That one good thing….

I am literally the clumsiest Glamour puss ALIVE. Most kittens of my sort, who probably glide into a tight area of marlarky, adjust their ‘Miss.World’ type tiara, pout a little, add a hair-toss and in slow motion seductively saunter around their local Spar, gently piecing together their last minute grocery list, with precision, style of ‘ooh laa.’

I….walked into a FRIDGE. Yep, in my haze from all my recent travel, armed with an abundance of not quite balanced hormones, bundled in with a smile. A smile….how foolish of me. Then almost seconds after being politely greeted by the staff with an ‘oooh i haven’t seen you in a long time,’  I WALKEDINTO A GIANT FRIDGE, the ones that they have all the bottle boozed shelved perfectly placed for your attention and purchase. Not only that, but as i did, one green bottle (sounds like a creepy nursery rhyme, but mine ends in diaster) wibbled a little, with a sense of it’s own drunkardness and ofcourse before you know it, it taps into the next, which hits into the one following, that slides, into it’s beautiful cidery next door neighbour, causing the final green bottle in line to fall onto the beautifully lit floor, making all the other bottles upon it’s journey downward follow suit.

They all smashed.



Then there i was, with a handful of salad. During the diaster, i had managed to do my entire afternoon shop within seconds and simply because i’m firstly rude, hate shopping for food and well believe once a good thing is failing, you just have to let it happen and watch. You will always look like a buffoon if you attempt to save the failing diaster, whilst it’s happening. I knew i couldn’t save the cider. No-one can save the cider. I don’t even drink cider. So, i watched them perform their magically smashy drop, looked at the cashier and apologised.

Infact, i don’t even remember if i did apologise now???  I sort of felt embarrassed and was scared she was going to make me pay for it all, so i didn’t want to seem guilty. 🙂 I mean, the last time i saw her, i dropped an ‘Lloyd Grossman’s’ curry jar on the floor.Thai flavoured.  (I really do need more hands.) She found it funny that time. However, today, she didn’t do that smile at me, to make me feel all safe and secure with the accident. She sort of calmly dealt with the problem and said that it ‘stank.’ Lol.

I got out of there as soon as possible, as my face couldn’t take it out of utter shame and well i’m still half exhausted from back and forthing to London. But, i really do need to be less clumsy. I hate dropping things that smash in public places.   However, saying that, at least i did with panache and brought a little excitement to the store for the afternoon.

Anyway, i’ve tried to chillax today. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but i’m moody, tired, but on the whole happy.

On Tuesday, Keiran and i tinkered down to London to check into a hotel and rest up for a big meeting we had at an agency in the morning. We had a really good time al the way there, filled with love, romance, banter and giggles. We’ve really got to our comfortable level with one another now…like we do these silly little baby play talking games that literally NO-ONE would ever imagine happening. We’re just in a happy phase of the next chapter, which is all about success and achieving it. Along with the happy baby talk, wise were planning our future the best way we knew how and luckily a fantastic gent named ‘Gus’ decided to earwig in on our loud train convo, (we never know we’re being that loud) and well he just so happened to be a business developer, thought our idea was interesting and decided to help. We sort of had a business seminar…but on reserved train seats at 2 separate tables., from Wakefield to Kings Cross. I adore people who are great at their jobs and well he sure as hell helped. (i had wine the entire way through it.)

However, away from the business side of it all, whilst waiting a Platform 1, Wakefield Westgate station, in my giant beige faux fur and overnight bag. My darling husband assured me that when i got on the train i would be ‘over the moony’ happy. I replied with an ‘Yeah, i know, i’l have wine.’ He said nothing…but then smiled. Then i made fun of his ‘Team Leading’ skills. (Sensitive boy, don’t make fun of him.)

I get on the train, we’re all comfy at our table and all free, because we put our bags on the seats next to us, so no-one could sit there. 🙂 Keiran unzips his overnight bag and tells me to have a little peeky. I immediately see a card, but i have a rummage anyway. Part of the art of romance is to keep it fun and fairytale. Play with it. Embrace it.

I pull out a long white envelope reading ‘Mrs Thompson’  in his squiggly writing, covered in kisses and as i peeled it open, i found that it was a ‘THANK YOU’ CARD…and my dollies, this is what it said,

‘To my beautiful wife, Mrs. Thompson,

Thank you for being you and so loving. I love you with all my heart and I think I need to thank Cupid for having our paths pass 🙂


Keiran x’

Awww!!! I kissed him and cuddled him and shriked with girly delight. then i displayed it for everyone to se upon our table. (I’m a show off…i can’t help it.) Then i did what any kitten would do when receiving such a bit of romance. I TWEETED IT. Photographed it. Tried to put it on my Facebook and boasted. 🙂 It’s half to make sure everyone knows i have the most loving hubby ever, underlining the fact that romance IS still alive and that YOU REALLY CAN FIND IT (Emily!!!!) And also…just to be boasty. Why not!¬ I love it! Plus, Keiran loves a bit of boasty in me.

