Biology, Ice Rinks & Prada

I definitely sat in a room today, with each one of my girl besties and took part in what I would call a somewhat glamourous ‘biology class.’ ou would never have thought that I was the product of not ONE but TWO Doctors, as Biology, has certainly never been a forte of mine. However, now..I feel much better, because the rest of my chicks friends are even more SHOCKING, when it comes to the rules of science.

So in the group….Some of us have had babies. Some of us… have not. I noticed that the ones who haven’t quite yet produced ‘Mini Mes’, didn’t know how or where babies come from? Lol. Yes, they’re all grown twenty something adults. 🙂 Glamour Pusses, to be exact. All ambitious. All driven. All hard working.

It went a bit like this..

‘Well, they say that if you have a baby later on in life, you’re more likely to have a boy, because more girls are produced by accident.’

‘Wait! So girls are becoming extinct???’

‘No, You’re just more likely to have a boy.’

‘Yeah, but in school we learnt about the X/X chromosomes and the x/y chromosomes, which would mean…’

‘I didn’t learn that in school…’

‘Wait, so I can only get pregnant, two days of the month?’

‘It’s weird how people just fall pregnant after a one night stand…’

‘You’re period has to be regular…’

‘Well i had an ovulation app…and i lived by it…’

‘Where do babies actually come from… Like i don’t actually know??’

‘Yeah, but Double B isn’t on the pill and she…’

‘She never has sex…’


Then we quit playing ‘biology,’ as we had better things to do with our time. (Surprisingly.)

Mel decided that she needed to see a Doctor and an Optician all in the space of three hours, incase she had a brain tumour.

Mel: ‘Fucking’ell. I don’t want an injection in my eye. I’m having to go to Pinders tomorrow! Is it normal for Opticians to touch you?’

Me: ‘What d’ya mean, touch you? Lol. They do get close to your face.’

Fairytale: ‘They have too!’

Mel: ‘He was fit anyway…It’s just a bit weird that…’


Then ‘Fairytale’ and ‘Hustle Barbie’ decided to indulge in Kurt Geiger boot drama.

Fairytale: ‘These aren’t as comfy as they were in the shop.. I just wanna go home me…’

Hustle: ‘Well yeah, because everyone else has tried them on in the shop. I just need good boot for Budapest on Saturday.’

And ‘Firmonnell,’ ….my very best chica ‘Firmonnell’…dyed her hair pink. 🙂

(Haaaaa H’HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! What an idiot!)

Nothing makes me more delighted, than the fact that she tried to dye her OWN HAIR BLOND and instead she managed to lift her pretty head up from the sink and find that it was PINK. (Well, I say pink. No. She says PINK. It’s not pink. It just glows pink from a blondish head of hair.)

‘IT’S PINK! It’s fucking PINK.’

‘It’s really not.’

‘I thought i’d just go to sleep, let the world take a turn and wake up in the morning to see if i’d like the colour. I laid in bed for about 3 minutes and like a lunatic was back in the mirror to see if it had magically changed colour. If Double B was here, she’d tell me the truth. She’d tell me that I looked like i sold…’

Moderately dramatic. Yet, I love it when she’s all drama and evil. That’s why we ALL get along. ‘Firmonnell’ and I are on a really good banter stream with each other right now. Our banter, cannot even be competed with.

Firmonell: ‘Ooh, it makes me feel so good! I can feel the evil running through…’

Me: ‘…my soul.’

Anyway, fifty little pounds later and a £90 cancelled booking, ‘Big D’ (her delightful husband, who was probably sick of her moaning) had found her a trip to a rather bouji hairdressers, to change her life ‘back to blond.’ I love ‘Big D’ for that. He scores HIGH in the ‘Husband stakes.’He’s doing EVERYTHING RIGHT, right now. Where’s my ‘Big D???’ Wait! Hahaha. That sounds so rude!


Then I got bored and started Googling Prada. Shoes to be exact. Not because I particularly need any. Just simply because it makes the world a safer place. We’re committing to all things that makes us happy, right? Like the mesmerizing glow of the Dior makeup stand in ALL department stores…scrolling through the Prada or Jimmy Choo website….just makes me happy.

Then our guy friend ‘Jonesez’ who definitely needs to find himself a girlfriend, decided to make loving assumptions, as he carefully strutted passed each one of us, with caution. (He’s like a thoughtful, annoying, little brother to us all. But we love him madly because he buys us sweets.)

To Fairyatle: ‘Can I have some of your lip balm? It’ll be like we’ve kissed then.’

(Reply: Why are you so weird?)

To Me: ‘Yeah. I’ll definitely go ice skating with you. It’ll be like we’re on a date.’

(Reply: It’s not a date dude.)

To Hustle: ‘I thought you said *give head* then.’

(Reply:  *BLANK*   )

He’s such a Love Bunny. He can’t even help it! He’s cute! 🙂 To be fair. He’s a nuisance. But he’s fun and probably one of the most thoughtful boys ever.  We love him really.

But away from all that. I’m really busy. I’m trying to book a stay at a Forest Cabin, for the week before Christmas. For Ruby, Junior, my Mum, get the picture. The Wunna’s.

I’ll also have a birthday around that time. I’ll be blogging from the cabin, through that week. It’s one of my favourite places. I haven’t booked it just yet. But I’ve been chatting back and forth with Forest Holidays all day today, because the cabin that I wanted is so popular, that it’s already booked up.

Firmonnell: ‘You can’t just have people chucked out of a cabin for you. Lol.’

Me: ‘ No. I know.I’m not trying to… I just…STOP TRYING TO RAIN ON MY PARADE!! Lol.’

I’m also trying to find a place where I can ‘open air’ ice skate during the festive months? Have Millennium Square in Leeds stopped doing the open air ice skating thing or something? I wanna go with the kids. I wanna go with my friends. I need it in my life and it’s nowhere to be found?

I was under the fond misconception, that it always appeared, as soon as the whole German Market affair tinkered to light? I’m wrong! I’ve fantasized about ‘open air,’ Christmas ice skating, in Leeds. Now, my dreams are shattered. 🙂

How can I have a ‘open air’ ice skating birthday, if there isn’t anything to skate on?

‘No! I don’t want to go to an ice rink. It has to be OPEN AIR!!!!’

(Lol. I’m feeling quite high maintenance today. I’m flipping demanding cabins, Prada and ice skating rinks. It’s the girls, they’ve evoked my inner Diva.)

But yes, it’s a busy time of merriment for me, or any blogger really, right now. I’m headed into such a fun season. It’s my favourite season and it’s so much better than Summer, because there’s an emotional warmth to Christmas isn’t there?

It’s not just a bikini pout, a poolside sun lounger and a instagram pic of you and an inflatable flamingo. There’s a magic to this season. A real magic. And this magic meanders around, until every single one of us, smiles and enjoys a warm apple cider, tinsel dripped December.

It’s that ‘magic’ that makes us feel good and when we feel good…. we can conquer the world!

