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Morning kittens. Hope you’re feeling refreshed fun and filled with jiggy! I’m on a highly positive streak, proving that you can’t keep a good kitty down and well it’s important in life to focus on the positive and just remember the good times. Burdening yourself with the negative and making all things BAD the focus of your life..well speaks for itself. It’ll consume and prevent you from being a delight. You can have and do whatever you wish for and want. You just have to keep plugging away at it! Yet do it with an open heart, open mind and confidence.

The babies both decided to bundle into MY bed last night. I swear it’s like a really rubbish fairy tale. They bundle in and sleep like they’re sprawled out on a beach in Barbados, leaving no room for ‘Mummy.’ I did have a moment when I watched them both sleep and smiled with my eyes. Then I went with ‘fuck it,’ I need sleep too and whilst they rested their pretty little half Burmese heads, I  snook out of my own sheets and got into Ruby’s bed. I got the best hours sleep ever! I even forgot where I was! 🙂 Ruby by the way has a giant king-sized bed. It’s bigger than my own bed. For some reason she’s wanting more comfort than ever right now AND hating on her brother…so she’s all ‘get in with mum,’ and cuddle. I’m feeling good today because I feel like I can conquer the world. Whatever happens…it’s going to be wonderful. Feel positive and give it out, it weirdly comes back to you, boomerang styly,. (God, I depise this lump in my tyroid, I can’t swallow without looking like an ape.)

Firstly, I’d like to say that I’m super happy that all my friends and aquaintances and blog readers are now booking luxury forest cabin breaks for this new year. It is completely worth it. I know I harp on about it a lot, but because I simply adore bubbling away with a champers in an outdoor, peaceful hot tub, hidden away in the woods. Who wouldnt! AND the weather is currently perfect for it. Even better than when I went for Christmas and my birthday. I’m booking a last minute trip for Jan 27th.

But yes, I know I sound like a sales girl for them, I swear that I’m not, I simply go so much that I now have my own code. IF YOU fancy a romantic bit of peace, or good old family time in the woods…in luxury…and privacy…all my blog readers have been given 10% off their booking with Type in the code chrissiewunna13 as your promo code when booking and get money off your magical trip! How nice of them to do that for us!


Right aside from that, I’m currently working on my lash line that it out this year. It is the FIRST PRODUCT from my new beauty line coming out to you. It’ll work this time because i’ve done it correctly. Yet let me tell you, being a mUm and having two tiny tots makes it impossible to get any work done. Ruby is currently sat on my shoulders for attention, whilst I type and screaming out nurser rhymes because i’ve told her to be *hush-hush* whilst Junior sleeps, so I can quickly whop put a blog. That’s how hard it is. Next week. NURSERY! How am I supposed to make millions for them when they shoulder sit and moan. Lol.

So yes, as promised, i’m still giving things away. Sorry for those who are waiting…things have been both busy, hectic and emotionally thumbs down. Lol. Bu ti’m getting there and actually really narked off that I didn’t know a Dryathalon was going on for the Cancer Research Charity. By friend ‘Just bought a Mini’ Ruth, (she does PR for Ginetta) has given up booze for the whole of January. It’s only going on this month and well I wanted to do it. I’ve already had vino and won’t have time to get people to sponsor me now. But good on her! You can send her donations if you so wishy! Apparently tonic water makes a really good pretend gin. 🙂 Hmmm?

Okay, away from that, here’s more ‘do gooding.’ I believe that in the industry of ‘dreams come true’ and success…there is really room for everybody and you can’t get ahead by hating on others, as it’s lame and rather annoying. When people hate on me for no reason, that’s when I know i’m doing the best! 🙂 Instead of all that’ negatory cooker-mucka’…you have to embrace all who are trying to do the same as you and do it with love and if there is any competition treat it with a playful wiggle and wink. You should be confident in your own product and know that there is room for all.

Today, I am doing two separate giveaways…and in the name of celebrating my OWN lash line that is out this lovely, kitten eyed year…I am going to be celebrating the lash lines of two OTHERS! You have to and because they’re worth it!

So first of all…let me welcome you to…

This lash line is a MINK eyelash range. If you haven’t heard of Mink Fur Lashes, you’ve been cheated. They are very popular in the states and i’ve worn them for a very long time. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez…everyone is rocking the new real mink lashes. They are extremely popular and well more and more UK brands are starting to catch on. There are even studios in London who are doing the mink fur lash treatments for over £500!!

I asked Lola Lashes to be a part of the giveaway because their lashes are some of THE BEST MINK FURS going. Just the packaging and presentation ALONE sends me off into a flurry.

Quite new, fresh, yet with a vintage tweek, i’d say. Definitely worth your time, definitely makes you feel quite special and certainly invites you to want to embrace your inner ‘Lola.’ I ADORE these lashes…so here you go…you can WIN THEM.


Click on the images for a more delicious look! Or even visit the website

Twitter @Lolalashes_UK

I’m so impressed with these lashes and simply because even before I got to see the box itself, they arrived at my doorstep in postage packing of course. Yet under that packaging was the most kitten soft Tiffany blue, perfectly tissue gift wrapped box of real mink lashes. WITH A GENTLE PERSONALIZED RIBBON wrapping the gift in a bow. I’m sold!

They can be used up to 30 times and not only are they glamourous, they are also lightweight. Give’em a try! Win them today wit WUNNA! I only found one brand at The Clothes Show this year doing the mink furs…so all the girls beginning their own lines of this sort.are smart chicas. Including moi. 😉

To win these babies…and know that if you don’t win, I have another set from a different brand up for grabs later today…all you have to do is Text, Tweet, mail, Inbox or anyway you can imagine the word ‘LOLA.’

By the end of tomorrow…a winner will be picked!


The lashes you win have a retail price of £39.99 and are the ‘Livin’Doll’ style. (Very Chrissie Wunna/)


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