Summer, Xmas and Chilli loos

Hi all!

I’m *rocking* from a Pumpkin spiced latte, so after a night of ‘no sleep’ and a secret baby Princess weep, due to me maybe feeling a little unappreciated (pity party anyone,) I think i’m all okay again? Well, I think? Well lets hope so. Fingers crossed! I don’ t know what’s wrong with me but something is and I need to get to the bottom of it all pronto, before the madness of the glittery explosion occurs and I completely lose my mind, with a *Ba-BOOM-SPRINKLE.* Can anyone say period? Haven’t I just had one? I’ve lost track because I always seem to be pregnant. There’s me thinking that one day I may be some kind of superstar. 🙂 When all that will happen is a documentary on Channel 4 or BBC3 along the lines of ’15 babies and counting’ or whatever it’s called. ‘Wunna has 42 more children…and counting.’ I just couldn’t. Two winkles seem to be enough right now. 🙂 The good thing is, that whilst everyone else is JUST having or deciding to have their first or second babies later on in life…y’know when they’re a bit older and grunty. I will have ALREADY done my fair share of producing!  Meaning that  I get to be all free, hot and dancy AND  whilst being an oldie, whilst the chicks are all waddling around moaning and the men are all having to give up their freedom. 🙂 Yippeee! I’ll be a hot almost 40 year  old.

I’m in ridiculous heels today and ridiculous heels always humour me. I’m like the cast of ‘Gypsy Wedding’ but with more eyeliner on. No sensible person can really totter around in such inchness. Yet I pretend that I can and I have no idea why? The fact that I’ve just said that simply disturbs me, as I’ve always been a ‘heels at all costs’ kinda girl. I’m a bit more sensible these days and well I kinda fancy myself a whole lot more now that I am clued up. I wish other people did however, as the irrational, sequinned, nutty version of me, with no reins or full stops…was not fun at all. It just looked fun. How I feel right now is 100 times more mighty.

Life on the whole is good. I keep getting these little bouts of ‘angry face’ but once I chill and delight in the positive, I seem to be alright again. I even invested more than 99p in bin bags today. My husband would always moan at me because I always purchased cheapies that snapped and holed with the tiniest amount of weight. But I just couldn’t and still can’t find the glory in paying more money than I have to on bags that I will only use to throw my trash in. I’m buying them to throw them out even! Makes no sense and well its not very Gucci if you ask me. 🙂

I’ve had a day of reminiscing, where i’ve looked back on my ‘telly’ days, Hollywood life, modelling stuff and ‘Hilton’ hour. It just kinda brought a smile to my face because as a child I always always wanted to be on the telly and no matter what now, I can always say that I did it. I achieved it. Goal. Sorted. I do eventually want to get back on it. However, right now i’m trying to concentrate of working in order to become super dooper stable, where I can relax in my dream home and giggled into my house cocktail. Everything in life really does happen for a reason and I’ll get my time when I get my time. It’ll come…when it’s meant to. But right now…i’m working hard.

My new exciting news is that I’m still going to be re-shooting for this website…meaning you’ll finally get new Wunna pics and although they’ll be sexy, they aren’t going to be slutty. I enjoy sexy and beautiful, simply because people tend to like beautiful people a lot more, don’t they? I don’t know why we do, but we do? We’re either nicer to them than normal. OR we’re really awful about them because they make us feel insecure. But whatever. my pics will be delightful and you’re all going to love them.

Second of all, I’m officially spending Christmas time in the the luxury log cabins and I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!! As you know, my little family and I adore the forest and simply because it’s filled with peace and nature. Plus, we can be hermits. No-one can find us. Even if we wanted them too. We’ve ventured out to hot tub in the woods many a times. This year we’ve already been THREE times and we usually go to mark special occasions.

So this Christmas, courteousy of my Mother, who has bought us it for a pressie, my little family and I will be enjoying the log cabins and doing Christmas properly. I’m a freak for Crimbo, simply because I’m a December baby. I’m also most lucky during that season because my stars seem to make me be. It’ll be Ruby’s first Christmas where she gets what’s going on a little more and Baby Juniors FIRST EVER Xmas celebration. We’ll have a fully decorated tree up in the cabin, lots of pressies, I’ll cook a massive dinner, we’ll be in the middle of the forest, with our log burner, hot tub, warm tinsel smiles, champagne and they even have Santa, carol singers and a brass band for you to enjoy during your stay. I’ve even booked us in cabin spa treatments. 🙂 Yippeee!