Weekends, Tears & Life Choices

I’ve had the entire weekend off to just be ‘Me,’ do nothing and enjoy being Mum. I’ve worked so hard and over so many hours over the past month, that just taking a full weekend off where you’re just you and you’re not in a dash to get to your next train, or over thinking your next marketing plan, or running off to meet with the next human, who you’d like to work with, makes all the difference. I don’t need to do it all the time. I just need to do it now. 🙂 Keeps you sane doesn’t it. Plus, it gives me that *pinch* of reality, as sometimes when you’re working so hard, everything becomes a *dash* and you begin to feel like a commodity (which is something you’re actually trying to create for business) and less like an actual human….(which is something that you truly are.) In fact, this also goes hand in hand with love…Often my inbox (mainly my Facebook Inbox and Website email account) will get jammed up with hundreds of messages from guys either being lovely or being dirty, or just being…mainly trying to trick me into chatting to them 🙂 …and in those moments it does make me feel like a commodity and not an actual human being. I mean GOD, if you actually truly liked a girl and wanted her to be yours and you had one shot to make an impression via an inbox message, would to really begin your introduction with…a penis. Even if you simply wanted to *bone* her…the approach you use is vital. A dick pic will never ever work, unless it has been requested! Hahaha! I never request, so don’t get excited! Honestly, all we’ll do is show all our chick friends and laugh at it. (I don’t even have time to do laughing at it! Well I did once, last Summer with ‘Double B’ on a bench in Pontefract. Hahaha. I can’t remember who’s willy it was? Prince someone?) Plus, you’re also a tool if you try to do the charming whoosh of banter, or loveliness, yet with the intention of only wanting to *poke the pie* so to speak. I’m Chrissie Wunna, I don’t fall for that at all. I’ve been there, heard it all, learnt the hard way and charmed my way back all over again. Just be you. The more real you are, consistent you are and the more reliable you are…the more we will *heart* you. To me…thoughtfulness is sexy. (Oh and I guy with an impressively working brain will win over an ‘i’m in the shower’ shot. Don’t get me wrong, I love eye candy…Yet I can’t build an empire with ‘six pack.’ And if you don’t know how to ‘woo’ me, it’ll make me think you either  don’t want me bad enough or you’re brain hasn’t been able to creatively figure out an approach. Lol) Shit! I’m harsh! No wonder i’m single. But it’s true! Hahaha. Be in love or work…There’s a lot of things we palm off with an ‘I don’t have time for…’ Yet in real life if we really really wanted to do it…we’d make time for it. ALWAYS. When we do, in regards to work, we move further up the ladder. When we do, when it comes to romance, we know that the other party is interested, as they will have made time for you.

I’ve chilled all weekend with Ruby and Junior and it’s been wonderful. We’ve laughed, we’ve lunched, we’ve shopped and just seeing their faces beam as made me complete. Junior’s clung onto me with smiles, like i’m his entire world and Ruby has been HILARIOUS. Honestly, she’s the most sarcastic, fun loving five year old ever. I found her stood at the top of the booze isle at our local supermarket on Friday at 7pm, when the isle was FILLED with tired working mums, who were all grabbing wine. Whenever they walked past her, doing that ‘oh it’s kid, I better smile’ thing, Ruby sweetly smiled back and then shouted ‘YOU’RE A DRUNK’ at EACH MOTHER! Hahahahaha! I shouldn’t laugh. But honestly, it was the most hilarious thing ever. Even the Hot Dads that were stood about, were weeing themselves as she scorned each woman that went past with wine. SHE even found it funny. This is why I shouldn’t be left to raise babies by myself. I had to retrieve her and demand that she ‘Abort Mission’ by rushing up (it was a fake rush, just to look like i didn’t know it was happening, 🙂 and say this, whilst taking her hand…

‘Sorry about that. She’s mine. You can obviously probably tell. But know that I’m a functioning alcoholic, so don’t feel bad about the wine..’

Ruby smirked and started shouting,


Anyhow, although things have been quite family…I’ve still caught up on bits of work and emailed a bunch of people back. I’m in a busy time of promo and sorting out my cocktail tour. There’s a lot of exciting stuff going on with that…so I’ll be able to tell you all about it, as I go along. especially up to the Valentines run up!

I dropped the babies off with their Dad’s today, as every Sunday they have a ‘Daddy Lunch’ day. Like i’ve always said, even though there have been babies and breakups, Pete, Keiran and I are really close and get along really well and simply to make sure that ‘The Wunna babies’ are raised with love. We co..parent like Superstars and my parents (who are currently away) all chip in, whole heartedly to raise them like pros!

Dropped Ruby off. She was happy as can be. Pete, lovely as can be. He’d washed some of her clothes to give me and filled with love and giggles, he said ‘Bye’ to Junior and they both jogged off into the distant. This last week has been tough with childcare, as will the upcoming week, because we have my Mother missing. The system works, yet if you pull a being out of it…it all goes potty!

However, Keiran and I went through the opposite today. I called him to do the baby drop off, he didn’t realize that he had Junior today, because i had a very busy last week and the schedule had been turned upside down at very short notice. He’s been realy reliable and there for me. Yet Keiran needs order,  IN ORDER to function. I am so used to changes that I can function with a wink and a finger point and it can be in ANY direction. But he’s running a company and trying to fit in his ‘social’ bits and for the first time in a long time, because of me, he had to actually make SACRIFICES. Not something he’s used to…as My Mum and I will always have it in the bag.

But yes, a phone bicker occurred, because he got a little cocky for no reason, when all I needed was help. I’m someone that NEVER asks for help unless I really need it and also someone that has sacrificed all sorts for everyone…anyone. I get that trait from my Mother.

Yet, he made me feel as though I was WRONG for ‘doing me’ because he wanted to do HIM. He made me feel, without him knowing, almost GUILTY for trying to hustle, when he had things that HE WANTED to do and because of my busy LAST WEEK (know that it has only been ONE WEEK that has affected him) he almost threw a strop.  It upset me, so I simply said,

‘That’s fine, I’ll take Junior with me..’ *Hung up.*

He must’ve got that I was narked off, as the next call was Keiran and he demanded that I brought him over…yet kindly, like he was sorry. (Junior was now kicking off, because he now didn’t want to go and just wanted a chill day with me.)

I dropped Junior off and today being 3, he just didn’t want to go. He cried all the way there and just looked at me with tear dripped eyes asking me for a Mummy day. As a Mum and as a basic human, no matter how much of a ‘Boss/Diva/Hard Worker’ or whatever else you label yourself, in that moment every inch of my entire soul filled with tears…I didn’t cry, as Keiran lifted Junior out the car and Junior glared at me, crying, telling him to make sure I pick him up soon…I sort of had to ‘shut off’ emotionally and not let the moment get me.

I got into my car quickly, I shut the door and I drove off…I just needed to drive…I just needed…

Well..I’ll be honest, the radio had turned into just background noise, as my heart took over and my mind stopped focusing…and as I just drove…my eyes filled up and I cried…I cried all the way… and I don’t if I cried because of Junior’s little face and it made me feel guilty or if I cried because I had felt that Keiran had stressed out over having to sacrifice himself FOR JUST ONE WEEK and tried to make me feel bad for trying to get ahead in work, like I haven’t ever sacrificed!

Are you kidding me! I sacrificed my WHOLE ENTIRE CAREER, because I had no choice, when he left. He sacrificed nothing, not even a party schedule, let a lone a work schedule at that time. I had a 2 year old and a newborn baby at the time, I was at a showbizzy *peak* and I had to let it all go…because I couldn’t manage it all by myself and i was fine with it, because I had to ‘man up’ and deal with it. Even to this day, i’m thankful for it, as it made me strong and it made my blog REAL, which is what made it popular. I told you when I was happy. I told you when I was sad. I told you everything.

I waited for years, working odd little jobs here and there…until Ruby and Junior got older and this year they’re BOTH finally in school and now with the correct approach, good whole heartedly help and determination…I can do this….and I won’t let anyone make me feel bad for trying. I’m doing well….

Regardless, we’re okay again now, we’ve spoken again…we have these little co parenting *blips* and once we’ve shouted it out, we’re fine. After i’ve finished my next meeting, I’m going to pick Junior up, just because I promised him that I would. So we’re all good. I’m happy.

I noticed that when I was in the car and no one was there, I cried, but didn’t really ‘let it all out.’ I stopped myself? Why? No one was there? That’s wrong.

Just now, whilst typing this, I began to fill up (as I didn’t manage to let out my BIG weep lol) and I stopped myself because..well i’m in the middle of a busy Starbucks and everyone would SEE me. That…I get! But when i’m alone, I should be able to cry it out. What is wrong with me?

