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I am working like the clappers sisters and trying to windle inbetween time zones, mummy hood, career success, chill time , new business and grooming. 🙂 The false eyelash line is going to be a HIT and because so many people seem to believe in it…the same way that I do. So, i’m lucky and when you’re lucky, you had a cocktail! Wahoo! *Wiggle-Giggle*

Over the last few days i’ve accumulated an American genius business/financial/strategic marketing specialist, who has (and via his own excitement) become a partner…yep equity and the lot dolls 😉 …to whip Wunna land into shape and get my (or should I say ‘our’) mink fur eyelash line selling, sold and with a cherry made out of cold hard CASH.. on top. Hurrah! You’re gonna see new, fresh, creative, strategic deliciousness, kittens! There’s going to be branding, planning, investors…the lot! The business specialist is called ‘Chase,’ and I adore him because what I lack mentally, he adds with a brainiac shimmie. 🙂 What he may not know in beauty and fashion, I can bamboozle with a silver stiletto’ed *KAPOW.* I’m really happy to have him on board, as Wunna land is a team effort. I’m here, Wazza is doing all he can for the website…and now Chase…who will turn basic jiggery pokery, into a ‘money making.’ He’s already introduced me to the art of thinking BIG, but starting small. (I like to leap, don’t I!) And i’m already impressed by him. He’s a marvel, a treasured addition and well watch this space, things are about to change. *Cha ching.* Plus, I love that he adores the ‘Chrissie Wunna’ mink fur false eyelash brand (that will develop into a huge range of products as time goes on) so much that he wants to partner up and be part of it. I like people like that! He has passion, heart and know how. Which is exactly like MOI!

In life i’ve done a lot of dithering, building up followers, blog writing and creating…a bit of telly here, an appearance there. But there comes a time..(god.. i cannot type in these fuchsia nail extensions. glammy but impractical,) when you have to take it to the level in order to make your mark and develop…as you all get there’s a blog that I write and you all get that you have to read it and you might see me occasionally pop up on your telly once in a while.

But now…we storm forward. I’m a brand, i’m keeping it glittery and well hellloooo, i have new lashes to launch this year!! Luckily, Angels Den (a big crowd funding platform, filled with angel investors)  have accepted my business pitch, meaning that i can now get my business plan and business stability in order, in order to pitch to ‘the angels’ (once ready and prepped) and hopefully grab me some more experts, who are excited to not only invest in my business, yet become a partner. And now that Chase is on board, everything has to be agreed by all! I love a finance guru. I’m excited about the brand because it’s going to work…and well i feel a sense of worth again now. I’m doing something and after babies and babies and lord knows what else…’doing something’ like this makes all the difference. I am ALIVE AGAIN and I AM YOU RESIDENT GLAMOUR PUSS, DOLL FACES! Brand to come and EVERYTHING. (Oh and know that the product itself is of the highest quality, it hasn’t just been cheaply thrown together, and had my name whopped on it. I’ve picked, chosen, packaged….and celebrated it ALL myself and because i’m not bothered about selling you something in the name of ‘beauty and glamour’ that isn’t TOP NOTCH. I hate it when people do that. Use their name, but have a shit product…just for cash. This isn’t a ‘just for cash’ line. I have a sincere passion for beauty and fashion…and want you ALL to have a piece of ‘Chrissie Wunna’ and for you ALL to celebrate ‘The Art of Purrfection.’ (God, I need new boots these ones have holes in the bottoms, like i’m Old Mother Hubbard. The rain is getting in them and everything!)

This time everything’s better because I have say and i have, well in development of having all the right people in all the right areas of Wunna land..working it for the new line and brand.

I lost my confidence in 2013. Right now, it’s BACK and because I’M ACHIEVING! To be honest, I didn’t expect things to be moving this fast. Yet they are and i’m so happy that people are wanting to work with me, as i’ve never liked being alone, have I!  So, i’m thinking big and starting small and with help creating what will be one of  the biggest brands in fashion and beauty. It really will happen. It’s crazy. But i’ve found my niche.

Lots going on idea wise, the business plan, the demographics of my fan base and readers…the pitching,the investing…the new partners…the revamp. This is the part of my business that I’m going to label ‘ TheVa Vooming.’ The rushy but right time,backstage, before you *glide-glide-strut* your way onto the catwalk and celebrate your world in the limelight.

But yeah, we’re starting with a eyelash line. A mink, fur eyelash line.

In two weeks my business plan will be done…then the branding, the logo, the developing, the pitching begins.

I’m open to partners, shareholders etc…so if you wish to INVEST into the business, via a pitch of expertise or MONEY…then you can. Do something good for the business and well yeah..welcome on board. IT’S GOING TO BE MASSIVE. (*jungle massive dance here.*)


Okay, so that’s all for now, as I have a bunch of stuff to be getting on with.

I am looking for a photographer to shoot ideas with me for the website and the lash line brand. TFCD. So if you are one…get in touch.

I’m also looking for a video techy guy…as i’m going to be documenting my start up business journey…and plonk it up virally for all of you to enjoy..like a show…and internet based show, so you can see what’s happening, be a part of the growth, the journey, watch my ups, downs, meeting, inbetweens and just enjoy it…as you tinker in my life, yet this time not just via written word.

So someone who can just film bits..when i go to meetings…work on the line…etc…and then edit those bits, doll them up to make them rather ‘Chrissie Wunna’ and plonk them on youtube for me…so we can all enjoy a bit of viral. 😉



If you so any of the above contact me…

(Oh and i still have your giveaway prizes here in my living room. Some of them not sent yet. Rubbish aren’t i. But busy much. Taking over the world is not easy. 😉








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