‘T’ is for Tuesday


Happy Tuesday!!!

Okay, today if you do anything you need to evoke your inner Wunna, your inner Glamour puss and just enjoy life. Whether you’re making a moment happen, simply getting through your work day or just chilling…do it with style, a wink and a whole lot of fun.

I’m at work all day, doing my do. I was up all night, not being able to sleep and trying to make gin and tonic in cans ‘nightcap’ me to dream land. But still, i tended to looking at the clock on my phone, whilst realizing that in a few hours I had to be up for work. It’s shitty when that happens, sin’t it! HAHAHA. I tried to get some shut eye, yet instead I sort of laid in bed, all sticky with tan on, glaring up at the ceiling. I love it when i’m useless. 🙂 It suits me because I make useless look great!

Okay, so yes…i’m working all day like I said and then the babies are having a Grandma night, which is their favourite ‘night out’ ever. Once i get off work…i’m headed home to spruce up a little and well Ben text me last night, whilst he was tending to ‘nights,’ to see if i wanted to get some ‘beauty food’ (i believe was the term) after work, with Dodge.

Nothing is better to me than the sound of that, so i’m headed for a quiet bit of ‘dins dins’ with the boys, to close Tuesday with a smile. Hopefully my never drying tan will have dried by then, or i’ll have to roam about like a sticky Bob Monkhouse,…on a budget, without the cheesy grin, yet still an audience.

The awesome thing about Tuesday is that it is much better than Monday. You’ve kicked started your way through the shock of Day one…which eases you up for a bit of Day 2.

I’m not really sure what my Tuesday will bring? But i’m good at turning  a mundane, frivilious ‘anything’ day, into something fun. It’s a simple day that we’re lucky to have…so enjoy it…get on with it…and well if you’re me, work through it.

Life is good…all is well…

Make the most of your work week and do it in heels.

Biggest Kisses Ever…

Chrissie x



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