Anyway, I’m off…I have a meeting and a quick interview to tend to…

Maybe I like to be busy, so I don’t have to *pause* and feel as much, because by nature i’m quite sensitive. I’m warm. I’m thoughtful. Yet, because i’m sassy, people don’t think that I would be?

But like I said…I’ve got my next meeting to get to… 🙂

Speak soon…


I just need a Prosecco and a period i’m sure. Lol











Great Guys, Bad Days & Karma



Anyway…Sunday’s are usually what i label ‘Funday’s’ as it’s the day in the week where i get an afternoon to simply ‘just do me.’ It’s the calm before the busy work storm. The chill. The…ME. The recoup. The afternoon where in which i do the things that I WANT to do, rather than the things that I NEED to do.

It’s been stressy, lol…and i could focus on all the bad, rash n’all…yet instead i’m going to do what i do best and pin point the positives of the day…which is…NONE! HAHAHA.

Starts off, life is Dandy. The babies happy. Ruby throws a drink in my face and storms off to her room because i refused to let her bully her brother because she was bored. Pretty loving moment. 🙂 Pretty calm times in Wunnaland.

We all make up, i make them eggs….life goes on…we’re all looking dapper. I’m feeling pretty and dare i say cute? I do the baby drop offs…First stop Pete’s (where in which my little independant female loin fruit, * dolls off * up his drive with her buggy, without a care in the world! She likes to be out and about, she’s not a girl that is very clingy, she’s a firecracker. Like the wind, she’s gone and on the look out for her next adventure. I wonder who she gets that from? The last thing Ruby wants, is ME ruining her plans for fun.) It’s funny as i posted a video on Facebook, which got Pete into trouble by accident. Lol.)

Then I did the Junior drop off with Keiran, who had some crazy ‘cave man’ beard. I tried to video the drop off for fun, as Keiran’s the opposite to camera shy. But my phone didn’t work and instead I only got a few seconds and then got carried away with making fun of his beard. He likes a bit of banter though…so all in all…life was fine.

Then it was ME TIME. The time where in which i could do anything i wanted for a few delicious hours of bliss. I knew i needed to get my nails done and that I needed to begin purchasing my Autumn work wardrobe. Burgundy is IN. So, i decide to enjoy my drive into a town centre, swoop into the multi storey car park, pause to press the button that will slide out my ticket…and as the barrier goes up and my car drives 3 inches forward…LIFE STOPS!


Fuck sake! I pick my moments! I always break down in the worst spots!

So there i am, dressed ridiculously glam with my diamante earrings in bling, with legs out and fur bimbo boots..plonking on my hazards and running out to the car behind me to with an,

‘Oh my god, I am so sorry…my cars just broken down, so i just need to find help to move it and then you’ll be sorted.’

EVERYONE’S HONKING AND SWEARING AT ME. It’s hilarious. No, it’s mayhem…and i looked like some amazingly glammy TOOL, just ditzing about, as i’m trying to get my car shifted. I panicked…and that’s when i felt my stress rash! The rash of the DRAGON!

Infact one guy shouted ‘It’s about time something bad happened something to her!’

EWWWW!!!!!! I should’ve kicked him in his teeth, but i didn’t. I thanked him.

Yet, I did notice that NOT ONE MALE got out of their car to help push the Mercedes into a spot that was literally right next to me.

By this point i was still very smiley and PR’ey, yet ANNOYED, so i start running forward to the area where in which you can get your car valeted whilst you shop. I don’t know the guys, but they have valeted my car before, so i kinda know them. And before i’m half way there, I notice that he’s already RUNNING DOWN to save me…he gets to me..and he’s skinny, young, polite and polish and says ‘Don’t worry, i’ll help you lovely, i’m already here.

He runs straight up to my car with a friend who also works with him and begins instructing me, as they start pushing my car out the way.

Now everyone’s feeling like a tool, as they’re so lovely and i’m being ever so grateful to them…so everyone is now crawling out from under the woodworks to save me.

By the end of it, there were  men pushing my car…ALL THE WAY DOWN to the valeting area and helping me steer, as i wasn’t strong enough to turn my wheel. AWWW!

At one point they had to push me back, as i missed the ‘turn now’ spot and in that moment i looked through my windscreen and saw the two polish guys, two men who grey haired men who looked like they were fifty seven and a lady…pushing me backwards..and it restored all my faith in humanity, because out of all that bunch of sweary, shouty folk, these were the troopers who were kind. AND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE KIND.

Anyway, we get to a spot and i overly thank everyone. They all disperse, but the two polish guys stop to help me further, sort out my car and try to mend it.

‘You’ve got nothing to worry about, so don’t stress, we just need to fill up you’re coolant and oil up etc….and you’ll be fine.’

I love men that utter the words ‘don’t worry, i’ve got this for you.’

Anyway, they did and it all leaked out the bottom on my car. HURRAH!

Then i had everything to stress about, so i did the first thing that anyone would do and that was write about it all on Facebook Lol…and then call my Mum.

I let the boys get back to work and i ventured off for a while, until my Mum could meet me two hours later and so the AA could come and fix my car.

I had my nails taken off and a KFC Zinger burger. I had a stress eat. LOL

My mum arrived at around 3pm. We called the AA and then i went back to visit the two polish boys, who had gone out of their way to help me…as they had been working all day, valeting everyone’s cars. I didn’t have time to get anything or anything nice for them…and I always do, as my manners are on point. So instead i slowly walked up…and I *paused* them both, handed them some dosh and said,

‘This is just as a thank you, for helping me, i really appreciate it. You don’t know how much it meant to me.

Straight away, the main guy was all,

‘Nooooooooo, i can’t accept that. We didn’t do anything and we definitely didn’t do it FOR anything. I see you all the time and just knew you needed help…so…’

‘Well, i’m just gonna go leave it over here…’ (By this point, i’ve taken over their stand, in my fur boots, diamantes and forcing them to recieve kind gestures from me for being lovely.’ Lol And then i merrily walk off, to wait for the AA with my mum.)

The polish guy, grabs it and runs after me…

‘Nooooooo honestly, i just can’t accept that…I just..’

Then my Mum chirps in with a,


No one messes with my Mother. Lol.

And in that moment, the guy just looked me in the eye, with this gentle, super grateful eye smile, with his dosh gift in his hand…and said,

‘Well…thank you so much, it…’

‘It’s fine. 🙂 ‘

It was weird because he LOOKED so grateful yet, HE WAS THE ONE that did the helping me?

Anyway, I got back in my car and waited for the AA man.

He came, he couldn’t fix stuff as everything was too broken. He kept pulling things out of the bonnet…a band, a donkey, a pretty boy from 2014. Lol. All sorts! So it had to get towed…and again sweet guy, he knew that my power steering had gone and that i was far too weedy to drive the vehicle, so he started it up and drove it all the way back to his van and towed it off to a ‘fixer upper’ in Ackworth…as i got a lift home.


My Mum looked at me today and said, ‘Y’know, what i love about you, you’ve been through so much in life, but you’re still so filled with love… as you would say, that’s some good going girl’ and smiles at me like she couldn’t be any more proud. 🙂 🙂

Life is bliss once more. I mean thank God for all the people who helped me today and thank god for my Mother. (I have the best Mum ever and she’s taught me how to be a great Mum because of it.) I might have a stress rash, but i’m pretty lucky afterall and i feel good for thanking that guy! He looked overwhelmed and i love that!

I’m lucky to be noticing more and more decent people around me. It makes me happy.

