that and in the whitest of white penthouse suites available at The Sanderson hotel in London over looking the city were the great and rather glammy folk at Good Results PR, pastries, fruit and coffee, a whole lot of goodie bag magic and The Clothes Show Live TV. (On my way up to the penthouse suite, which you have to take a ‘Private lift’ to after you reach the top floor. It’s very James Bond and partially exciting because the four walls of the first elevator you tinker into ย is decorated like space. But it’s done really well, almost as if your suspended within the universe and not like Ikea, where you’d probably get mad at it for coming in a flat pack. Glamour pusses don’t do flat packs. Space elevators are even better when drunk. I’ve done that lift with Paris Hilton and BBF Samuel. Only being able to half see it it rocks. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Shit…now i’ve lost my chain of thought??

Okay, yeah…after arriving at The Sanderson,I found a lovely chica who was also headed up to the penthouse for breakfast. The day was already hilarious because we got on well from the moment we let the little space box, lift us to VIP status. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sort of glad I had her with me to follow otherwise I would’ve been proper ‘Bimbo’ lost. Luckily she was the producer for Clothes Show TV and it was sacastic giggles all the way up to floor 6, before the bouji lift! (OH SHIT! I remember now! THAT WAS THE LIFT I TOOK WHEN I GOT ELIMINATED FROM THE HILTON SHOW! I read that ‘bye bye’ letter from Hilton and ITV plonked me in that lift and send me in a taxi home! Lmao! ย I like it when bad memories become ย funny memories. I remembering weeping like a snotty nosed princess all the way down the levels to the lobby, where I had to wait for ages to get taxied home. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway wrong show…WONDERFUL MORNING. I thought I was going to be late, but I took an extra early train to make sure I wasn’t. The penthouse suite door flung open and in the brightest of beautiful white light, like I had been invited to some sort of Fashion Heaven (and boy i’m telling you it was) sat Henry, Sasha, and Jade, a whole glamourous bunch of PR kittens, a few fashion bloggers and a table by a long window filled with posh breakfast delights that over looked London. Beautiful and so completely intimate. I thought there might be a millon people there and I was just made to feel special. But no. We really were hand picked some how? Well? I kitty muscled my way in with charm and passion. ๐Ÿ™‚ You don’t get anywhere if you don’t ask! However, there wasn’t that many bloggers there. Just the selected couple, all the right people and a star guest panel…filled with knowledge, inspirational thoughts and a sneaky peek to all would be happening at The Clothes Show this year!


You can always tell which chair mine is! ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t believe that I’m going to be a part of it. It’s a dream come true. Beauty and fashion…have always been a passion of mine and I get to peek around each and every corner of the show this year and report it for you. I want to be able to do this forever!! I sooo glad they’re introduced bloggers this year! I get to write all about it, feel it, life it.. with a wiggle and a giggle and a whole lot of Yorkshire. I’m gonna have to pinch myself because I feel like the luckiest girl ever. I will say that I did seem very ‘Glammy Yorkshire’ incomparison to the rest of the girls. There’s always one, isn’t there! The one that looks like ‘a good old time’ or trouble. ๐Ÿ™‚ That was me and it certainly came across when I did my interview!

CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM is going to be covering the 25tn Anniversary of The Clothes Show this year! OMG! *swear with excitment here.*

We laughed, got to know one another, listened, learnt and loved. It was amazing and for the first half of it I couldn’t believe I was even there. I was that honoured. I felt like this little Asian doll sat at the back peeking over shoulders all shy and like a glammy, over eyelashes ninja. I don’t get to do breakfast’s like this. Breakfast in Yorkshire is NOTHING like this. It’s not 5* elegance, with an ‘Oh i’ll just chat to the greats of fashion in my penthouse suite, with a pastry in my hand, because i’m now part of the magic that is the Clothes show..the heart of British fashion.’ย 

I always try and listen to those who have been or are a success to steal any pointers they have to ‘making it,’ so to speak. And Henry (creator of House of Holland) taught me was that in life you just don’t know what’s going to happen and you can’t really plan ahead and play by the rules, as often your natural course of life will flow and as long as you’re seizing opportunity when you see it and working as hard as you can to get to the place you want to be, then you’re going to be fine. It’s okay to not know where you’re headed, provided to your accidentally headed in the right direction. Things just happen and if you see an opportunity it’s important to TAKE IT and make it YOURS.