I’m really lucky an di can’t even believe how thoughtful he is. What an amazing husband! How did i get so lucky? I’ve dated some right knobs in my past. Thank GOD Cupid sent me a lifeline. I mean, ffs…girls HANG IN THERE. You WILL find your HERO, even if you think he’s nowhere to be found.

I was happy with him from that point on. The sun was out. We got excited about life. We arrived in London and got in a taxi to the hotel, where we dined, cuddled, rested, gossiped, kissed, worked and watched a bit of telly, naked in bed. No sexy time happened. Just cuddles. He can sleep better when i cuddle him and he doesn’t usually get the chance, as my yummy Baby Ruby is all for a bit of morning mummy love. (Infact, both of them this morning, we’re climbing all over me in bed at 7am, demanding cuddles, love and attention. One of them was dry humping and the other….was also dry humping? They are both love bunnies and both massive attention seekers and then will fight for cuddles if they have toooo! I’m also the exact same way, so it bizarrely works just fine.)

Anyway, a lot of that night was spend submitting to jobs, auditions, organizing meetings and trying to get ahead. We’re super proactive people and well it grinds on us, once we get going. We’re insane. I mean Keiran’s even started talking to himself, whilst pretend learning his lines in restaurants and corridors. He gets really into it, so I have to slap him (lovingly ofcourse) to return him back to reality. He acts everything out and i like it because it reminds me of ME, when i was younger in Hollywood. I’d get overly excited, in just the same manner and talk to myself constantly. I was just good to see him so happy.)

Great night. I slept well. I had been so stressed earlier before we left for London with all the planning, but once there I was fine.

The next morning we share a sandwich for breakfast, get in a cab and it travels us to Edgeware Rd, where we had our meeting/audition with the agency, the agency we’re wanting to get signed to.

Beautiful day it was, i was feeling happy, confident, refreshed and alive and there we were with a stream of other people who had all come for the exact same thing also. All I can say is that we saw everything from the good, to the bad, to the ugly. There were old people, young people, tall people, small people, pretty people, pierced people, boobied people, vintaged people. Slim people, chubby people, and people from every walk of life imaginable. But like everyone else, we stood there in a corridor, with our applications by a beige metal looking heater and edged through that part of time… waiting, for our number to be called.

I was number 23, he was 24 and the rest went really well. I won’t tell you about it, as we won’t find out just yet. So either way, you’ll get a report on how god or bad it went. But it certainly felt good and i felt a great vibe from the big man in charge of the choosing. We’re waiting and keeping our fingers crossed, as it’s a vital next step in our chapter.

We came out of that office feeling on top of the world. Anxious, but happy. Confident, but nervous. Then Ruby’s nursery called and informed us of the fact that she had bites. Midgey bites on her, which slapped us back to the real world, before going on a midl search for a diary.

Cabbed it back to Kings Cross, waiting a couple hours and trained it back home. In a chipper, playful, loved up manner. Every time we kissed in London people would glare at us like we were sinners. We’re really big on PDA’s and do it without noticing, plus i love putting romance back out there. It really matters to me as a person, in life and well as the thing that helps me succeed, in work and as a human being. It stabilises a root of inner happiness, meaning i can grow and make any dream come true because i’m filled with wholeness. It makes me feel powerful and when i feel powerful, the world is my oyster and i’m doing it in stilettos.

(Ooh hang on my mums ringing….)

I’ve had a marvellous last couple days and everything is really hotting up. The ball is rolling. Work is beginning to sparkle, the way i’ve always intended it to. I’m utterly proud of my little family’s achievements. Knowing how well we’re done and how ‘go getty’ we are, puts that ‘umph’ in our swagger, because we’ve worked for every inch of our future success. (If we get it. We will 😉 )

I’m in love. I’m adoring being a mum. Life and work is better than normal. I’m tired from the travelling, but happy from what that little bit of travelling will bring. I need a wine to keep my spirits up. But i’m lucky and i’ll never ever forget it.

(Aww..just got an email from a modeling competition and Ruby is in the final for Baby Model of the year. #cute)

Ps/ For any of you that so happened to be in Leeds today, my handsome hubby Mr.Keiran Thompson was in the brand new Ann Summers store today, for one day only, on it’s big launch at The Whiterose centre! Hope you made it in to go say ‘Hello…’ if not, know that it’s now there, open and glitzy new. Go have a peeky. Celebrate all things sexy!

Keiran with Helen Doran (Retail director at Ann Summers) at the Ann Summers (Whiterose shopping centre store) in Leeds TODAY!

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