Stupid o clock

Woke up this morning with a bit of a cold. It was one of those mornings when you look outside, see summer is over, and want to just snuggle under for a further 2 hours, in dying hope that the next time you wake up, it’s summer again, and you don’t have a cold. Unfortunately, (wait a second, because as i’m trying to write my blog, attention whorey people, are trying to talk to me endlessly without consideration and simply won’t FUCK OFF!!!) Okay…Unfortunately, i wasn’t granted such, ‘lay in ‘ bliss, and was poked, poked, and yelled at until i got my glamour puss self out of my bed like haven. Ugh! I’m not a morning person, AT ALL, so when this happens, it pretty much ruins my day….not to mention my LIFE!!!

Running errands in the rain is probably on the list of the ‘shittest thinks you have to do, without an umbrella.’ (FUCKING HELL, my phone keeps ringing, ringing and RINGING!!) Anyway… ran errands in the pissing down rain, ruined my hair, practiced the art of ‘less is more’ a little more, and after shunning my Starbucks moment, and talking to my makeup artist about the ‘power of publicity,’ whilst discussing some hot boys i know in LA.. i decided that i was no longer going to be moody, just because my morning was pretty shite, and instead i was going to suck it up, blame it on my diet, and vent for 20 minutes, then be as happy as can be for the rest of my boring day. Yes today was quite a drag…(not as in Queen, as that would be Greatness.) It definitely pulled away my soul, as slooooowly as possible…until i had chicken, and perked up a treat! Now i’m happy as can be!! I hate feeling bored. I makes me think, i’m merely ‘existing’, and not really ‘living.’ I hate the rain and it hates me, we don’t make ‘whoopee.’

Last night, ‘latin Lover’ went off on one, had a paddy, spat his dummy out. (If you are american…he just got ‘pathetically angry’.) Not sure what happened but i called him, and made fun of him because it took him 3 hours to cook 12 people food, and he’s a Chef!?! (i’m good at pointing out flaws.) Fair grounds to make fun of someone i believe. Anyway he loses it, and starts yelling at me, ‘ You don’t know what i have to do!!’ (blowjobs??) ‘You don’t know what it’s like over here!!! (shit??) ‘You’ve never cooked anything in your life,’ (erm… i got an A* in Home Ec,) ‘yet you sit there always shitting on me,’ (i have never once pooped on you, and i resent that you would accuse me of such unhygenic behaviour.) I told him, i would never talk to him again, if he hung up..(because we’re all grown up and everything)…so he did. Now i have to ‘never talk to him again, ‘ just to prove a point. This is going to be quite tedious. He called…i picked up, and yelled normal random, ‘Don’t call here’ bullshit, already breaking my ‘threat.’ We’re not talking. But he’ll call, i’ll pick up, he’ll say ‘sorry’, then we’ll make up and fight all over again, some other time we choose to pull a ‘barney’ out. He’s like a nagging wife.

I’m off to chew on brocolli.

3 thoughts on “Stupid o clock”

  1. you do love having rows chrissie dont u babe? are u sure u aint part of man us holigan firm. i hope your day got better treacle mine was pretty pony i did fuck all being brassic is shit. but at least the toon one and i watched the ufc u got much planned for this week treacle take care chrissie tada scratch

  2. i cant wait till v so i can get right out of me cannister in the bacardi breezer tent the bands czan fuck right of. u going v this year chrissie u should do babe it is a right bubble


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