This incident reminded me of that time in LA when i broke down, on my way to a club, dressed like a stripper, at night on Laurel canyon…and this guy named Kevin Brown, who i worked with came to help me, after i posted it on Myspace. He didn’t have to do that, but he did…and he says he did it because when he first arrived in LA, he was stone broke, but had his pride and never moaned about it to anyone. As in LA, it’s all about ‘the show’ of who you are, rather than ‘who you actually are.’ He once asked (and it took him A LOT OF BALLS) to borrow $4 dollars to buy lunch (we worked together at Crunch Gym and he was starving) and i gave him $20. But only because that was all i had on me. I didn’t think anything of it, really. I just sort of said, ‘Have it. Keep it. I’m not bothered.’

But it meant so much to him because that $20 apparently lasted him a good while until payday. And yeah, he’s a good guy and would naturally help anyone, but that’s why on that night…he got himself out of bed, trundled out in the rain and came to my rescue. I mean GOD i even took him to the club that night to hang out with all my friends and get Hollywood PISSED! Lol.

Whats goes around definitely comes around…..

Try your hardest to be thoughtful. It’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference….











Best Week Off Ever


I literally had the most amazing ‘family day’ with my Babies, yesterday that if filled my kitten heart with joy! I never get time because of work and I work all the time in order to support my children, i’ve raised and I still am raising them by myself…and so far I can’t even believe how great a job I’ve done.

Anyway, i always work Saturdays. I never get Saturdays off, so yesterday was the FIRST Saturday that I had off, literally in MONTHS and we all finally got to spend the entire morning with each other, waking up in our own time, and travelling to Doncaster to have a fun filled ‘family day.’ No one in this entire world had more fun than my kids yesterday. They beamed with excitement and indulged in every single one of their kiddie heart wishes, all day and as they looked up…with Mummy right by their side, not a nursery practitioner, a grandparent, a daddy…but Mum. And even if I say so myself, I’m totally the apple of both of their eyes. *Wiggle, wink.*

Gosh we did everything! We even sang all the way in the car! They went on every ride, ice creamed, Built a bear, rushed around playing, bought balloons, danced, read, purchased everything and anything they wanted and even chose to have lunch at Ed’s Diner, this new American diner in the Frenchgate centre, which we also got for free! (I know! Wunna perks!)

I danced with them ALL DAY, my heart skipped a beat! We did everything to the point of exhaustion…but if you saw their little faces, your heart would’ve melted with glee. They both get spolit, but they just never get days like this, with each other..with Mum….all day, out and about, without me having to go to work, or run off to a meeting.  So not being at work made all the difference to our lives, yesterday!It made all the difference!



Then when we got home, we bought a whole bunch of delicious munchies to enjoy, so we could have a floor picnic and watch Ruby’s favourite movie.They played with everything we bought, they we SHATTERED. But I made them tea, we all cuddled up, got the snacks out and watched ‘Home Alone 2!’

By the time it was done, the day was done and as soon as I walked their little Wunna legs up the stairs and as soon as their little eyes hit their pillows, they were *zonked* out and fast asleep! 🙂

We were all in the same bed and I just remember looking at them both, as they slept and obviously I’m highly emotional right now…so I had a little Princess cry because I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to be with them constantly, all week and have them all day with love and fun..and to watch how much in the last 3 months they’ve even grown up and become smart and so well mannered. It sort of overwhelmed…because I did it and i’m still doing, well and by myself! I mean, My Mother is a God send and she has helped me every step of the way. But other than that…it’s been me. And i feel like the luckiest Mum in the entire world.

Ruby is JUST LIKE ME. She looks like her father, but every bit of her personality is Me. She’s really close to her Dad…and Pete and I have always had a really brilliant co parenting relationship with one another. We’re great parents. It’s never been rocky.

Junior looks EXACTLY like Me, but his personality, aside from little ‘Wunna’ tricks that he has via genetics…is just like Keiran. It’s like living with Keiran…but much better, as Junior is pure, simple and filled with innocence and love. He’s probably more confident than his Dad, which makes more like Moi and no one but my own Mother loves me, more than my little boy does. Lol. He takes such great care of me. I mean even if I walk into a room and it’s dark, he follows me shouting, ‘Mum, are you okay? It’s dark in the there. I’ll come with you. Be careful.’ And every night before he goes to sleep, he whispers in my ear, ‘I want you, i love you.’ (That’s quite creepy, I know.)

This morning, we woke up, bathed and I cooked them breakfast! Eggs galore. Love galore. having me home to cook breakfast is a novelty and then by 11am, both babies were picked up by their Daddies and gone! JEEPERS! Pete’s great but usually never on time. However, today and maybe because the sun was out, he was bang on time. Keiran’s always early. He’s on ‘Army’ time. Both babies, we’re fine today, Ruby always is when she goes to her Dads though. Yet, I think because Junior didn’t feel as though he has missed out on Mummy and Ruby time, (and even though he still said he didn’t want to go,) he felt more balanced today, so went quietly, but actually willingly, this time. He knew he had to go anyway.

Then it was like I had nothing. Lol. My home was empty. It was the first day of Spring. The babies were gone…There I was….all on my own. Ruby’s not even back until 7pm or later.

Before, I even had chance to throw a ‘moment,’  or feel lonely…and I did feel lonely, My Mother leapt to my rescue did a quick grocery shop with me, took me out to lunch and then we had a wonder around stores buying goodies and girl stuff.

I’m feeling really lucky, because now i never even have chance to feel sorry for myself and I think it’s the people that love you the most, the people that care about you most fondly and know your actual capabilities, who are the ones who tough love you, give you a reality check, tell you where you’re going wrong, make you pull yourself together and later on…you thank them for it. (Even though you hate it at the time.) I mean, GOD, my closest peeps always tell me the truth, be it hard or rough…and I always do much better, with a ‘pull yourself together and get on with it’ chat, then being cradled for being weak. It doesn’t help me and doesn’t help anyone at all. If you baby someone when they need to find strength, they’ll never find strength and they’ll always find an excuse as to why they can’t ‘hero’ forward.

I mean, GOSHY, one of my friends, who i knew in LA, for ages…we were really close, a really great guy, good person, got into the wrong kind of things, ended up in crazy debt, lost and admiring folk, who didn’t at the time deserve to be admired. Yet, still underneath it all…a god solid guy. Helpful. Caring. He’s thirty something now…and it took him years to pull himself together…as I first met him when he was 19. In his mid 20’s, he met a girl. she dated him, she fell pregnant to him, she kicked his ARSE and told him to get himself into gear. He loved her. She left him. And because he loved her so much, he ended up pulling his finger out of his arse, leaning up his act, going back to Uni, going to MEDICAL school..and just this year not only has he graduated Med school, but he has just got his first residency as a full time Orthopedic surgeon. (Which is what My Daddy was. A Bone surgeon.) Plus, because he’s American, he’s going to get paid triple much…and there you have it, he now is back with the girl, who is also now his wife, he’s raising their daughter…and is a flipping SURGEON! Woohoo! 🙂 I’m really proud of him. I love a good happy ending! he went from boy to man in seconds! And there was not one inch of spite in him. He thanked her, for pushing him forward! AS IF! Amazing!(Well done Bri!)

Life is good right now! I’m chilling. I’ve just got back home from lunch with my Mum. I’m in my pj’s (so rock n roll.) I’m having an easy evening, Ruby is back later. My mum’s coming over…and we’re eating sweets and Burmese things.

I’m back to work tomorrow….

I’ve had the most AMAZING week off!

Chrissie x




Catching up…


So, i’ve been spending a whole lot of time with the babies and nothing has felt better. They’re growing up to be the most  amazing little Wunna babies ever and I couldn’t even be more proud to say that they’re mine. I love being ‘Mama,’ more than anything in the world.

I’ve shared giggles and lunches with Baby Junior..

…TGI’s, Crazy Golf..

and Barnaby Bear moments with Ruby…

They’ve adored one on one time, with me and shared ‘sibling moments,’ as I call them, with one another. They’ve had moments with just me. Moments with Ben and I. Moments with their Daddies and very special Grandparent moments. So right now, (especially for Baby Ruby) things are pretty whole, wonderful and swirled with magic.

