Thank God i have lived

Feeling very ‘blog writey’ today so poor you! I’ve been very productive so far with my day, – my agents will be pleased… but now i’m pretty much on, ‘fuck it, it’s friday,’ mode…and that is obviously WAY more rewarding!! (Knickers in the air ladies!!) My life’s awesome because on Sunday April 8th, 2007, i wrote…

…’Was at Red Pearl last night with a delicious male n some others. there was a great deal of Red, yet no pearls in sight. Ended up wasted, with chopsticks, doing the splits with a gay friend, who i thought was trying to ‘out pimp’ me…’ (Haha!) It’s weird looking back at old entries (um…?) and old boobie pics. I’ve come so far, yet still end up totally wasted in the end, doing the splits on Gay folk…..I’m a Legend!!

Is it wrong to start celebrating the weekend at 1pm Friday afternoon?? Just tell me and i’ll stop. I’m a bit peckish now…and it sucks as i’ve run out of everything to eat, but ‘chicken chow mein…’ how very typical…haha…

Where are my bloody chopsticks, and why does Russell Brand keep running frantically through my head?? I can’t stop thinking about him now, since he claimed, Hawaii was ‘like getting beaten to death by a rainbow.’

3 thoughts on “Thank God i have lived”

  1. 1pm on a feriday is late to start the weekend as it is poets day on a friday and when the weather is nice everyone fucks graft of to go down the battle to sit in the beer garden to get wasted with your pals and to chirpse the birds who are hopefully whearing short skirts or shorts lovely jubbley. i hope u get some lovey tucker down your ribs chrissie and enjoy your weekend babe take care chrissie tada scratch


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