Great day today! I mean, from the absolute moment that I opened my little kitten eyes, for some reason I felt completely and utterly over the moon, just really happy, at peace with myself and just excited about life! Those kinda days are awesome and to be honest, i’m a happy girl for the majority of the time…yet today I was giddy happy, and that’s what makes life perfect. You should all do things that sort of make you wake up in the morning with smiley eyes…and a soul that radiates a weird kinda of warm, because I hate it when people see a day that they find themselves happy…a luxury. Life isn’t that bad. It’s all about what YOU make of it and if you choosey the right choices and surround yourself around the correct people, love and foundation…you’ll always wake up moderately chipper.

I’ve done the hard part of my life…the rest is all smooth sailing and up to the stars! I feel lucky. In fact that’s probably what made my work day decent. I felt a sense of achievement today, because things were busy and I handled it with laughter, charm, hard work, good people and great fun.

I might not be the squeakiest, cleanest dash of perfect…but i’m me…and being moi, really is delightful. ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, so yesterday after work and might i add that I am so glad that I can finally blurt it all out..I rushed home, after trying to get kicked out of work early, to get dressed int he nick of time and race to The Carleton, to set up ‘shop’ so to speak, for a surprise birthday gathering that I had arranged for Bestie Ben.

He knew nothing about it and I can’t actually believe no one told him, or let it slip. But i had spent the week, contacting every one i knew, who might know him to meet up on this random Tuesday evening, to surprise Ben and give him a little birthday ‘moment,’ (And we all know that I adore moments.)

It was STRESSFUL. But what i realised is that people are kinda good to me and that he had tons of actual friends, who would want to surprise him on his birthday. I mean it was a simple text or message to EVERYONE individually…and i had no clue who would go, if anyone would go…but immediately as soon as I sent out the ‘i’m throwing a surprise birthday, drinky, gathering for Ben at The Carleton at 7pm, this Tuesday….’pretty much every single person replied within five minutes, with the words, ‘I’m in.’

That says a lot about the people we know and kinda says a lot about him. It kinda made me happy, because everyone had work in the morning, or work that day, or were away, tired and all sorts. But no matter what…they made the effort to turn up, show up, not tell Ben…and be there for the ‘gathering.’ (Plus, it got everyone out and i love that too.)

So, the plan…

Ben had arranged to meet me for steak. I had already previously and days before arranged for Dodge to monitor Ben’s every move on Tuesday, as he was off work and i didn’t want him loitering off somewhere, and not be at his surprise. Dodge had also made sure he was doing ‘pretend steak’ with us both, so he too would be travelling up The Carleton anyway.

As soon as I get out of work, my rings and Ben’s already calling wanting to meet up at The Carleton immediately, whilst i’m trying to get ready, rush over and meet all the people, as they arrived, before he got there. I’m lying to him on the phone, telling him that I was tired from work and needed to get showered and couldn’t meet until 7.30pm. (He didn’t love that idea…but went with it anyway.) However, he then told me that Dodge hadn’t met him yet!!! MY MONITOR!! ย Lol. So i panicked and text Dodge, as i was sure Ben would just head to The Carleton anyway and it would ruin everything. I knew he wouldn’t actually go home, as he was meeting ME. I’m a glamour puss…i go well with steak. ๐Ÿ™‚ So he’s be there, plus, he’s quite reliable with me, so i always feel as though i can trust that he’s going to be there.

I panic message Dodge, who assures me he’s en route to meet him and states that he will TRY and keep him there…which panicked me even more. HAHA.

By this time, I was already at The Carleton, as Rich, Tomfri, Nick etc…were arriving…on time…and worrying, as i didn’t know fi Dodge was going to be able to do it. I mean, if i sent Rich, he would’ve been able to lie and blag it with his eyes closed and come up with all sorts of rubbish to get him to stay. However, luckily, Dodge sorted it in the end like a champ…and i think lots of brandy helped.

I’ve set up a couple tables, we have wine, prosecco, a couple pitches of cocktails…just little bits. I’ve opened up a tab for people to order on and slowly but surely one by one, everyone started to arrive.

I was stressed by this point and turning into a Nazi. I had banned people from eating or smoking…and all sorts. It was hilarious. By the time it was 7pm, enough people were there, to surprise him. I knew that others were arriving late, which was fine, as they would get there.