It feels really great to have better priorities, balance and this ooze of unconditional love sponging through my system and constantly. I feel alive! Now i just need the sunshine and to move into my million pound mansion and i’ll be overjoyed. 😉 *Giggles, Hair toss.*

(They’re both in my bed right now, simply because they didn’t quite get why they should be sleeping in their own beds, when they could cuddle me in mine. I’m soft…so they both got the ‘thumbs up’ and a boost into ‘Mama’s’ sheets.)

Work. I’m working. Same old. Busier today, so much better. My ankle is fucked though. I swear down. I couldn’t even tell you how Hillbilly, I feel with my dud ankle. I want a new one. One that isn’t busted on the left and toes that don’t ache simply out of old age.

The simple fact that I found myself Googling ‘comfy, wide fit shoes,’ devastates me! It’s a slippery slope. I never ever EVER wear flats or trainers. Like EVER. But now, it seems that a lifetime of glamour pussing, has put a delicious strain on my ‘barkers’ and left dodgy, but still sexy ankle…and if I don’t want to hobble around like a ‘troll’ when i’m older…then i’m going to have to do something about it.


I’ve definitely missing Ben. Just so you know, we haven’t broken up. Lots of people seem to think that? But I promise you we haven’t. In fact we couldn’t love each other more. He’s spent the last weekend with me and the children and it couldn’t feel more special. The change in residence, really is simply about finding balance and making sure we’re both doing the best we can to make our relationship last the long haul. I still very much wish to be his wifey and I can’t wait to seem him next. Emotionally nothing has changed. We’re really really happy. Little adjustments can be smart. And if anything, more than anything, right now, we’re being smarter than ever.

Other than that, i think i’ve become addicted to online shopping. Ever since Jenna told me that I can get things delivered to a pick up locker, via Amazon, 1 minute away from my workplace, that has been it. I’ve squandered my fine earned pences on instant fixes and all sorts. (Even decent flat shoes, that i’ve chosen in the form of fur rimmed boots by ‘Ella.’ 😉 ) I’m making the executive decision to quit it…but just not yet. It’s retail therapy, so whilst the babies are happy, I’m getting my shopping fix on, to fill my ‘i miss Ben’ void. Lol.

Nick (‘Take me out’ Nick, as i call him on here and his new girlfriend ‘Jasmin’ came over the other night for pizza, a meet and greet and wine. ) I adore Nick…as does Ben, these days…they’re sort of like brothers…so it was really great to see him and even greater meeting ‘Jasmin’ (who’s not only hot but also referred to as ‘Princess’ by Ruby.)

We chatted, ate drank, watched ‘The Kardashians’ and gossiped. I had a cocktail umbrella in my hair…and life was pretty good. (This is after Ben and I had done a whisky sour at Ego and stopped off to see his parents for a glass of wine and a ‘catch up.’ SEE! Everything’s normal.)

I love Ben and Nick hanging out because even though they on occasion bump heads, they seem to make each other happy. PLUS, that night, it was great because I can honestly say that i have never really seen Nick so happy with his choice of girl. He looked all ‘like he wanted to impress her’ and whole. I liked it. It made me smile.

(I ended up taking Ruby to bed, after she forced everyone to watch her bath her plastic, weeing dolls and accidentally fell asleep. Ben woke me up and Nick and Jasmin has already left. Lol. Total ‘oldie.’ )

I’ve filmed a new Vlog. Infact 3, in one day. I know. (Thanks to Benny.)


I’m off work all next week, so hopefully, i’ll smash out a bunch of them. Excuse m hair. I’m shit at doing my own hair. That’s why it’s always usually fake. But I’m looking forward to getting back into Vlogging. It’s simple, easy and well, I never seem to have time to blog, but loads of time to spurt out a little video. Probably because i have to use my brain more.

Anyway, I’m off. I have exciting auditions. My normal day job, Mummying and Benny, all spinning right now. I’m going to sort out the lash line when i have time and found a better ecommerce site and although pancake day was dandy, and the upcoming ‘Valentine’s day’ seems silly…i’m doing really well. Unfortunately my upcoming ‘time of the month’ is making my hormones, force me to pull faces. But i’ll get over it. Lol. I have a wine.

Love you!

Chrissie  x

ac17 - Copy




Morning, Alchy’s & Plate Spinning


Morning my Pretties! You’re all gorgeous! So enjoy life today because you deserve to!

You may think life is shitty, mundane or grey right now, because the weather in England is pretty much keeping us in a mode of ‘dull.’ However, if you just look around you, see the positive things that you have going on about your life, look, world or bubble….you’ll find that you’re doing okay!! So many people talk ‘down’ about themselves, instead of up. I mean, yeah, it’s annoying when people ‘up’ talk too much. But i guess what i’m saying is that more people, should talk HONESTLY about themselves…the good and the bad openly. If you’ve done well, celebrate it. If you haven’t….notice it, just say and amend it. It’s fine! Let’s love who we are, what we stand for and what we represent!

If you’ve broken all your New Years resolutions….Nevermind…you tried. If you haven’t! Well done!!! I mean, God knows how anyone is doing Dry January, I would DIE without a wine on an evening. (Which probably plonks in some box of alcoholism. Lol) In my world, there should be a task for charity where in which you DRINK MORE…I’d ace that one, with bells on my nipples! But like I said, if you’ve given up a bad habit, or taken on good ones for the New Year, CONGRATULATIONS, you’re a star!!!

I’m about to set off for work. And although i’m shattered…HAHA. I’m feeling wonderful because I’m working hard, i’m doing the things that i love, I’m balancing it with Mummyhood, I’m working on my business of Lashes (My site is down right now because i’m trying to switch to a different eCommerce site) and i’m strutting it all with a full time day job and a love life.

Technically, I feel as though i now have everything right now, as most people have one or the other. So, if i just balance it all out, smile a bit more, get on with it without moaning (I’ve moaned a lot this week because i’ve been on my period) I’ll be more than okay! Things are about balance…and having the ability to smile and relax whilst you’re spinning those plates, instead of panicking, stressing and letting them smash on the floor, due to the art of feeling defeated! We can do ANYTHING! We’re humans…that’s what were designed to do. (We’re also designed to annoy each other.)

I’m missing the babies. They did Daddy nights last night, so I can’t wait to see them this evening after work and adore them madly, with every inch of my kitten soul. YAY!!! I try to give them a regular existence, and a normal sense of reality, so if i’m filming something, shooting something for a tv show, interview  or a magazine…I don’t really have them around it. When they come home, they come home to Mum, after day job, in her comfies, making Yorkshire Puddings. (That I microwave. 🙂 ) Yipppeee!

I have left them both watch clips of ‘Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend’ on Youtube before. Ruby just got bored and wanted to watch herself!! HAHAHA. She is SO ME. Junior, was confused and wondered how I got inside the laptop…but then couldn’t be arsed and wanted to watch ‘Peppa Pig.’ I LOVE THAT! 🙂

If i’m doing something ‘family’…and i will be on my Vlogs, I’ll let them be part of it, if they want to, as it’s just home videos. Yet the boujiness, I sort of keep away from them, because at 4 and 2, they don’t need to be swamped in executive suites, camera snapping for features of any kind…But that’s only my choice. I’m sure when they’re teens, their Wunna gene will kick in and they’ll rinse me, with ‘I want luxury and 3.2 minutes of fame.’

I need coffee. That is what I need.

See! If i was a real alcoholic, i’d want a gin! (Do, i want a gin? 🙂 ) I did see this ace post on Facebook the other day, which read this…

‘I’m not an alcoholic because alcoholics want a drink…and i already have one!’ HAHAHA

Shit…I better get to work.


