‘T’ is for Tuxedo’s

We are Tuxedo renting and a decorating here in Wunna Land today. All is a chipper and filled with a spirit of lurve, as every member of ‘Team Wunna’ is nestled in with a cheeky, joy of warmth and a sense of family fairytale. I’m feeling loved. I’m feeling IN love and life couldn’t be that much better, if you were to strip away the diamantes from my glitzy world of ‘ooh’ to simply see what you had left.

I will however tell you, that alongside the fairytale, I am currently having major toilet troubles. I am as constipated as can be and boy it is sooo not fun. I’ve been like this for a week now and i’ve had beings massage my feet, ply me with apple juice, rub my belly and even just hope for the best. But now joy. Lots of my week has been spent on the loo, with my little kitten fingers crossed hoping for a victory. Infact, i’m currently having a flashback of being sat in the disabled loo of a Chinese restuarant in Doncaster, with Christmas carols playing in the background, an updo upon my head, i’m humming, with my leggings down by my ankles and i’m attempting to do a ‘number 2’…which quite simply doesn’t want to play. Not fun…and especially when you think there’s fairylights around you.

But yes, today has been a great day of love and warmth. Everything has got back to normal and after a happy weekend with the people i love, with a shimmie shake of good friends, who can cook and have heart beat listening machines. Life has perked up a treat. (I will say however, that it was a bit dodgy when a drunk Dr.Phil was coming at me, with a ‘heart beat listening’ machine, with a Carlsberg in his hand and a smile. I felt like i was  in a back street quacks office. Yet it was hilarious and just really good to see little Kelly, who i haven’t managed to see in ages.

This morning, i woke up wrapped around a ‘handsome’ who was not only very naked, but filled with warm blood. *Wiggle-wink.* Nothing is better than waking up that way to me, other than waking up to the eyes of my little Baby Ruby, who eagerly wants to get the day a started. Like i said yesterday, i’m feeling very well looked after right now and there’s nothing quite like it. It’s my favourite. However, i will tell you that in life, i’ve always found it really difficult to let men ‘look after’ me, as i’ve never wanted to surrender to them, or i’ve felt that i never truely wanted to and i would be burdening them. Now that i’n preggo, 31, married and in love, i’m LOVING IT. 🙂 I will always admit to a very bumpy ride, but right now and forever, it’s all simply perfect and i think that in order for things to be perfect, you kind of just have to keep it simple. When you just lovbe and get on with it, life smiles back at you and glitter sprinkles you.

So today has been an early started, a trip to the car dealership, followed by a bit of tuxedo renting, followed by warm yummy seasonal coffee’s with cake at Starbucks during the ‘ooh’ of Autumn. You know it’s almost the good Christmas season when it comes to tuxedo renting time. My arm candy was moon walking with excitement and glee in the gentlemans attire store and simply because he couldn’t wait for good times to come. Then he stopped dancing when the actual price of tuxedo renting *pinged* up n the screen. 🙂 The cost of simply renting the outfit is more than the cost of the ticket and dinner of the event that we will be going to. But whatever, it’s great and Wunna land is always a world filled with glamour and wonder…and weirdly at the same time as being dead normal. It swings from one end to the other….quickly.

However, yes we have lots of dinners and do’s to go to this season and i think we’re really excited. I’m looking forward to Christmas and enjoying every part of being a mummy and a wifey. Being alcohol free has actually made me so much happier and feel so much more alive? Maybe i was a function ‘holic, yet could never ever admit it?? Yet now i’m not, so i’m delighted and giggly with a cheeky wink of ‘yeah baby.’

My hubby is ever excited about life and equipped with a libido that is far too raging for any girl to handle. I’m hiding in corners, incase his willy finds me. He’s currently painting in a go carting outfit that i stole from Pole Position in Leeds. We’re doing the house up for Christmas and decorating, as Rubes finally gets her own ‘big girl’ room, that she may use as her own little playground of utter girlie delight. (I’ve had to buy her a big girls Hello Kitty bed to make her happy and it honestly feels LOVELY. She’s having a lemon coloured room and well i think we are more excited about it than her.) Things have moved so fast in Wunna land and life has changed ( for the better) rapidly. I really do feel overjoyed right now and because i feel loved. I’m just a girl who always wants to feel adored and like I said, right now, i do. I’m having one of those moments in life, when you look at the person tottering around your home that you’ve chosen to be with and you’re really glad you chose that person. Nothing makes you feel more secure than that and it can only get better from that point on.

So as you can see, life is quite wonderful. I’m still plotting cunning plans for success and thorughly enjoying throwing things out. You should all throw a box of things out this week, that you never ever use. It really is theraputic. Well i’m a sucker for it and need reining in, when it comes to the ‘throwing out.’ I mean, most people i now aren’t even remotely, yet I even shock THEM with my bizarre ability to throw junk out. I do it all the time mentally. I’m never one to ponder over exes and past negative times, or keep bad people in my life, or bad environments. I can easily cut people and things out of my world with a wiggle. Mentally, i spew out my life every day via a blog, don’t I. That’s a way of ridding myself of emotional mind litter, so i’m good at that also! I don’t have a mental closet of dusty past regrets, or a mind cupboard of boys i used to date, filled with useless memories. I’m a girl that lives in the present and looks forward to the future. I treasure all positive past memories and celebrate them whenever i can!

The rest of this year, aside from odd bits of work is  really just about calming down for Crimbo and enjoying being pregnant.

Hope you are well and Kittens…i love you dearly.

Thank you for following my life.

ps, I’ve decided i’m an ace mum and simply because tomorrow i will be sending Ruby to nursery dressed as a pumpkin. It’s not even a Halloweeny fancy dress day at nursery. I just love her as a pumpkin and therefore being the great mother that i am, figured it would be funny. 🙂 In the words of my own daughter ‘Poor Ruuuubby.’ 🙂


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