That time my phone rang….

And just like that my little ones are back to school today and headed into Year 2 & Year 4. Gosh!!!! Hasn’t time flown!!! It was definitely emotional. It’s weird how when they first begin school you’re filled with new emotion. Then as they grow…the emotion doesn’t go away. You kind of get even more emotional, as they hit new milestones & fresh chapters.

I was so proud them. I’m so proud of the little humans they’re growing up to be!

Together we’ve had THE BEST Summer. It was a Summer to remember. One we’ll ALL remember forever. A Summer where we developed, loved, learnt and adventured. The good bits were celebrated. The bad bits were tackled.

We’re close anyway. However this Summer has been the closest Summer of our lives.

RUBY was really excited to see everyone and ‘Smash Year 4.’

Ru: ‘I’m gonna work really hard this year Mum!!’

Junior was filled with emotion. He cried last night. Yet said it was because he didn’t want to leave me?

Change & adjustments worry Junior right now, because of everything he’s going through. Yet he loves school.

I mean, last year, his teacher built his confidence sky high!! He felt on top of the world. He always woke up filled to the brim with excitement to see Ms.Liddle, his friends and learn…every single day. He felt really understood.

It made my heart beam to see him so happy…

He’s been happy this Summer when he’s had Ruby & I by his side. However some parts of his Summer have affected his levels of trust and confidence…I’m watching him…

Wait….My Phones Ringing…

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