Big Head… Fuck


I’ve definitely just been called a ‘Big head fuck.’ HAHAHA. Anytime that happens and you can *pause* and then have both parties piss themselves over it for a good moment, you’re winning. In fact, i got called a ‘Big Head Fuck’ simply because i previously rated myself an 8 out of 10 on the hottness scale (which I am…lol…i’m not too hot, yet certainly above average.. 😉 ) and then asked, whilst looking at my mirror image, ‘who was hotter?’ I’m good like that. (Oh shut it, i’m joking.)

What I actually find hilarious, is the simple fact that the other side of the phone said those words as their LAST ENTIRE words of the day…’BIG HEAD FUCK, ‘ then..fell asleep…on April 1st, 2015…and apparently with their goolies out, because the sleep naked. ‘What!? There’s nothing wrong with that! I’m about to go to bed, after this conversation. I’m in bed naked.’

Goolies crack me up. It was only at work today that i was showing the boys the kind of messages i get sent. I MADE them look at willies that other delightful people of the world had sent my inbox for kicks and wee’d myself with laughter. After that I whopped a mini beer fridge by plants that I had bought Adam for his house warming gift. I actually get on with Adam (Baby Ad’s) really well…We know quite a lot about each other and chill quite easily…so i bought him a mini beer fridge, because he deserved it. Yeah, yeah, not really a useful gift. But fuck it…he’s 18 and i’m awesome….a mini beer fridge is all you’d need in our book. (He actually texted me this evening to thank me….which means he has good manners. Well done sir!)

Then i got called a ‘Big HEAD FUCK.’ 🙂

What else?

I’ve been enjoying being a Mum. It’s nearly easter. I’ve been spotted everywhere. I mean someone text me this morning, to say the had passed me…yet didn’t bother stopping me to say ‘Hi.’ LOL. If you see me, you can actually stop me and say ‘hello.’ You’re not intruding. You are openly welcoming with warm kitten arms. Like I said…i’m good like that. Innit. (Wiggle…wink.) I’m not going to shun you. I’m far too social for all that. I’ll banter, flirt and giggle…then shun you. 🙂 (Oh shut it. JOKING! Sometimes. 🙂 )

This week is going really fast. In fact this entire year is. But this month i must be happier because I failed to get my stress rash! Yippeee! Nothing’s really pissed me off because i’ve been having lots of fun, enjoying life, working hard, being Mum and chatting to ‘the boy.’ It’s all sort of put me in good stead for utter balance…which as you know, i think is the most important thing. A bit of everything is good for you…no matter what anyone says.

(I’m currently having a flash back of a conversation that I had earlier, where in which a being told me that the had dry humped someone on a carpet, and was soo pissed they couldn’t remember. LOL. I stated that that meant they were rubbish at sex and went in for what i call the ‘four pump sherlock.’ Gross! I have no clue why i’m flash backing such…as i have this theory on flashbacks being not at all a mental fling, yet more of an emotional tie. The moment you flash back, simply flags, and pin points the actual emotion you felt during that minute, hour, second, phase. It’s the emotion of it all, how you felt, that acts like a trigger and not the thought of it. So, fi you’re remembering something, the way you felt at that time as been triggered in your present. Does that make sense, or so i need more wine?)

Isn’t it weird when psychics tell you that YOU TOO COULD BE PSYCHIC. Have you hear that before? I have! I’m not psychic for shit. I have no clue. So how the hell could I tell the future well? I mean i could listen and then make up a bunch of shit to ease the pain of worry. Yet that’s not some kinda of sex spooky gift..that’s lying for dosh. I just met a being today who said that i too could practice her dark art if i wanted. It made no sense to me…i adore a reading, but can i give them…not even nearly.

ALSO! How weird is that new Usher song! The one where he’s rambling on about how he’s dating a new girl ans she’s a stripper, but it doesn’t matter that she’s a stripper because he thoroughly understands that it’s her dream to make a buck that wa and that she is just taking care of her business? WTF! How tight is Usher! HAHAH. I mean, surely if you were Usher, and you’re new bird was stripping, you’d say her from such a life with your gzillion dollars and prevent her from having to shimmie shake it for dodgy men for £20 a pop? Yeah, yeah, he says in the song, he makes enough for the two of them. But honestly…lol…let’s not be tight here. There’s letting women pursue their dreams and then there is just being tight. 🙂 I understand that the ‘message’ is meant to be positive. Yet the fact that it’s done to some calm, love song melody pisses me off! It’s far less great, (a better way of saying, ‘soo much shitter’) than Wyclefs..’Just cos she dances go..go..’ sing a long. Such a weird song. I rate Usher. But that tune is…well…crap.

There’s actually quite a few good love songs pottering about in the charts right now isn’t there. The whole Ellie Goulding ‘love me’ thang, Sam Smith and his ‘next to you’ laa dee daa.’ I’m impressed that everyone is finding love in everything..just like moi. However  it is nearly Summer and I always believe that people just forget about love and do flings in bikini’s. I don’t, as i’m always on the scope for my ‘happily ever after.’ In fact, ‘the boy’…the one that i’m constantly talking too, told me that he wishes he had met me 4 years ago…(meaning that he could’ve been the man that married and did forever with…) How sweet is that! Points scored and noted.

Notice how i focus in on the good bits and not on the fact that he called me a ‘Big head… fuck.’ (All in good humour. 🙂 LOL.  That’s the key to happiness, which is the key to success. I’m sure. Don’t ask me. Ask Oprah?

Learn it. Live it. Enjoy life.

(Shit, i’ve finally managed to update my iphone! JESUS! That took some doing. I need to partake in less selfie taking, and clear out my storage more frequently. What a ball ache. NOW….it’s done.)






Gift 13! Nappy Cakes!

Hey Dolls! Hope you’ve all had a delightfully Christmasy day! Mine has been spent Christmas shopping in Robin jumpers and a clip in hair extension that I need to name ‘Diva.’ I ADORE a bit of shopping for Crimbo and well when it’s all under control to the point where you can chill by a log burning fire place for a boozy/ cheeky drink, you know life is great! I even had time to run into my local store and grab 12 bottles of mulled wine for the nursery nurses that take care of my Baby Rubes and Baby Junior. I know it’s probably not best to take booze into nurseries, but ah well…it’s Friday, it’s Christmas…let’s all do a mulled wine and be merry. I adore the ladies at nursery, so vino had to be done. I have not met a more hilarious bunch and it’s great because we can all be ourselves around each other, instead of doing that pretend ‘Mummy’ to ‘Carer’ thing. Bottom line, I’m super grateful that they’ve dealt with my drama be it my issues or my children. 🙂 Reward….WINE. (When I was pulling it off the shelves a guy looked at me laughing saying, ‘Where the hell are you going with that?’) I have that touch on people. It’s never ‘oh hi, how are you.’ It’s always a case of WTF! In fact that’s alie, I got hit on by dodgy men and builders today, all who thought my ‘red boots’ were a delight. Then I stopped by women who actually told me to put on shorts under my skirt. 🙂 I’m still that inappropriate and i’m turning 33 next week!

Anyway enough of that! Well done to Emily Woodcock for winning the parker jacket! Yippppeee! I’d totally rock a faux fur.

Okay, next gift!

You all know that i’m a…



So in order to keep this giveaway as close to my life as possible, I have carefully discovered and selected some of the best Baby Brands who I KNOW create such wonderfully creative and innovative tools, gifts or wonders for little children. It’s not easy to find them, so MUMS trust me on this….I have searched high and low to find you the best of the best.

Let me introduce to you…GIFT 13




Nappy cakes is quite frankly the BEST BRAND in the name of Baby gifting! They are the most creatively divine luxury for all new mums and a delightfully classy, yet adorable gift to deliver to a lovely lady who has just had a baby or is about to give birth!! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL and of a FIRST CLASS QUALITY & YOU CAN WIN ONE FOR CHRISTMAS TODAY”!!!

