Stupid Cupid

Woke up this morning in a white nighty, curled up in my soft white sheets, with the Yorkshire day light breezing through my boudoir and my Black Berry demanding my attention. I reach over to my right, as it rang a calypso melody at me. I looked to see how my day of lurve would begin and who was it? (I hear you cry.) Yep, it was my little Jonny (@jonathanctaylor) who was eager to deliver his sweet words of love. It went a little like this:

You dirty little slag. U evil little bitch… i’m gonna grab you by your dirty little weave and sling you around like a little slag, you loser!! (Hahaha….) I responded with a giggle, then a ‘Happy Valentines Day to you too, my little honey pie.’ Then i told him that i loved it when he talked dirty to me.

I know you may be a ‘shimmie‘ bit alarmed by this, however let me let you know that, this is simply how we tell each other we care! Hahaha….We have a deliciously random sense of humour, infact

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