Taking Over Countries

What you don’t know…..

tocharian Wrote:
‘If  Prince [I removed the jolly old name]  II ever becomes King of

 Burma, his Royal Honorary Niece Chrissie Wunna, one of Paris Hilton’s Best

British girlfriends (check her out on youtube!) will become a Burmese princess

and we will have good relations with the US through her. Who cares about old

 ladies like Hillary Clinton  LOL’


This humours me mildy and is a little piece of my ‘very‘ private life. This comment was found after a highly important article in the Burmese press (i’m in the Burmese press a lot…and it’s usually always baaad, even though they are hailing me as their biggest star ever.) It was sent to me last night via the fine art of ’email.’ Welcome to a ‘sneaky peek’ at a personal part of my world. I’m now healing countries of pain, via my delicious ‘ooh laa.’ I especially love the (‘check her out on youtube’) bit!!  A modern twist to Politics and Princess-ing. Like why bother with people like Hilary Clinton, who actually KNOW how to run shit? Have you not seen my Famous Friends list!! Not to mention my chest!!  LOL (Oh and i ‘removed the name,’ to avoid a lovely little shit storm, coz i’m a good niece.) All smiles! *downs her rum  -grabs another* I’m not ready to run countries…but the Queen part…I CAN do. *winks*

Im going to get into trouble for this aren’t I? *not excited face*

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