Sunday, chavs and garden centres

Tottered in last night at 1.10am, after having a bicker with dear old ‘Loverboy.’ We decided to argue about chavs, after i accidentally labelled some of his friends with such a title. Oopsie! …Well it wasn’t really argueing it was more a debate on the definition of the word. I embrace people from all walks of life, because i’ve lived a varied few walks and had first hand experience dilly-dallying in peeking holes and places, that a Glamour Puss would never have gotten to venture. I mean, i spent a great deal of my life trying to find the purpose of my life. I gave up my time in order to experience how others lived their life and all across the world! I just always felt i would never beable to understand ME, who i was, why i was here? If i didn’t wallow in a dollop of different lifestyles. I didn’t do it on my own…i attached myself to people (accidentally ofcourse, as i’m not a clinger…i’m far too commitment phobe) and they danced me through their life, without them even knowing. It was kind of like being shown around homes..Yet the homes were replaced with lives and the experiences were never as false or ploy to ‘quick sale.’ I learnt a lot and fast. Some good, some bad, some things that i really didn’t need to learn. I feel like i’ve lived the life of hundreds of different people..rawly.. and it’s been worth every moment. I have a keen interest in the lives of others and well that’s why i’ve always thought people have seemed to have a keen interest in mine. But anyway, i’ve distratced myself…Loverboy and I bickered over chavs. I believe the term defines a manner..a lifestyle. He believes the term defines poor people. Hmm..?

We didn’t bicker for too long, because there’s no point in him trying. I will always win and because i pull sneaky tactics. In the end he was simply listenning to be ramble my point to voctory..adn then quietly fininshed off with a ‘You’re right.’ He’s learning the art of ‘Chrissie You’re right,’ fast! Which ofcourse is somethinbg i like! If only he said it 20 minutes before the bickering began, than we would have been merry and not all huffy and puffy in baby pink. It’s like ethnic Ken doll and Barbie trying to have a serious conversation. 🙂 I’m pretty passionata eabout what i think…so i will always go all the way and then some to prove my point. I was telling him how the difference between Me and some of the people in the area that we live in was simply the fact that i was kitty who always knew there was more out there I was always ambitious. But more than anything….KNEW that fairytales and dreams come true! What upsets me more than anything, is the fact that some of the people in smaller towns do not truely believe that great things could or would ever happen to them. I’m living proof that they do! I love how i’m still having the arguement…but to myself. I need to drop it. I already won! ha!

Anyway, my relationship with Pete has been mildy strained recnetly, due to the stress and the pregnancy. I’ve got a lot on my plate emotionally and needing to figure it all out. The bleeding thing scared me and kind of almost traumatized me. I’ve been short with Pete, cold with Pete, distant and quiet. last night he told me it was because he thought i didn’t love him anymore. i sort of sat there and watched his heart break…like all he wanted was for me to loved him.

I do love him…nothings changed…and he adores me more than life itself. I just feel like the pregnancy changed my life massively and over night. I mean my whole entire lifestyle had to re-arrange within a moment and it shocked me. I want the baby. I love the baby aand i more than anything hope that i still have the baby. But i just need to breathe. I have a hell of a lot of amazing things happenning to me at once. On the inside i’m estactic!!! But too much goodness can often freak you out. I mean, i don’t know why so many great things keep falling into my lap, but i’m not complaining. I’ve lived a live of a pretty pouty struggle…so now, i guess…is mytime! Wow!

Other than that, i have a family day today. We’re going for lunch, then skipping around a garden centre…(it’s peaceful there.) I’ve been told we are then seeing karate Kid at the cinema, followed by dinner with my grandma and uncle. Lovely! I need to be getting ready really.

Life is amazing!

(Oh and don’t worry, i’ll sort everything out with Loverboy. After this week has passed, i believe i’ll feel much better and we can get back to tickles, cuddles and eskimo kisses. Until then…i’m breathing.)

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