This adorable two tier nappy cake contains a selection of items that mummy needs for her precious little Christmas baby boy or girl. With a super cute festive design and handpicked selection of baby products, this is a gift any mum to be or new mum would be delighted to receive from family, friends or colleagues. An elegant and useful design, perfect as a baby shower centrepiece instead of a traditional edible cake, joint or personal gift corporate maternity leave gift or a surprise treat! Give a mum to be a thoughtful gift today – choose Nappy Cakes By Betty!

What is included in your Nappy Cake?

40 Pampers New Baby nappies
1 White Cotton Cellular Blanket
1 large muslin cloth
1 sleepsuit from Next (0-3month)
with matching hat
1 ‘My First Christmas’ hat
1 ‘My First Christmas’ set booties
1 set socks (styles vary)
1 Button Corner ‘My First Christmas’
1 gift card
1 silver plated dummy
Colour co-ordinating ribbon &
artificial flower


Complete set of mum & baby products:
1 Vital Baby® Nurture Bottle
1 trial pack Vital Baby® Ultra Slim 3D Breast Pads
1 Vital Baby® Spoon
1 travel size pack Aleva Naturals Organic Bamboo Baby Wipes
1 30ml bottle Aleva Naturals Organic Daily Soothing
1 30ml bottle Aleva Naturals Organic Sleep Easy Baby Wash
1 5ml tube Aleva Naturals Organic Calendula Multipurpose
Skin Remedy
1 10ml tube Organic Babies Mum & Baby Rescue Balm
1 10ml tube Organic Babies Nappy Cream Baby Balm

Clothing & Blanket 100% cotton
Clothing size – Sleepsuit & matching hat 0-3 Months – Christmas hat & booties set newborn.
Total retail price…excluding courier OVER£65!!

Now if you are a MUM, you KNOW how valuable this gift is and it is certainly one of my personal favourites. I’m in love with it and know that it’s going to be HUGE. I have one in my living room right now ready to deliver to one lucky blog reader and let me tell you, do not underestimate the SHEER SIZE of this Nappy Cake. It’s massive! It is a brand that soon every single celeb mum will be celebrating. These cakes are AMAZING! If i could give every single new mum that I knew one, I would! BEAUTIFUL PRODUCT! Makes the perfect Christmas present for any new or soon to be MUM. There are Christmas cakes, unisex cakes, boy cake,s girl cakes, cakes for every occasion! The brand is a MARVEL.

All you have to do to win a luxury NAPPY CAKE by Betty is know the answer to this Chrissie Wunna fact…

Question: (Simples.)

I’ve just had a baby boy! What is his name?

get your answer to me as soon as you can via ANY online channel and a luxury Nappy Cake could be YOURS!!!



Giveaway Gift Number 9!



Now, i’m keeping the GIVEAWAY as close to my lifestyle as possible and I’m introducing to you MY favourite finds from my FAVOURITE brands and simply out of pure adoration and well of course CHRISTMAS!! Yay!

The Clothes Show, as I said earlier has opened my eyes to brand new brands that I now could never do without, so this next gift is very special and because it is one for the MUMS and perfect for anyone who has a newborn to a one year old, or knows someone who does…as it will make the most PERFECT CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!

I’m never one to leave Mums out because I feel we have some kind of mighty ‘superpower.’ You become a WOMAN, when you become a MUM and I always say that those without children are still ‘little girls.’ Doesn’t matter if they are 24 or 64. Without kiddies…they haven’t yet discovered ‘womanhood.’ (And i always hate it when chicks who aren’t mums comment of chicks who in a negative light because it is the hardest job we has women will ever have to conquer!!

Anyway enough of that!!

As you all know, I have two gorgeous little gibblets! A 2 year old girl named ‘Ruby’ ‘and a 6 month old baby boy named ‘Junior.’

…and us Mums well we just want the best and at all cost for are children, don’t we? We hope they flourish into the brightest young sparks and develop into the most delightful beings filled with love, intelligence and happiness. It’s never easy and always terrifying. Yet I recently came across one of the most AMAZINGLY INSPIRATIONAL BRANDS FOR BABY DEVELOPMENT. I’ve just had Baby Junior myself and well i’m lucky enough to be in a position to be able to help their development in the most wonderfully stimulating environment. Ruby is already too much of a bright spark and Junior is well his way.

I came across this next brand after searching both the internet and successful friends with children’s, Twitter accounts and I thank the heavens above that this brand found it’s way into both my heart and the heart of my little boy..






If you’re a Mum with a newborn to on year old this brand is FABULOUS. It is tried and tested by my darling little boy himself…and in my mind is one of the most innovative and inspirational tools for babies on the market. I adore all things creative for my children which has a sense of love, but structure to it (without them realizing) and Babycademy is JUST THAT!

BABYCADEMY means a lot to me because it means a lot to my son and well i  is the most TREMENDOUS range on the MARKET and to back that up the gift that has been chosen for YOU from the brand (which is the gift Bay Junior cannot live without) is currently featured in PRIMA BABY & PREGNANCY MAGAZINE, DEC 2013, as ‘Best activity box for babies and parents.’ 

You are looking at the Music Time pack!



This pack will have both Mummy/Daddy and Baby up and dancing. (Which isn’t hard with my children….:) However, it’s educational without them even knowing. Hurrah! A*’s for everyone!!!  )

Let me tell you a little more about it..

The Music Time pack is an  exciting new product to revolutionise playtime. Babycademy is a unique resource that provides parents with a toolkit to initiate stimulating and educational play and encourages them to trust their instincts. This truly innovative concept is based on the theory that mum and dad are a baby’s best playmate. 
Music Time is the first kit to be unveiled. It’s packed with original activities, exclusive songs and enchanting stories, as well as the brands loveable mascot Wilson the Whistling Tree Frog, a fabulous hand puppet and the ideal playtime buddy to make learning even more fun! Delivered in ten easy-to-follow lesson plans, parents and little ones from birth to 12 months+ are guided through the various stages and encouraged to develop at their own pace.
Babycademy not only aims to gives parents the confidence to provide stimulating and educational activities, but it also encourages families to take time out from the pressures of everyday life to engage with their baby. 
If you have children you understand how important that extra bit of parent baby playtime is to them! My children don’t always get as much as they wish, due to busy schedules and working parents. Yet they deserve it! I’m lucky to have a lot of help. HOWEVER… with this magical bit of ‘ooh laa’ which makes the perfect present this Christmas to any mum, the time you spend with your kiddiwinkle is even more rewarding!

I do want to give you all the website as I know how handy it is when mums find new treasures! Lol. And this treasure is certainly of quality! I’ve tried a great deal of brands out when it come sto both ‘work and play’ for bambinos and let me tell you it isn’t as easy as you think to find the perfect balance.
So yes…
Babycademy is available from  and it retails for a whopping £50!!
You get it today FOR FREE, as a loving gift from both Moi and the Babycademy itself! (How lovely!)
Don’t forget that it is featured in December 2013 Prima Baby & Pregnancy magazine ‘Best activity box for parents & babies’ …it doesn’t get more amazing than that! 
And i myself personally can tell you how much joy it has brought Wunna land and my baby boy. x
(The answer is of course in this blog post)
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My Clothes Show Live Day 3



What can I say! The Clothes Show live this year is THE MOST AMAZING SHOW EVER and I’m not just saying it to ‘say it’…we all know that i’m far too McGlitzy Gobby to hold the truth behind reason and a whole lot of lip gloss. YET IT TRULY IS THE BEST SHOPPING I HAVE EXPERIENCED IN YEARS and I have shopped all over this merry disco ball of a world, every week, each weekend and since I was THREE! I KNOW GOOD PLACES TO SHOP and this place is not only of superior quality, but there are so many brands taking part this year, so many glamourously glitzy and creative new ways of experimenting with fashion, beauty, marketing and the art of ‘getting you all involved.’ There’s a BUZZ this year and I think it’s because as the times have moved along (and the show has always been great) it has evolved into the most delicious circus of shopping glamour and madness that I have every enjoyed to witness.

