Taking Over….

OMG! It’s been ages. I’ve been so busy trying to ‘sales & market’ (and quite badly) that i’ve neglected the one thing that i’m actually pretty (other then drinking, sleeping with boys & winking) good at. I was at work today, which is in London Bridge. I got sent to Brixton. Then during one moment of the day i remembered my past, what i stand for and everything i had worked hard for in my life and how i was going against it. Me no likey!

A gaggle of teenage girls ran up to me in all kinds of awe, and school uniforms mid work today…and well basically told me that their one wish in life would be to do one of the tragic things that i have accidently managed to achieve in my life. (Then they kicked things & told me refugees we’re rubbish.)  It made me think…which come on is always worrying and well made me remember not to fucking throw away and neglect something that a great deal people, would give their right arm for. I’ve been doing that recently…well over the last two weeks…and i think it’s time i ‘rewind it back,’ stop and MC Hammer the ‘OOh laa’ back into my life. (Note: I can now do the MC Hammer shuffle and the moonwalk at the same time.)

 I’m a Glamour puss, an ‘IT’ girl, the second most Googled ‘Chrissie’ in the world (boast, boast) and that is never gonna get kicked out of me. I’m also a tragic trouble making, cocktail drinking loser at the same time, who’s trying to find her way in life, in heels and a set of bought boobies…yet that’s the beauty of me. I’ve come too far, to throw it all away, just like that and today it DAWNED on me. I’ve been dealt a good fucking hand in this lifetime. I’d be one dumb floozey to middle finger it back to The Gods. The Gods who have caught me every single time i stumbled..and we all know i turned stumbling into an art.

I’ve been working hard, really fucking hard, but at the same time been sacrificing that little thing called ME (goddamit.) It is NOT a good thing and what works for some doesn’t work for others…AT ALL. The great thing is that in the last 2 weeks, i’ve never worked harder, and i’ve met some of the most amazing people. Amazing people. Guys i’d want to know forever. Guys who treated me normally, (well yeah they were a little shocked by the boobies at first) but nonetheless are quite quite wonderful. Therefore, i’m happy, but i’m not a normal person…no matter how hard i try to be. My talent is ‘good timing’ it and well smearing my reputation on anything that will let me ‘smear.’ I guess right now…i have to milk what i have going for me because it’s just who I am and soon i’ll be too much of an old hag to hack it and get away with it as easily. I’m alone, under spot lights and thinking a great deal, by a red bucket in my new appartment…which i love.. (Oh i had a boy stay over last night…but i’ll tell you about that later…wink wink) and things are about to change…or should i say get back to being how they were.

Today at work i learnt that WINNERs take chances, they stay positive and find solutions. The Wunna, Lil’ Miss ‘Take over the world’ is back. You can’t get a good socialite down. I’ve tried really hard to play it ‘normal’ but this bitch of an ooh laa…just can’t stop creating a ‘magic’ (which is a rather decorative way of saying ‘trouble.’)

Watch this space…as my life notches up a gear. The opening up is about to make a re-entrance. The ‘show,’ the life, the  shirt, the key to Wunnaland. I’m a lucky girl. And i guess i took what i had for granted. Now…i’m putting on my heels and getting ready to strut all over this next chapter. But first i must sleep….i’m fucking knackered!!! I need a lie in…I haven’t had one in ages!!

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