Techy not me


What a ball ache!!!

OMG! I have ended up having the single most stressful day of comedic insanity EVER!

This business call that I’ve been needing to get on with, with Zach in America (who’s sorting out my business plan for my beauty line) just took a U’ey and flipped the middle finger at me today.

My ipad, decided to continue not to appropriately connect to my wifi and the microphone on my laptop decided not to work, meaning poor Zach could only see me via video chat, yet could not at all HEAR ME. Some may say that he was fortunate 🙂 Yet, i’m sure by now, like myself, he is oozed over in STRESS. Lol.

We just have tried every form on techy communication and i just couldn’t get anything to work at all. In the end i had to poor myself a Caribbean rum simply to care my anger. 🙂  I mean, what he has to say MUST be important, as he truly does need to speak to me and can’t message it over. Plus, it’s about the operations of the company…which of course is HUGE.

I did that thing where you’re typing like it’s crazy, but your laughing, when really your getting frustrated and your fuming with yourself. 🙂 (See, i did it there.)

In the end, it didn’t get done and now we’ll have to wait until my next free day, as i’m back to ‘day job’ tomorrow.

Before my washing machine got delivered, i ended up having to drink, eat chocolate, wallow around junk food and watch shit Channel  five day time movies to make myself feel better. The movies was about some chick losing her mind, The rubbishness of it got to me big time, so i had to flip it over to ‘Jeremy Kyle’ which seemed calm in comparison.

Anytime your business man, who is the brains says, ‘It’s a good job Chrissie Wunna Ltd, isn’t a technology company,’ you know you need to hire help.

My new washing machine scares me. It’s sort of just stood there, all installed and glaring at me, with a ‘use me bitch,’ I daren’t use new things when i don’t know how they work??? New things terrify me. But I do know the best way is to get stuck in and deal with the ‘wrongs’ later.

Okay, i’m off to chill..the babies are home with my parents and a gin.

Back to work tomorrow.

You all better buy my lashes when they venture out…i’m knackered from trying. 🙂



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