Stuff i currently like

Not that you’re bothered or anything, and since i’m trying to avoid ‘working’ as much as i possibly can, i’ve decided to spew down a delightful list of things i CURRENTLY love. (Lucky you!) It’s not that interesting, but i’m bored, so read it, and love it!

. I’m soooo into SPARKLERS right now, and i am referring to Sparklers (as in the hand held fireworks) but in clubs. In some venues, where fun time drunks are at play, they totally hand out indoor SPARKLERS, and they’re usually given to you by men on stilts!! I will whizz around the club, with a firery trail of bitty sparks behind me, burning people, and writing my name backwards, in the air!! It rocks! I love it! Yes, i’m an idiot!!

. Baby-sized bottles of champagne from Marks and Spencers. When i’m out and about, having a dinner party, or just thirsty, i like to buy a couple, pop them open, jab in a hot pink straw, and carry on with my day of shopping…but drunker. (They go straight to my head.)

. Ultra warm coloured and glamorous venues, objects and junk. I love feathers, fans, sequins, gold, sexy deep pink, shimmery, shiny, Oooh Laaa, chandeliers, black, red, bizarre, ruffles…oh and the odd peacock walking about. (As long as they’re not too close. They scare the living daylights out of me. I’m even too scared to kick them, if i need too.)

That’s all i like right now! Oh apart from winning things. I should work now. I’ve just had ‘Wazza’ warn me not to ‘use up’ all my ‘good luck tokens,’ at once. Erm…? Tokens are there to be overly used up. There’s always plenty more. God loves me right now, and i’m milking it!!!

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  1. i like sparklers and lpr shampoo. im loving me new lv shoes at the minuite and the old favorite nelson oh and of course vegas and thailand


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