It’s flashing lights, drenched in glitter, swirled in music, dashed in sprinkles, swung with sequin drapes and wrapped in ooh laa this year and having been lucky enough to weave in and out of each and every stand all day every day I have not only never got bored but discovered something new around each and every corner. It is so magical that you literally get LOST in a swirl of new fashion and beauty. It’s so creative and well aside from the shopping, the quality of it and the sheer volume of amazing brands, THE ACTUAL FASHION SHOWS THEMSELVES ARE THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!

I got to witness the giant Fashion Show in the Alcatel Onetouch Fashion Theatre and that was so magnificent it pretty much it measured up to Vegas! Who needs a weekend away! What happens in the Fashion theatre SHOULD HAPPEN TO YOU!

The movement, the models,the dancers, the creativity, the buzz, the clothes, the atmosphere itself is sophistication kissed over with a surreal whip of ‘yeah baby.’ I was shocked and mesmerized by it and having seen many a fashion show, that one took the biscuit and then ATE diamonds! (Plus, I’m on the big screen with my laugh at the beginning of i’m also biased. 🙂 ) Yet honestly, amazing show. The scale of it is tremendous and well there are quite a few familiar faces hitting the runway this year!

Other than that, I’ve discovered so many new brands that I now love. It’s introduced me to so much more and helped develope my choices in fashion. I mean I have NEVER BEEN A VINTAGE GIRL, but after having to run around the stand yesterday with famous vintage blogger ‘Lulutrixabelle’ (Queen of Vintage and glamourous tramp of old glamour with a new twist) I opened my eyes to a whole new world. I’d rock a faux fur, vintage sequinned mini skirt with pussycurl glasses and hat…even if it does smell a bit moth bally. I’d give it my own ‘jughe’ and wiggle it into cutest-wootsie, or as Lucy (‘lulutrixabelle’) would say…’make it Playboy.’ I like short boobied, commercial bits of innocence, that stand out with a ‘come and get me maybe.’ I can do Vintage Playboy. I had an absolute BLAST with Lucy yesterday, we ROCKED THAT ENTIRE JOINT and giggled our way through it. I mean ANYTIME a chick (who was sort of Paris Hilton- esque…we had the Nicole and Hilton type of relationship)..but yeah anytime a chick SELLS YOUR BODY FOR A CREAM FAUX FUR COAT, you know you must love her. HAHA. It was £55 and she needed a better bargain, the guy who owned the stall fancied my boobs so she gave them to him to fondle for free pretend fur and got the coat for £25 as I got molested…gleefully of course. It all happened so fast to laughter that I didn’t even know what hit me. 🙂 Before you know it, we were back at the Blogger bar getting ready to film her vintage ‘bargain hunt’ section with Clothes Show tv. (The good thing is that for part of our life we walked passed the most gorgeous, ‘only in pink speedos’ tanned, fully defined, male model…out of nowhere) when that happens in life, you remember how lucky you are. I think i shouted something yummy at him and he responded with a flirty smile, simply because he was 1cm away from me and well shouting didn’t need to occur. Lucy offered to ‘LICK HIM.’ Then we took out faux fur and tottered…


My feet still kill from running around yesterday in heels. Gina heels by the way and my Boobie dress my Jessica Wright ‘With love…Jessica’ (loved it.) When your feet kill from shopping you’ve done well because without you knowing you’ve toned your calves all at the same time. We even got spray tanned mid way!

(That guy at Fake Bake is fabulous and adores me. Whenever I pass, he wants to give me a Fake Bake spritz. I love it.)

I mean, talking of that ANY PLACE that you can get Fake Baked spritzed, whilst still shopping and have your teeth laser whitened whilst you’re waiting and for only £20 AND either indulge in a quick power massage mid-stall (honestly, there’s a stand called ‘The Pressure’ and if shopping has knackered you out, you can sit down and have a quick ‘rub down.’ It’s a racing car pit stop…but delicious…) or grab the most divine chocolate dipped strawberries from your nearest fondue stand…… is bliss. I tried one yesterday and it was so good I nearly slapped myself.

The show is amazing this year and i’m really gonna miss it. It’s ALIVE and I think everyone has worked so hard on it, be they the vendor, the PR, the organizers, Clothes Show tv, the celebs, the bloggers…everyone has put their heart into it that it’s become the best labour of glittery love EVER.

I’ve met some really great girls who hope to be professional bloggers when they’re older and it’s fabulous to see so much potential and just basic excitement.

I think everyone’s been really pleased with their day at The Clothes Show so far and well THE CELEBS..this year it has been JAMMED PACKED WITH THEM. I’m lucky enough to get to witness each and every one of them as they sit in the Clothes Show Tv studio, yet they have served their public WELL. They must literally be shattered because when you have a gzillion celebs all in one fashiony roof and teenage girls, it goes FRANTIC. I mean, fans have had the opportunity to hug their fave celeb in the flesh and talk to them in person. They have gone WILD. I’ve seen exhausted celebs rushing to the VIP lounge after 50 thousand photos have been taken and whilst they’re in a sweat and starving! Lol. The good thing is that there is also the Pap Pen meaning you can officially queue up for a piccy and time with your fave telly name.

Katie Price was there yesterday. Sam Callahan got mobbed. Union J were no doubt molested and Peter Andre was hiding in a corner somewhere.

You can see why a certain handful of celebs are so successful and it’s becaue they work so hard. I mean the Wright family (Mark, Jessica, Carole, Nanny Pat) they have been on their store EVERY DAY signing autographs, bringing in business…working the crowds. It’s a pure family operation with them and that’s what I love. They love hard and all muck in to help each family member. And the Made in Chelsea boys..they have stood on their stalls and signed EVERYTHING for everyone, one hundred times over, until security tells them to stop. They work hard for their brand and well they didn’t need to, but they did for that extra push. I’m noticing great work ethics. I mean Jamie Laing has been there all day, all week with Candy Kittens and has been working off his feet. He has been so kind to each fan and let each and every one of you have a piece of him. I mean, he’s managed to still do nightclub appearances back in London, all at the same time. God knows how? BY 9am he’s Tweeting ‘on my stall at The Clothes Show…Come say Hi’ and that’s back in Birmingham!!! CRAZY!

So, the people with great work ethics are those who become successful. Put in what you wish and the result you get will be determined by that effort.

Really great people. I’ve met some really great minds. I’ve witnessed a lot.

Yesterday I had so much fun and i needed fun because i had been reporting everything from day one nonstop and watching my reports on the big interactive screen.

I haven’t managed or found the time to even shop yet, so tomorrow when I go in and it WILL BE THE VERY LAST DAY OF THE SHOW. 🙂 (FYI, Tickets are still available on the door if you’re not doing anything tomorrow and want to go) I’m going otbe grabbing so Xmas gifts, so Wunna delights and giveaway bits!! Lucky you!

I’ve had a blast. I hope i get to do it again next year as it’s made my December delightful. What a way to end the year! I wish I could’ve taken Rubes though!!

Anyway, here are some pictures of my yesterday!! If you haven’t been you MUST MUST GO! My boobs took over the show yesterday. I forgot I had boobs and I certainly forgot how much everyone loves them. Even the ladies. I think I lost my mic down there a couple times and the odd human….In fact, they did so well they got sold for faux fur didn’t they!?!  A lot more ‘winks’ occurred because of boobs and gents tried to convince me that it was ‘my face’ that they loved. 🙂 Even taking my coat off in the morning was like a burlesque routine in itself.



I got invited back to LOTS  of hotel rooms.

But instead I went home to the man of my dreams…this lil’ fella..

He was certainly happy to see me 🙂 #babyjuniorrules