Sun, Days off and Chicken Pox


Starting from NOW…I HAVE THE NEXT TWO DAYS, STRAIGHT OFF! Wahoo! Everyone’s been enjoying the sun, whilst i’ve been working through it. I’ve been gazing at your tans and fruity cocktail eyes and it has certainly tinged my soul with kitty ‘ho-hum.’ However, money making is good. Always good and i’ve learnt that if i stay focussed on what i’m meant to be doing, instead of taking a meander towards whatever distraction takes my fancy…in the end…all will be perfect! I’m going to be a success, except this time, i’m doing it right. I’ve filled up my work schedule, loving my babies, listening to my family, downsizing when to comes to normal life and living and working really really hard on my eyelash line, which i’m not launching during the Summer time. It’s certainly not a glue on mink lash kinda season. Even I can’t be bothered to glue my own on, when it’s heatwavy. So when the season’s turn to cozy…Wunna will whop out her eyelashes.

Today however, THE LEGS ARE OUT. They haven’t managed to be out in ages, so today is a day to celebrated. Unfortunately for me, this gets all kinds of people excited and i can’t just totter about with the babies, enjoying the sunshine. (I’ll get to that in a moment.)

Talking about babies…remember that i have two days off, in the sun, without hard work. Junior has decided to catch chicken pox, exactly on schedule. 🙂 He’s all spotty and moaning and wondering why his face has little lumps all over it. #aww The good thing is that they have now almost both got the pox out of the way! But yes, he couldn’t have scheduled it better. Next week is his birthday, so he’ll be fine by then. Yet he HAD to make sure that my days off were filled with hardcore mummying. Lol He’s happy though. A bit more moany than Ruby was…yet happy.

Okay, when it comes to boys…stuff has been going on. Crazy stuff., I figured instead of pin pointing and telling you the craziness of it all. (Just yet…as it’s still too fresh,) i’ll tell you that boys who fancy me tend to fancy me in the fashion of HARDCORE. It’s almost as if i hit their world with ‘Va voom’ and they can’t eat, sleep or function without me by their side.

Sounds good? Not always. 🙂 iT CAN BE GOOD AND I’M VERY VERY FLATTERED. I mean,  I’ve been shown love, showered gifts, called, texted and by everyone it seems who has an eye for a glamour puss  and to the point where it sort of makes me feel more like a possession…a trophy that a boy would like to try and win, rather than a person. I feel like an object, a prize and there was a time in my life when i was a wee kitten, when this is probably all i ever wanted. Yet the grown up version of me isn’t so sure. I love attention…we know this. I love romance, gifts and wooing…we also know this. Yet, it’s how a man makes me feel that i find valuable and as son as i realise that they adore me for all the wrong reasons….it turns me off. BUT IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.

My life partner should be waking up in the morning and feeling so happy and so excited to be waking up to little Burmese Chrissie. Not ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ They should adore me because i’m a good person, a great mum, they couldn’t imagine life without me and yeah it helps that i come across as ‘sexy,’ yet that shouldn’t be the number 1 headline. The young guys, never see me FOR ME. Just me. They’re very taken by the image, story and pizzazz of Chrissie Wunna…which I don’t mind. Yet i do when it comes to personal relationships, as those relationships that aren’t based on REAL LOVE, never ever last and inf act don’t satisfy ME.

This is why i can’t or shouldn’t be single…my life gets far more hectic. I have to waste time elbowing my way through drama, than just being happy with my family, as suitor, after suitor, tries to win my affection.

Anyway, i’m off to enjoy the sun with my baby boy and a box of chicken nuggets to celebrate his chicken pox. 🙂

I love you, thank you for following my life.

I will go more in depth…just not yet. 🙂

ps/ I have an entire house to put together nicely…Mike the handy man is my literal saviour. so please do book him for all your handy needs. (Message me for his digits.) When you’re on your need a ‘man of handy.’ I can’t wait for the hous eto get sorted, so i can sit, breathe and enjoy it.



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