Summer Flings and Postcards


It’s Day 11 of the delicious British heatwave, I thank you very much! Who said we were miserable, grey, pastey skinned beings of stiff upper lip! (Well, i’m lucky enough to never be that, simply because i’m dipped in the pool of exotic. Yeah…I’m a child of two immigrants, which people tend to argue a lot about these days. But my parent immigrants did pretty god darn welly for themselves, probably better than some of their ‘originally from Britain’ counterparts, meaning they could birth a Brit…yet in luxury…and well there’s no grey, miserable, pastey on these legs, honey child! ) But yes, my point is, we’re enjoying the sun, we are celebrating tan lines, we’re throwing caution to the wind and whopping out our booty shorts and we all might be a bit sweaty, yet we’re feeling mighty sexy! We are officially having a heatwave baby! There’s shimmies in our ta-ta’s and electric slides struts. We’re umbrella drinks at their finest…and well it’s rubbish for anyone who’s booked a holiday during this time. Now I don’t feel bad for all those that grabbed a last minute Portugal trip. #inyourface 🙂

Life is great! The kids are a delight. Ruby is thoroughly thoroughly enjoying the Summer. She’s a maniac for it. I watched her at nursery yesterday when I went to do the pick up and she was bossing everyone around, in her frilly little sand stained dress, booty dancing, gleefully galloping, singing, playing and laughing out loud to the utter sound of happiness…level crazy. She’s brown as hell right now and simply because she’s the kinda girl who could stand in the shade for 4 seconds and look like she’s Lenny Henry. (She’s part Caribbean and Asian, the most ethic baby in town…hence the mad accidental speed tan. I love it because she stands there moaning for a juice, simply to get her breath back.)  When you’re a mum, their happiness sort of makes you feel all wiggly inside. But when you’re a child impressing your parents becomes something that you really want to achieve. My kids better engrave that in their glitzy little, nappy filled systems. I’m impressed right now, with Junior sleeping through the night, coping with me wheeling him around and dealing with Baby Ruby bullying him and impressed with how chatty and how clever Ruby has accidentally become. I have ace kids and well lets just hope they keep it up through life…and adore me.

Keiran’s still away and it’s awful because not only am I missing him but he’s missing out on all the Summer family fun. He’s missing all the back garden memories you makes of yourself as a child, in the paddling pool, sand pits, running around dropping ice creams and enjoying life. I’m certainly appreciating mummy hood a great deal more. Yeah i’m shattered, but that’s just how it is. I’m SO lucky to have the life I have beautiful children, a good hubby and freedom. I’ve finally got my act together and I’m so chipper right now that i don’t think I would care to change anything at all. It’s perfect. Simple and perfect! I have created my own delicious world of WUNNA!

What was I gonna ramble on about today? I dunno now? I’ve been busy with interviews and work phone appointments and lord knows what. I’ve in talks with top PR firms and making ridiculous postcards to win free holidays to Marbella. I don’t think i’d even like to go to Marbs, as it seems far too party island for me. I’m more of a luxury girl. But anything for a freebie and a bit of fun trying to win it, is enough to foolish entice me away from work. I enjoy a distraction, so thank you Volvic Tropical Flavour and your postcard comp. Oh and thank you @emilywoodcock as I only got distracted after seeing your entry on my FB newsfeed. (Poor Keiran, I make a fool of him at all times without his permission and enter him in all sorts. 🙂 I’m use to being a fool, so i’m numb to the pain of it all. #wifeaward)

Today, i’ve decided that brunettes should just BE brunettes. Why are you all dying your hair blond? There’s nothing sexier than a bit of dark haired vixen. Stop streaking the mane with straggly bit of blond and embrace your luscious dark locks and flaunt it. I like blonds to be blonds and brunettes to be brunettes. There you go! Now the worlds a safer place and i’ve organized the earth ball with a wink and a natural hair colour.

I had to take an online assessment yesterday morning and I could only do it during a set of specific hours. I only had 4 mins to complete each section, which is shit when you have a 2 yr old sat next to you pressing all the buttons on your pink laptop. RUBY was happily answering half of the questions for me, without my permission and when I wasn’t looking. I failed it. I must have. They now think I believe the opposite to ‘happy‘ is ‘ foolish’ and that 74+7= e9yhee8**4GF@~;^%US££$. Lord have mercy. Thanks Rubes. Online assessments my arse. It’s just funny. I crack myself up. WHAT IS MY LIFE! Then all she could say after the moment was ‘Mum i’ve pooed.’ Cheers!

Anyway i hope all you singletons are enjoying your Summer flings. My life used to be a series of flings…I did every season though, it just felt like Summer because it’s a heatwave everyday in Hollywood. Summer is all about flings and it’s kinda hard to snag a ‘forever’ during this time. Therefore if you can’t beat it join it. In the words of 90210 ‘When the going gets tough..the tough get into bikinis.’ Yeah Baby. (You fools.) For those of you who are attached, your meant to be enjoying the Summer with your other half. I can’t because HE’S always away which is pretty annoying and somewhat careless when you have a newborn. 🙂 Boys will be boys. I won’t *yawn* you about it. I’m not a misery ball however. I’m disco arm happy. How can you be all frowny in this weather. I can hardly be bothered to blog due to the sunny sun.

I don’t think any girl should take a guy seriously during this season…especially  if on holiday. Once the sun and the fruity cocktails and the tan beams have gone, the Autumn version of your relationship is never as glam. It’s almost depressing..and woolly hatted. Eww!

It’s the time when all girls realize that he isn’t what they thought after all and where all boys boast about bonking you in the sand to their mates, by whopping out that ONE GOOD picture of you. They always find that ONE GOOD picture and if their mate sees a dodgy picture, they always try to cover it up with excuses for you. I’ve seen it happen millions of times. Keiran even does it with me.

I can’t be bothered to be a slave to cyberland right now. It’s far too delightful outside.

I’m off.

Enjoy! x

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