The only thing that’s different is the fact that instead of us going to Sherwood, (which is our main spot) we’re having to go to North Yorkshire because all the cabins got booked up. They’re pricey at Christmas, so Lord knows how they’ve managed to sell each and every one of them. But they have and well we’ll be going from Dec 23rd onwards.

Can’t remember what else I was going to tell you? Thank you for all your messages in regards to the last blog. I guess a lot of you ladies have rubbish picking ability. 🙂 It’s the norm don’t worry about it. HOWEVER, one young lady stated that she had followed by blog since it’s Hollywood days and she believes i’ve only ever picked on ‘hottness.’ WRONG! I used to, when I was young and because I kinda like a bit of a trophy boy, even to this day. I like a ‘prize’ something that I can show off a little and that’s the ‘masculine’ in me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a fire sign or because I learnt awful habits in Hollywood, because the majority of my friends were boys or gays.

So yeah, i’ve gone for ‘hot’ at times and ‘hot with no substance’ at times. 🙂 It depends on how the relationship before panned out. 🙂 But i’ve certainly dated some ‘not stereo typically attractive’ looking boys. Or flung with gents who weren’t at all anything to shout about. Hot is all fine and good to look at when you’re young. But when you get older you realize that substance makes all the difference. I like a GOOD GUY and can’t stand  BAD BOY. I don’t find being reckless sexy at all. They need to be rock strudy. A solid, stable being of togetherness. I find that attractive and I always have, i’ve never ever fancied Pierre the ‘Party Boy.’ They’re only good for free drinks and having your picture taking with. I mean, if we’re going back in time, the first boy I married wasn’t AT ALL a party boy. He was a solid, stable, soppy sort, who loved love and was determined to be a success. Yeah, a lot of things occured during our marriage because we were far too young. But, the thing that initially attracted me to him was the fact that he was quiet, calm and worked hard. He was goal driven, artsy, liked the finer things in life, positive and intelligent. He was very together and not at all a loose cannon. But he had a great foundation. A really good family. He had good role models. Which is what I had also.

The second boy I married…doesn’t count. 🙂 He tried to blackmail me for money..then apologised when he returned from a come down.

But the third, is still a boy that once you get to know and once you look beyond a ‘front’ is quite simple with maybe past complications. Yet he too is quite determined, romantic and positive and he’ll work hard for what he wants. He has horrific streaks of boyishness, which is the part I don’t enjoy. But that’s because i’m older, a women and a mum now. Yet on the whole, his basic foundation is good. He didn’t have as many role models to maybe look towards as a child and in fact probably became his own. But I understand that and I know that one day, his head will be cleared of the fuzz and he’ll stand mighty. It’s weird because I sort of ‘mother’ him more than anything else. One of the first things I said to him was ‘you bring out my maternal instinct.’ I’m not sure why I do? But I do. I don’t think it’s bad for him. I know him pretty well.

(Oh and if you’re going through all this and moaning about all my grammatical errors. Please stop. Spelling and correct punctuation is for idiots. 🙂 Quit being annoying. I can spell and I can punctuate, but just not in these mails or in a rush and i’m always in these nails or in a rush. SO THEIR! Just kidding….SO THERE! Booyah!)

I went on the sunbed in my break today because it looked miserable outside. The funny thing is, once I had completed my session, the sun came out and pulled a ‘Summer’ on us, so I’m therefore sure it was all down to me. I was sweating like  a half roasted pig when i walked out the joint. I’m glad Summer is over because it was a bit too long for me. I want Christmas and warm clothes to hurry up and get going simply because a British Summer will never be warm enough for me, after a decade in West Hollywood. I’d wake up and it’d be 80 degrees over there. So British BBQ weather is like a freezing cold day in Hollywood. England is best when it’s cold and wintery. LA sucks at Christmas because it’s far too normal and sunny. There’s no festive warmth. Just more tan lines, Summer flings and pool parties. I’ve done all that and even though right now it’s on hold, I do intend on moving back for half the year once my kiddies have become a  it more grown. Hollywood is a place that I could life forever. It caters to everything that I am. 🙂 Plus, I can wear all my outfits out there without being called a ‘twat.’ Roll on Christmas.

Everyone seems to have had a really great Monday today. Puts a smile on my face. I like people enjoying a good time, but when they haven’t gone out of their way to make it a good time . Instead a good time has simply turned up ‘out of the blue’ during a normal moment, making it ace. They’re always the best.

I’ve put chilli on everything today and now my belly really hurts. I do naturally prefer spicy, yet i’ve over done it and now i keep needing the loo. #sexy









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