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Happy Wednesday!

I’m not so grizzly anymore and feeling on top of the world again. (That’s the good thing about me. I can perk myself up in seconds.)

I’m committing to ‘toss it off’ Wednesday, which means it’s a do nothing and have fun sort of day, that I gummy label ‘chill.’

I woke up bored, but now i’ve found something to do, so i’m happy.


My eyelash line website is currently under reconstruction, in order to get it revamped and sorted, as I completely ballsed up the ‘checkout’ part of the site, which to me is obviously the essential part. So that will be up and running soon and well, in the meantime, like a lot of you are actually doing, if you wish to purchase lashes, simply email or inbox me and i’ll get some to you.

This is my reminder blog, to remind you how much I appreciate you reading this little bit of cyber scribble.

It’s not the best blog in the world, but it’s certainly not the worst, however it is about my actual real life, as I go along.

So here we go, you’ve heard it all a million times…

This blog is currently read in 174 different countries and translated into 43 different languages a day. It’s clicked on and read by people on every single continent of the world and it once made me the 3rd most Googled ‘Chrissie’ in the world. Crazy, I know. (My telly stint and boobie modelling, did help that though.)



These are all the countries that read the blog….the darker the shading the more people in that country read it.

And all i wanted to say is THANK YOU. I’m not a girl who doesn’t appreciate it. I’m really grateful and well i couldn’t have done it without ya!

So have a wonderful Wednesday and thoroughly enjoy every inch of being you.

I think i’m off to hang out with Nick today, simply because we’re both so bored..and because we’ve had a bit of a dodgy time of recent…we need to get back to being buddies.

I truly hope you have a wonderful day.

Lots of love,

l (8)

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