Sasha taught me a great deal. I mean her blog stopped being ย just a ‘labour of love’ a very long time ago and now in this day and age she makes a very handsome amount of money from writing her blog. Her key to a successful blog is it’s ‘point of view.’ How the story is told. Oh and she hates blogs that aren’t a real take on a person’s life. ME TOOOO. I mean I have always been really frank about how my life has panned out. The good, the bad, the ugly, the rich, the poor, the heart break and I guess they always make the best blogs because they’re raw. I might be seen as some ditzy, Asian, over lippied glamour puss in hot pink heels and inflatable boobs, but it doesn’t mean that I lack depth, truth and a whole slab of raw. It just means my fashion and beauty sense is …well, i’d like to say…unique. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I totally did grey woolly knee high socks with hot pink cuban heels yesterday. They were very ‘worst dressed list’ but it’s weird because I can always rock the worst dressed items and make them look AWESOME…yes…in my own mind, but in Wunna land that’s the only mind that matters. *Giggles*)

I even told Henry (who also does a line for Debenhams) that ย it was my ‘harajuku/Yorkshire doll’ look. ๐Ÿ™‚ Am I bow legged?

Best time ever! Apparently the catwalk shows are like nothing you’ve ever seen. The models back stage are bending, lunging and stretching like 80’s porn stars with wire pully equipment in speedos. YES…the male models…in pants…doing sit ups and porn star lunges in a circle. THANK GOD I HAVE A PRESS PASS!! ๐Ÿ™‚ My eyes lit up at that point. I KNEW I LOVED THE CLOTHES SHOW!

Anyway, I do have to rush this on, as I have another train to catch shortly…a train back to the old smoke for a fashion showcase this evening. The In Moda Fashion Showcase. I’m blogging the event this evening.

BUT YES…like with all great wonders of fashion…come a delicious GOODIE BAG. Now, I never get invited to places where a decent goodie bag is handed out. I’ve had goodie bags…and i’ve appreciated a lot of them. But when you get a good one. One that makes your eyes go *POP* and your mouth go *WOW*…you know you’re in good hands. I can’t WAIT to be blogging for The Clothes show now. Call me a material girl, but i simply have a weakness for all things beauty and fashion. I mean I have my own line of beauty products coming out next year! I’m starting from scratch and well if The Clothes Show is ‘from scratch’ then i’m doing pretty good for myself. Lol. I just wanted to surround myself with beauty, love and the industry. Smart girl!

I love a good goodie bag and love any company that gives me one. I swanned out of there..well it was more like a stumble, totter, wink. I’m clumsy at times, with the best bits of ‘goodie’ ever!

This wasn’t no bit of flyer and a dodgy key ring goodie bag. In my goodie bag was…

Hair tongs by Total Hair Experts! Amazing product and one of the BEST curlers on the market. Perfect for those Glamour Pussy bounces.

The warmest, most beautiful bright blue knitted jumper by Glamorous. It’s all about your knits this season so what better way to do it, then this!

A fresh, edgy and trendy, ‘dress it up or dress it down’ scarf by Joana Almagro. A must have for every glamour pusses accessory drawer.

The cutest lip balms on the block by Oilily! I adore these as they just look so special and so kitty cat perfect. Every decent girl has one in their handbag this Christmas. Great stocking filler. My 2 year old even wants one! Oh and they come in the most delicious flavours ever!



Three spangly and very sexy Models Own nail colour pots! I adore glitter and all things ‘ooh laa.’ They fit into everything that is Ms.Chrissie Wunna. I will be rocking these bad boys all the way through December!

At the bottom of the bag…no not flyers…but a deodrant by ‘So..’…the Bare Minerals ‘frame & Define.’ A Citroen. ๐Ÿ™‚ A CD and another glitter nail colour by Leighton Denny.All these are great ideas for little Christmas favours! I like to put them by place mats for dinner guests. I used to do it with lip gloss when I was in LA. Every chick needs a re-gloss after a big bit of dinner.

