Ten of Your Questions

What are your ultimate goals? Where do u see yourself in 5 years? (Los Angeles)

I feel really content. I’ve done most of the things, i ever wanted to do. Like i’ve done a lot more than people actually know. All i want right now ‘work wise’ is a book, a fragrance, a makeup & cosmetics line..but they’re currently on their way. Further down in the future i want to open a Glamour Puss beauty parlour..yet not now. In five years i intend to be one of the most successful women in the world. I want to continue being an ‘IT’ girl, even when i’m 80. I basically just want to be a writer and have a deliciously glamourous brand. I also want to start a family. One of my biggest goals in life is to have an AMAZING family.

How many dates have you been on this year? (London)

Well dates as in with different boys…not that many.But dates in general as in the number of times i’ve dined with a handsome…uncountable. I’m usually quite single so i’d go on hundreds of dates with loads of different men, that really were boys i could file under ‘flings.’ This year, i was actually in a serious relationship with someone that i wanted to be with forever. I was oddly quite commited to them. Which makes my number low….haha.

If you were a man. What kind of man would you be? (Los Angeles)

The Ultimate Player. I’d be sexy, smooth, funny & charming. I’d romance women like a CHAMPION. I’d have them falling at my knees and i’d not only ‘enjoy’ (wink wink) every single one of them, but i’d love each and every single one of them. Then i’d pick a beautiful woman (who could cook & wash up & do sex ) and marry her. Oh and i’d have a really BIG willy. I’d actually be really good at being a guy, coz i’ve experienced so many of them. I’m a girly girl, with masculine qualities naturally. I’m dominant, bossy, sassy, fun loving.

Do you have a whole private ‘secret’ life away from the blog? (Montreal)

Yes. i do. I blog my life…but only the bits i want you to know. Haha. I have a whole other BIG life going on at the same time that no-one knows about. Well some people do. I have to keep something for just myself…or i’d go insane.

Why do you write your blog? (Hong Kong)

I don’t really know. It was a joke that got a bit carried away. I write it for myself. It’s almost like therapy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with documenting your life. I do actually go back and re-read ones from a previous time, to see whether i’ve grown..or sobered up a bit. I’m not a disciplined person, so it’s actually weird that it’s the only thing in my life, that i’ve been quite disciplined about. When i used to write it on Myspace only 8 people read it A MONTH. Now, it’s translated into 40 different languages & is read on every continent of the world. Crazy!!!

Do you fancy anyone right now? (London)

It’s in my very being to always fancy someone. It keeps me alive…haha. I love eye candy. I love men. (Gimme Gimme.) I am single though and i am looking….

Can you tell me any gossip about Michael your ex-husband? (New York)

No, (he’d kill me) but he did give me a TWIG as a present once. I still have it. He also made me a scrap book of our whole entire lives. I loved it…. a bit more than the twig. The first thing he said to me after our first kiss was, ‘I’ve been waiting to do that for soooo long.’ But by all means girls fancy him. He’s yours. I’m his ‘pretty’ past. lol

Do you feel like your in competition with any other bloggers? (

I blog about my life, so it’s kind of not a competition. Lol. I’m not in any rush to get to the ‘finish line’ first. But i am the best blogger, i can just feel it in my bones. (‘Bones’ as in skeleton, and not as in ‘bag of boners.’)

Why do you think your blog works? (Canada)

It works coz people can relate to it. I mean, someone, somewhere in the world is feeling the same. My blog isn’t based on the whole ‘Buy my album, Watch my show’ marlarky. It’s based on emotion. I’m honest, i’m raw and try to be funny about it. I document how i’m feeling at that precise moment and i tell the world, whether it be good or bad. It’s an autobiography, but instead of letting time pass..i write my life, as i go along. I mean it’s very easy to live your whole life and then have a book saying, ‘when i was young, i was poor & starving’ when you’re now rich and famous. It’s harder to tell people what’s truely going on as you go along…innit.

Do you see your blog as ‘art?’ (Germany)

I just write it. I don’t think about it. It’s not drafted. Whatever my minds thinking, at that moment, when i go to my laptop…i just aimlessly type out. Hence why it’s random. But i could see it as ‘art’ if i wanted? I mean, why not?  Amy Winehouse did a bunch of booze n crack, and expressed her ‘love’ via music. I go out, bonk boys, drink cocktails and express my ‘love’ via written word. Yeah, let’s just say it’s art innit.

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