Summer Bants

Happy! Happy! Tuesday! I’m a in a good mood, because i’ve worked my arse off, the suns out, i’ve been so knackered, but I am panic tottering to the end of the tunnel, with a ‘yeee haa.’ (I’m not AT the end of the tunnel just yet, but i can see it…and it’s glitter gleaming baby.)

All’s good. Life is Wunnaful. Things are just ace in the Summer, aren’t they? I’m cocktailing more than necessary. But I’m fine with that. You should be too.

Everyone’s still asking me about my Facebook. AGAIN, I’m on a ban until June 8th. Everyone’s still asking me about my Twitter. It got hacked in March & Twitter did nothing to get it back for me after I reported it 100s of times (so did my friends and followers) & sent in ID. It’s an actual verified account, that someone else is now using, pretending to be me! They’re DM-ing people & because all anyone sees is a silly blue tick, they think it’s actually me!

I was going to do nothing about it. But then I felt the injustice of it was ridiculous, so a lawyer has now taken the reins…

‘It affects my brand, my earnings, my career & my character. They have access to personal photos of both my children and I.’

Anyway….(Y’know, I’ve managed to get through 38 years without ever having to buy a court outfit. However this year…ALL I seem to be doing, other than selfies…is COURT. I’ve noticed that when you do well…People go nuts and do silly things to disturb your well being…and also because they’re dickheads. Surely being one or the other is enough. You don’t need to be nuts AND a dickhead.)

That was a long ‘Anyway…’

Okay, i spent the weekend with the babies, shopping, bowling, lunching and everything in between. They were so happy, their souls were just filled with ‘ooh laa.’ I try to make the weekends magical, because obviously our lives are a changing and they’re working hard IN school AND OUT of school. Things may not be paper perfect, yet I go above and beyond to make sure that their time with ME is magical, because all we have, at the end of the day is each other and memory making. I want them to have beautiful childhoods.

Junior’s gaining confidence now. It’s like he’s woken up from this haze of insecurity & all of a sudden turned around and said, ‘I got dis…’ I’m impressed. He’s a really sensible & loving boy is Junior…so it’s good to finally see a bit of ‘gusto’ and ambition in him! He found his inner Wunna. When all the odds were against him, he stood up and showed everyone he was HERE & gonna champion it!

Ruby’s a whizz. One of those good at everything kinda beings. Shes smart, competitive and sassy. She’s tender and kind too…but she’s high maintenance.

Mum: ‘You say it like, YOU’RE not, when she’s actually JUST LIKE you???’

The odds are always on Ruby’s side. SHE puts unnecessary pressure on HERSELF to achieve. I spend my whole time taming it!

They’re both in school and doing school well. (Yet for example, straight after school on Friday, Junior then had to audition for a commercial and start filming. Sounds odd to some, but it’s now our normality. My job is to take away any stress, so it all just seems so easy, normal, fun and everyone’s happy. I make sure all is well & all is balanced.)

FYI/ He smashed it. (Ruby had already got the job.)

Junior: ‘Miss.Liddle is gonna be really happy, because she was excited that I was gonna be on the telly.’

Anyway. You get it. There’s a lot going on. My personal work schedule is insane, but I’m loving it. I’m so lucky!!!! I hope I it all goes from strength to strength now..

If i could tell you how busy I was, It’d actually relieve some stress. Haha. But I can’t. I’m just skimming things and thinking…

‘How the fuck am I gonna fit it all in?’ (That’s sounds rude. Haha)

But I always do and when I do, I feel over the moon!!

I told you that things were a changing in Wunna Land and you’re gonna see me do something that is gonna shock you. Still in entertainment. It’s not that much is a stretch. But you’re gonna be shocked…and i’m so excited.

DBear’s all good. He’s really cute. He’s all supportive and loving. He’s sexy. I like sexy people. But yes, I’m glad he’s back from his adventures for a while. But yes, He’s been a true sweetheart and well….i’m REALLY lucky to know him as a human. He is a really talented, yet a really beautiful person. My path crossing skills are amazing. Haha. No matter what, he always has my back. He’ll stand tall and adore appropriately. Haha. I like that! He’s actually a really inspiring person. He makes my eyes smile. I love to make him giggle. I can tell him everything and anything and he always finds a solution. Hot!!!

Life is actually cutting me some fucking slack!!! 38 has been ace!

And yes, i know i’ve been brief about the DBear stuff, but that is actually very deliberate.

I also got to banter with ‘TBone’ yesterday, which fills my evil soul with joy. ‘TBone’ is a really good friend of mine now and we literally CRACK EACH OTHER UP. I think you can know someone for ages, literally ages….but it takes a while for two people to properly figure each other out. We’re almost there now.

TBone: ‘You’re more filth than I am!!’

Me: ‘Stop trying to act like a Disney character. You’ve….Well this is you…’

TBone: ‘Haha. That’s brilliant!!’

He’s only lovely to me because during his own pressy ‘drama’ I was super supportive. I had his back fully!! I understood him. I never judged him. I could’ve. But I didn’t. We have a laugh and it’s just brilliant! We can be ourselves and the way we’ve grown up …in all of our industries we’re in…(this is including DBear) that is harder to find than you think!

I’ve got bored of writing this now. I’m outside and tanning. It just seems more pleasant than typing.

Ruby (yesterday): ‘I think I’m a lesbian because in secret I play with Juniors trucks.’

Me: ‘Girls can play with trucks, though?’ Being a lesbian is about who you fancy.’

Ruby: ‘Oh?’

I think I need to go enjoy the day and watch John Travolta thrust in Aerobics class.

Loving ya! Leaving ya!

Al my heart! Al?? I meant ‘ALL!!’ Haha.

Chrissie x

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