Afternoon my little kitty cats of ‘purr.’ (Go on…have a masssive ‘Purrr festival’ to get you in the mood. I’ll just have a wine. *Reaches for it- Handsome in a half naked Greek Toga passes it to me*)

Anyway, enough of the role play. Today I remembered that I am highly seduced and turned on by power, success riches and status. All those great sinful things. 🙂 I adore and value the simple things in life, like love, nature, family etc…they are my foundation and I have it forever. Yet those diamond dripped turn on’s really do sprinkle over my parade and my Dad, (who was a very successful business man, in the form of a Doctor) he always taught me that it’s alright to want riches, if you know what truly matters in life and you understand what is really of any worth. It was a bit of old Asian man, Burmese wisdom, and my sinful cravings were to be seen as ‘play things’ to have for a bit of fun, whilst clinging onto the true beings and parts of life that mattered.

When I say that I’m seduced by power, riches, success and status. I don’t mean in a man. I me in my OWN SELF. When it comes to men, I’m seduced by a fairytale, romance, a kind, gentle, loyal love but one that is there for the long haul, through the think and thin of it all…for the ‘forever’ time. I adore giddy bits of playful romance. They get me everytime. I love ‘love’ and I adore an openly loving man, who respects and celebrates my every being. I’ll usually pick that guy over Mr. Richie Rich.

But when it comes to work and the beautiful art of being Chrissie Wunna…I am excited by power, status, recognition success and riches. I want my own kingdom. My own world to flourish. An empire that I can wear giant heels in, strut around like the Queen of Sheba, waving at minions and smiling at handsome employees, as they tuck their shirts in a little tighter as I pass by and get all frightened because they think I’m a monster. 🙂 (I’m never a monster at work. I’m far too laid back and understanding with others that I work alongside. But I enjoy being the boss of my own world and other people celebrating my dream. 🙂 ) It’s wrong isn’t it? Lol. I’m just ambitious and i’m in a position where I can DO THIS! Everyone is actually…all it takes is the right mind set, correct attitude, determination and dedication and all the right things at all the right times, with all the right people. BOOM! SUCCESS! *Cheque Please.*

I saw a lady who was going in for her lips done today. She pulled up in a red Audi right next to me…an older lady, who looked like she could have a rich Farmer husband. She was hilarious because as I was changing from my fur driving boots into my 10 inch heels. (How the HELL does anyone do heels in TIGHTS! All of sudden my shoes felt too big and I was slipping and sliding everywhere!) Nut yes, got distracted…the ‘Farmer’s wife’ was hilarious because she looked so daunted by the Pay & Display machine? Not that I was spying on her. But at 8.45am, you’ve got to find things that humour you during a footwear change.

She looked so puzzled by it that once I flung myself out of my silver Mercedes, swished my bag over my kitten shower an hair-tossed, as I swung my car door shut, with a *slam.’ (I do everything BIG when getting out the car. It was like I had just had a massively glamourous orgy in there in nothing but diamonds, when all I did was swap shoes.)

…I walked up to her to ask her if she actually needed any help? She looked at me and smiled, asked if I ‘was a model’ and then said ‘No, I didn’t know how long I’d be here, that’s all?’

So I waved, and strutted off with a warm smile and my own ‘tights in heels’ issue.

I’m feeling good today. Ruby and I are a ‘team’ once more. Both kiddies slept through the night, which makes a big difference to my ‘next day.’ Junior has started to ADORE nursery. When I picked him up yesterday he looked like he was having the TIME OF HIS LIFE. He loves lights, action and people, so when he’s there he’s so stimulated that his little heart beats so fast with excitement. When he left he immediately pulled faces and posed all ‘glum’ because he didn’t wish to go. In a weird way it sort of makes me happy that he enjoys it, whilst I work. One day…when i’m rolling in million pound notes, it’ll be worth it. (Ugh, my hair’s gone flat again now and my postures all shitty.) Ruby on the other hand would probably prefer to stay with Me all day and do grown up things. She’s waaay ahead of her time is that girl. She loves doing grown up things and i’m trying to slow her roll down a bit. Be a kiddy Ms.Thang! She’s very ‘when i’m a grown up, i’m going to do my face and drink champagne and go to parties.’ LMAO. That is how she defines me. She also refers to me as  ‘Sexy lady.’ In the car the other morning her actual quote was ‘Mummy is a sexy lady and Daddy goes *whoop-whoop.* 🙂 

But I adore her little girl moments when she adores being 2 and looks at me like she did last night and whilst tucked in bed says, ‘Can you tell me the story of The Three Bears Mummy.’ 🙂 Junior trumped through it all.

But yes, what I want to tell you today is that DREAM COME TRUE. Have a goal, a wish, a dream and don’t be defeated by life. KNOW that no matter what it is, provided you are headed the correct way…you can turn it into a reality. YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. What I will say to you is to never give up or you’ll never be fulfilled, if it is your actual dream and to pursue it HARD. Do everything right, know all the right people, go tot all the right places and be TALENTED. Work hard, think big, fill your cup with ambition and GO FOR IT!







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