Stupid o Clock


It’s silly o clock in the morning and i’m sat in my living room, by a Christmas tree, in my glasses and my parker jacket, after a ginger ale and simply because I couldn’t sleep. This morning, I realised that the ‘early bird’ doesn’t necessarily ‘catch the worm,’ and probably just needs a nap later on in the day.

When I was younger and living in LA, I’d always despise it when grown ups, in their 20 somethings took a nap, as i would preach that it was for grannies, lazy people or dwarves because their legs must get tired.  Now, i’m old, working hard and a mum…naps rock. (I kinda did that ‘taking Ruby up to bed’ thing, where in which you find yourself accidentally falling asleep with them.)

So, i have two days OFF straight! I DID IT! I’ve just come off, one of the BUSIEST work weeks and weekends EVER…and even though it feels knackering, or stressy, whilst you’re doing it, NOTHING FEELS BETTER than you’re sense of a achievement afterward! I DID IT. WE ALL DID IT! I mean GOD, you should’ve seen ever single one of my workmates faces when I sauntered yesterday, through waiting crowds with eager, Christmas spending money. It was mental and hilarious. OR as Brett stated, ‘Like the closing down sale at Woolworths!’ Lol

Madness it was! But great! So yes, my body is now on ‘rest’ mode. However, it’s bizarre because, once you TRY and rest, you find yourself still up, or up early, with joyful madness still racing through your glitzy system.

The babies are excited for Christmas. I’ve missed them madly. ‘Uncle Nick’ (as in Nick Knight, now without an appendix) came over last night, as he’d spent the day with Ben. It’s great when they spend time with one another, as they really are like brothers…so they’ll go through shit…and always be able to make up. My Babies love ‘Uncle Nick.’ They went bananas for him. Once that boy finds love, he’ll be a champion. Nick Rocks.

So BEN, didn’t do his set homework and watch the fricking ‘Notebook,’ I KNOW! AS IF!!! So, I almost made him live off MicroChips for tea, simply because he didn’t keep his end of the takeout bargain. Lol. BUT, whatever, we ordered a curry and a pizza for the kids anyway! You have to! I’ve lived off a flipping packet of crisps here and there over the last week…simply because i’ve been so busy and not had time to eat. Take out was not only much needed, but DELICIOUS! (Ben hasn’t been able to sleep all night. I watched him through the process of his ‘getting up’ and needing to find stimulation, in order to settle his ‘busy’ mind. He’s literally just got to bed and rested.)

Today, i’m hoping to do lunch, snag a few last minute gifts, write Ruby a letter form Santa to post and start wrapping up gifts.

Then chilling after a mini bloggathon. Junior fancies ‘seeing Santa’ as he’s desperate to tell him that he needs a ‘Henri’ the Hoover.

It’s almost six o clock in the morning, so i’m gonna try and get an hour’s kip, before it’s time to do the morning rush around.

Love you all mucho and i hope you’re all getting sorted for Crimbo! x


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