Ben actually called my phone AGAIN and TEXTED me, but i was sat having a wine with Tony and Nick, so I just looked down, saw it was him and HAD to ignore it, as i couldn’t have done the whole ‘make up a bunch of lies’ thing again…it would’ve been awful. HAHAH. By this time, Dodge had it under control and well and refused to let him travel to The Carleton until the last minute. We were messaging the entire time.

When everything was ready, i called Ben back and said that i had been calling him like mad, to tell him that I had set off and that i was now already at The Carleton. ๐Ÿ™‚ So being super reliable, super hungry Ben, he immediately did the ‘i’m getting in a taxi NOW’ thing..and i rushed around telling everyone he was on his way.

Long story short, we’re all chatting amongst ourselves…and 10 minutes later…i see a taxi pull up with Ben, Dodge, his friend Scott and Goth Charlotte in it. However, we had been allocated seats right by this giant window so we all had to BOB DOWN, like idiots, in the corner of the pub, until he came through the door.

He did…we walked through…we all shouted ‘SURPRISE’ and Ben looked at us all oddly, because he didn’t know what was going on. HAHAH. It was sort of an anti climax, but ace, because now it means i could drink and not be stressed.

After ย a*pause* and us telling him what was going on, he smiled, looked cheery and got on with it, as we explained what had been going on.

More than anything he said that he was in shock because no one had ever done anything like that for him before and it was a little overwhelming…which i liked.

We all settled, drank, chilled and enjoyed…as he went around everyone and everyone did the ‘Happy Birthday’ Ben spiel.

He was impressed because he kept doing secret, happy, ‘smiley eyes’ at me…like I had ‘done good.’ Infact, i told him repeatedly that i had done good and he replied with a ‘You have done REALLY GOOD. ๐Ÿ™‚ ‘

More peopel showed up, were all jyst talking and drinking really, as it was just a gathering to surprise him, because we’re all going into Leeds on Friday (his actual birthday ) for drinks. I think i just kinda wanted to create a little ‘moment’ for him to remember…so i figured a little ‘with Ponte friends’ surprise would be a good idea…and it was.

After a while, I sat down at the table with him (as he was still doing his secret smiley eyes at me) and i told him to open his cards…

No telling him too much about them…HE DID…and that was when ‘the moment’ happened!!

He was inbetween Luke and I, so it was only us who actually saw ‘the moment’ and saw his little face. He ย read both cards..and just looked so overwhelmed that he didn’t even know what to say. But his face said it all…and it was that moment when i knew that i had done good! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m the kinda girl who will go out of her way to sort of try to create some kind of memory for someone that I care about…and I do it because i’m lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ ..but mainly because when we’re all old and wrinkly…the moments and memories are have, in our ‘thinkers’ are all we have left. There the great times that not only made you smile, but made you smile because you had someone do something incredible for you…without any reason, rhyme or benefit and just out of love and kindness.

Lots more drinks on the tab, fun, banter with new friends, old friends, chitter chatter, passing hours and Marks and Sparks cake blocks that Jas managed to spell ‘rapey’ with, everyone slowly wished him a happy birthday and slowly dispersed…leaving ‘the fun crew’ to do their do.

The pub was actually closing…and half of the fun crew wanted to go into town…and the others wanted to do anything, but didn’t know what?

I looked at Ben..and although he was super happy, it was kinda a lot for him to take in…and i knew that because i could read his face. He wasn’t off into town. I could tell a mile off and i knew that he would just want some chill time.

So, the rest of the fun crew went into town and ended up doing cocktails and Murga’s and Ben and I went home…well to mine…to have a malibu and pineapple juice and to just chill. He needed to just take it all in, say thank you and do it calmly and privately, I think?

But i like those moments…those moments where we can be with everyone and have so much fun or banter…then we can retreat to our bestie haven…where there’s just us…and everything is calm, emotionally peaceful…and just happy. We’re really happy when we spend time together and simply because our personalities kinda just mesh well. We’re actually holding each other’s hand through life right now and it’s working. It’s great! We’re sort of helping each other along, and i’m learning a lot from him without him even realizing. (And being the egomaniac that I am…i never usually learn anything from anyone. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Long story short…his presents…(that i’m not going to go into yet, as i’ll blog about them later down the line…even though he’s probably now the most envied boy in Pontefract. Everyone we told were just shocked, openly jealous or wanted me to be THEIR BESTIE. LMAO.)

All i’m gonna say is that, if he tries hard, he’ll now be driving…oh and dolls…

WE’RE FLIPPING OFF TO MORROCO!!! (I know, i’m awesome, aren’t I!)

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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