The everyday essentials…a tote and a mixer. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Diet Coke and well it really does come in handy when you need to mic your pocket rum. ๐Ÿ™‚


AND WOW_WOW_WOO_WEEE! As if we all got a ‘One touch Scribe HD’ by ALCATELone touch #holyamazingness I feel so grateful.



Then we got the pen. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I feel like i’ve just done a glamourous ‘Generation Game’ conveyer belt comp for you. Try and remember them all now, but unlike the game you get to win the ones you remember. They’re MINE, ALL MINE not yours! Buy your OWN! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sharing’s for losers.

I rode back to the station like the happiest little girl in the entire city.


I literally tottered up and down escalators at Kings Cross in a giant faux fur, hot pink heels, knee high grey socks, a mini skirt and a smile, with my giant goodie bags like the Queen of all things ‘ooh laa.’ I think i accidentally knocked a man out with one of my bags. Didn’t care too much because his eyes looked a little hungry….if dinner was little girls from the Orient. I whammed the sin out of him with beauty products. *Snap out of it mister.* I ‘Oilillied’ his ass. I’m not used to tottering with goodie bags sober. It’s harder than you think. Plus, I’ve found goodie bags are the only bags I don’t let others carry for me. Usually i’m looking for some poor sucker to muscle man me a bit of help. I guarded by T_H-X curlers like my life depended on it. Then bought mojihto in a can form Marks & Sparks. ๐Ÿ™‚

You know what! You get out of life what you put into. I really wanted to be part of the Clothes show this yearwith all of heart, especially with all I have going on nest year and I really wanted to cover the event and be one of their ‘in house’ and very glitzy bloggers. I sent the right email to the right person simply out of love and passion and at the last minute..and the next morning I found myself exactly where I wanted to be.

I had sent the evening before up all night with Baby Junior feeding him, nursing him rocking him to sleep. Then I ran in an cuddled Baby Ruby who was needing nightmare Mummy cuddles. I got up at 5am simply to get ready, so I didn’t wake the children. I drove to the station at 6am and got on a train to London by 7.09, simply to make sure I got to the ‘Bloggers Breakfast,’ Everyone kept telling me that it showed such dedication and people who are dedicated with a great work ethic are the ones who do well. People like those people. To me, it didn’t see to much trouble as when you’re filled with love and passion for something…everything about it is easy and fun. It doesn’t feel like work. It feels right, the way life is supposed to be.

One day I hope to be one of ‘The Greats’. I want o cover the show always. I’m honoured to be a resident blogger for the 25th Anniversary and honoured to be part of Clothes Show tv. I have my own line out next year, it’s beauty not fashion…and well i don’t think i could’ve been happier. I used my time wisely and the day before the breakfast, was the say I sent the email. It’s amazing how quick things can happen if you just try and make the effort to make things happen. Good Results PR are the most wonderful chicks ever and i hoep to work with them in the future…

I’m going ot do the greatest job at covering the events of December for the show! So get excited because as you know when it comes to events, i do things with a cheeky, fun yet very positive flair. If you haven’t bought your tickets BUY THEN NOW and come and enjoy a magically world of fashion and beauty this December. I’ll be there!!! Come say Hello!!

I can’t believe that that was my breakfast yesterday morning…My breakfast is usually half a cup of coffee with a newborn vomiting down my left shoulder, as my 2 year old poos herself merrily before the nursery run.

I’m proving that you can do it all if you just do things right and stay positive.

Big kisses,

Got to try and get on this train!!!

On route to London.

I’m at the In Moda Fashion Showcase tonight at Beach Blanket Shoreditch.

See you there!

Ps/ Hilarious. My Mum gave me a text lecture today for dressing the children up all in white for the Children in Need pyjama day at nursery this morning. I don’t do fashion for practicality. Hellooo travelled in 10 inch hot pink heels yesterday! It doesn’ t matter if they were in blue and red polka dots. If they’re gonna paint…they’re gonna paint. That’s life. They get mucky…I wash it out. Simples. #mothers


Baby Junior being ‘Wee willy winky.’ ๐Ÿ™‚

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